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A long-time listener! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the wonderful education you have provided me throughout the years. Giving me the ammo (accurate information) to address my liberal friends. I have learned more about politics and government from you than I ever learned sitting in any classroom. Heck! You have been my professor! THANK YOU! Take good, good care of yourself. This experience will make you stronger and better in ways you cannot imagine. I am looking forward to hearing your voice on my radio! So much love.

Godspeed to you, Friend!


Dear Rush,

I am writing you from Puerto Rico. I am a “rich,” self-employed consultant and have worked outside the continental US for the past 5 years. As an avid Rush listener since 1992, imagine the difficulty I had when I began traveling and found myself unable to listen to your show. And imagine my happiness when you inaugurated Rush 24/7!

Rush, thank you for keeping me company for hundreds of hours as I have spent time away from home and family. I just want to wish you the best and let you know you are in my prayers.

Don’t worry about your fans, my friend. The real ones will stay with you through thick and thin. In the meantime, those who appreciate you the most are willing to wait any amount of time for your return… 30 days is fine, 30 months is fine. The important thing is that you take care of yourself first and return having conquered another challenge. Your friends are looking forward to your return and keeping you in their thoughts.

Best Wishes,


Dear Rush,

I am praying for you and will continue to pray for you. Please get well.

I have sent for some of your brother’s books to give for Christmas presents. Thanks for the tip. I have listened to you for a good many years. Please come back.

You are a good example for all generations.

A 74-year-old great grandmother,
Bethany, MO


Dear Rush,

I just want to add my voice to that of all the many others wishing you a speedy recovery and good health following. I cannot thank you enough for what you have single-handedly done to preserve our country and our freedom these past 15+ years. We need your continued unique influence. Please come back soon. You are in my prayers. God preserve and protect you.

New York



I miss your show. You are incredible at what you do. You owe it to the planet to be at work and you owe it to the human race to be the best you can be. You have changed the world and made it a better place to be, and I expect you to get well and continue to do what you were born to do. I will continue to do what I was born to do. Be your listening audience.

God bless you and your wife.

Thank you,



My wife and I miss you. We will be looking forward to your return after you lick this problem you have. We want you to know that the USA needs you and so does the World. You have our prayers.

Love – Marion and John



My prayers are with you for a full recovery. Although we’ll miss you while you’re gone please know that we’re better and stronger for having listened to (and called) you all of these years. We are also better able to hold down the fort until you get back. Take good care of yourself. I’m looking forward to talking with you again!

Decatur, GA


Dear Rush,

Very few people in your listening audience and very few of your detractors truly understand your plight. Unless you have experienced it, I don’t believe its possible. You are certainly not alone.

I once thought myself a very strong-willed man. I was arrogant enough to believe that I would never be addicted to a narcotic because of my self-discipline. I didn’t even have a legal addiction to caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or even Diet Coke. Yet here I sit addicted to morphine.

I, like you, suffer from neuropathic pain from a botched surgery. People who haven’t experienced this type of pain, even my treating physicians, truly have no concept of the debilitating nature of it. My pain feels like someone ripped the skin off my foot and calf and then urinated on my exposed flesh. Worse, since it is induced by nerve damage, it is an extreme irritant. Like ants crawling all over that exposed flesh and intermittently biting it. Sound familiar? Clinton does not understand your pain, but I do.

I don’t mean to commiserate. I only want to tell you that at least one other person out there understands.

You have long been someone that I have greatly admired and sought to emulate. You most certainly still are. I will pray daily for your recovery, partly selfishly, because I need to know that this addiction can be broken. Please afford me the opportunity to once again follow your lead. I, we, this country needs you healthy and once again firmly ensconced behind the golden EIB microphone!

Your brother and faithful follower in Jesus Christ,
Lexington, Kentucky



As a 12 plus year listener to your program, I appreciate your honesty and candor in admitting to your addiction. That could not have been easy. You are in my prayers and those of my family as you and Marta work through this very difficult time. I cannot imagine how difficult it will be for you to break free of this addiction and to know that the spinal pain you initially took the prescribed painkillers for will be waiting for you when you do break free. Please know that I will be here listening to your radio program in your absence, and when you return. I am sure my 20+ million fellow listeners will be doing the same.

Take care Rush, get better, and may God continue to bless you.
New Boston, NH



Stay strong, I have recovered from a similar problem and your life will only get better. Don’t sweat Newsweek, the only thing that rag is good for is lining my cat’s litter box.

Richmond, VA



Hang in there Rush we love ya and illigetimus non carborundum (don’t let the little bastards get you down).




Mega “Cuban immigrant, Roman Catholic, Conservative, NRA member, Limbaugh Letter” dittos. There’s more but that should suffice for you to understand that you are sorely missed by this listener. If you wish to “retire” for your health and family, that is your business and all of us fans will support you and miss you.

But don’t think for a minute that we don’t want you back. We do! But on your terms and only if your health permits it. By the way, did you hear Ann Coulter’s great line? She said it on several shows and it is as follows: “The way that liberals avoid the hypocrite label is by setting the bar so low that they can’t possibly go under it. Congratulations liberals!” Amen!

I’ll just add that as a long time listener, I never heard you once set yourself up as the “morality maven” or kick people while they’re down. You’re human, not a hypocrite.

Your devoted listener and fellow American,



I wish I could find the words how much you’ve meant to me and my psyche over the years (August 1988 to now) – I trust you explicably – it is really something to be able to say that about another human being. I don’t use the word “hero” lightly – but I’m awfully tempted to use it now. Oh, yes, I know you would bark at me that you are not a “hero”, but this is MY e-mail, so I can say it – YOU ARE MY HERO! Now, don’t brush that off lightly or as something being “over-said” – trustworthiness in the light of what you are going through right now is not to be derided.

You asked for prayer and here it is – “Lord, our friend Rush is in great need at this time – you made him, you know him, and you are the great Provider. My plea is for Rush to have a heart that is quiet and at rest full of peace – and looking to you as the Great Physician. In the name of our Lord, Christ Jesus, I pray. Thank you Lord.”

Neil Cavuto had the nicest tribute to you – it sure brought a tear to my eye. Don’t underestimate the love we all have for you – and we’re sticking by you. Your departed family would be so proud of you. By the way, that brother David is another Limbaugh winner!


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