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Dear Rush,
A few years ago I had a real problem believing in myself. Growing up without a father, no one ever taught me how to believe in myself. It was YOU that told me I could do anything. I sort of adopted you as a father. You convinced me, and you know what? As usual, you were right. I can. I am compelled to tell you, this can be done. You can kick this. You can kick anything. I believe in you, you can do anything. I miss you, we all miss you. The atilla-the-hun chair is in good hands. Get well. Thoughts, prayers, and wishes are with you.
Thank you,

Hey Rush,

First of all, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your replacements are wonderful but they are not you! Now let’s get down to beating this thing. I have no doubt you can do it Rush, you know why? The liberals all want you to fail, make them eat crow Rush! Don’t worry us “Dittoheads” are out here doing your work gladly while you get better.

There is something I have wanted to tell you for a very long time. Your listeners owe you so much. I especially feel I do. You have taught me so much over the years and have never asked for anything in return. I was a “young skull full of mush “until one day my father told me to listen to you. My father meant the world to me and I had always thought he was the smartest man in the world until I listened to you. I have since lost my father to cancer 4 yrs ago, and have adopted you (even though you’re not really old enough to be my father) does that matter? You have given me an education that is priceless and will stay with me always. Get well Rush, we love you and need you.

Williamsport, Pa


Dear Rush,

Never fear, we’re still out here and tuned in. Everyone has done a great job as a guest instructor at the EIB Institute. That said, we’re hankering to hear the Doctor of Democracy ensconced behind the golden EIB microphone once again.

God bless you and keep you.



Remember Rush,

We are all human. Even though we may try harder than the Democrats to be perfect, life is hard.

Myself and two sons are avid fans and will continue to be fans of yours. They are grown and gone from home, but when we get together, we talk about your program. We enjoy your dedication to inform the country about the liberal democrats and just how unintelligent they are proving themselves to be.

Get back soon!

Mega Dittos…



No one who loves you is disappointed in you.

You are your worst critic… it’s okay to be human.

Those who are unkind will have to answer to God.

There is great freedom in humility… don’t fight it.

Remember the ending to “It’s a Wonderful Life!”? You have millions of fans praying for you and will support you whatever happens. Your life is going to end up like a Frank Capra movie. All heroes must face five life traumas, ask any novel writer, this is your LAST ONE!!! You can get through it and you will. Just take one breath at a time and breathe through it.

When in total despair repeat as needed (up to hundreds of times in a minute), “I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.” God is near, let Him rescue you. Advice from one who has had plenty of experience in failure and pain and plenty of experience in healing and redemption and peace and happiness and happily ever afters.

New Bern, NC


Thank you for always encouraging us to see the whole picture and think for ourselves. You and your family are always in my prayers. I’ve been there. Can’t wait until you’re back!




I’m a long-time listener and I miss my visits with you every morning via 840AM, Las Vegas. I subscribed to your newsletter to put my money where my feelings are.



Dear Rush,

Thanks so much for your many dedicated years to the truth. You have made a difference in many lives and in the direction of our great nation, and in turn, the world. I was very sorry to hear of your illness. It is admirable that you shared the problem with those that appreciate you and your work. I hope you recover fully and quickly so you can soon return to the “golden EIB mike”. We miss you.




When you told us, your listening audience, that you were addicted to painkillers, it felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. I sank into my chair and just thought “Wow” in disbelief. After it sank in, I realized that it does happen to the best of us, no matter if we expect it or not. I do know that the thing that most affected me is how much of a stand-up guy you were and how much courage it took to admit you had a problem in front of 20 million people and were seeking treatment for it. The next thing that affected me is how tough it might/will be for you and your family to get through this.

I think the one thing that has irritated the “left” in all of this is that you were a man, an honest man, who told the truth and is seeking treatment, all on your own and you’re not looking to blame anyone or anything. Rush, having stood by you since the age of 16, and being 29 now, I am not giving up now. I am behind you 110% and know you will be able to kick this problem to the curb and put it behind you. With each mistake, we make in our lives, and we all make them, it makes us that much stronger if we learn from them. Rush, I look forward to hearing you back in front of the Golden EIB microphone! My prayers are with you and your family.

Loyal listener, fan, believer,


Dear Rush,

I’m a huge fan of yours and I respect you for admitting your mistake. Hey, we all mess up sometimes. I’m not perfect, either! Whenever I have a chance, I listen to your show on 1210 AM in Philly. I also enjoy the substitute teachers who run your class when you’re away. I’m a Christian Conservative and very proud of it. I know from personal experience that prayer really does work. God is a far better physician than any MD. God will heal you. It may take a while, but His timing is better than anyone else’s. Whatever you do, please don’t give up. You can overcome this. You’re a good man, Rush, and I have confidence in you to make it through this problem. No, it won’t be easy. People will criticize you. Just don’t give up. The more they complain, the dumber they look. I’m still your fan.

Silverdale, PA


Dittos Rush:
Writing to let you know we are all hoping for your success. I can only imagine how difficult this must be, but hope you are looking forward to adding this to your list of accomplishments. We miss you and will continue to pray for you and Marta.

Deerfield Beach, FL


So, it’s official: you’re human, and you’re going through what many would call a dark period. In my experience, dark periods are almost invariably followed by brilliance if we’re able to learn the lesson the dark is trying to teach us. I’m confident you’ll learn whatever it is and move on to even higher levels of life. God bless.




My wife, Nancy, and I wish you the very best. We have been fans of yours since you came to Reno in the late 80s. We know you will pull thru this. Remember the words of Admiral Farragut, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

Nancy and Doug
Sparks, NV


Dear Rush:
I earnestly hope your recovery and return to radio can be as prompt as possible. It is far more than a day without sunshine when not listening to your program. Our prayers and best wishes go out to you.



Mr. Limbaugh,

I have been listening since 1993. I was working as a Navy contractor on KAF-18 Hornets for the Kuwait Airforce in Kuwait City. My father sent me aidi tapes of your show and all I could think was, “wow finally someone out there that expresses how I look at things.” I have bought your books and have listened as faithfully as I could. I actually worked at WVOC in Columbia South Carolina and got to listen every day while I ran the board. I am currently working as a Defense contractor and I’m an Intelligence Analyst in the Air Force Reserves. I wish you the very best and know that my prayers are with you. Take care Dittos!

Poquoson, Virginia

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