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I was fortunate enough to be listening to you on the first day of your first national broadcast…I also had the delight of taking my elderly mother to watch your television broadcast in New York which was one of the highlights of her later years (she has since died). You are “The Man”, and I am proud of the outpouring of support I have seen from my (our) conservative community for you. I “ditto” that support…and I CAN’T WAIT to have you back in the saddle again.

With much love for what you have done…
Fairfax, Virginia



I’ve been listening to you since the Gulf War, and want to let you know how much I and my family appreciate you for the unique way that you serve our country, and for inspiring many others to follow in your steps. We will always listen as long as you are there (until all of America agrees with you!!!) I really enjoy all of your sit-ins, but there is no true replacement for the one and only Maha Rushie. Get well and come back soon. We love you, and God bless you!

Pavilion, NY



My whole family and I have enjoyed listening to you for over ten years now beginning when I was in college and now as a homeschooling mother of three children. We are praying for you daily, and we are willing to wait as long as it takes for you to resume your place in front of the EIB microphone.

God bless you.


Dear Rush,

Me & my wife really miss you. You are the greatest man on earth. You have helped us learn so much about politics.

You are the greatest. Hurry back.

Okeene, OK



I think the people who know you personally are truly blessed to know such a fine person as yourself. I eagerly await your return and I know God will give you His strength and bring you through this wonderfully. We all love you!



Dear Rush,

I pray for your complete recovery often. I really want you back on the air, and America needs you now more than ever. I know what you are going through is extremely difficult, but it can be done by a determined mind and with the help of God.

Keep up the good work, and God bless every minute of your day!

Green Cove Springs, FL



Keep on getting better Rush! Keep on getting stronger, your audience members certainly are! Your critics will not know what hit them when you return, and I can’t wait for that. Any weenie can kick someone when there down and can’t respond and that’s exactly what some of these folks are doing, by the way how many monuments have been erected for the great critics of our time, ZIP ZERO Nada, adopted home town dittos.

Your friend David


Dear Rush,

We pray that you are doing well. You have been a special person in our lives since 1986 at home and in our car on trips. It was so refreshing in 1986 to hear someone who shared our beliefs. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Looking forward to hearing you again in a few weeks.

Love Ya,
Linda and Bob


Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

I just want you to know that my husband and I are just waiting for you to return to the airwaves. You have the support and appreciation of many in this country. What inspires me most about your program is you make people think. It seems there are so few today who will think for themselves in order to see past this ridiculous rhetoric we hear from the Left, the hypocrisy and “double standard” they hold. Know that all of us who listen to you daily will still be here to listen when you return.

Our prayers are with you.

Warmest regards,
Tucson, AZ


Hang in there Rush,

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I have been listening to you every chance I get for years.

I think of you as a friend and value your insight on many of the complicated issues we are facing today.

When my daughters were in high school and college they didn’t understand why I liked to listen to your radio program. They wished I would change to their favorite radio station. They were die-hard liberals, especially in college.

Now that they are young adults they are beginning to realize that you just may be right on many issues.

Best wishes



We’re still with you. We’re praying for you and we really miss you. However, your subs are doing a great job and we thank them for being there for you and all of us. We enjoy them, too, but nobody compares to you, Rush. You’re family! We’re looking forward to your healthy return.

Love & Prayers, Harvey & Mary



Still enjoying the show but waiting patiently for your inevitable return. Do well and remember we support you and your family.

Carpinteria, CA



I realize support will be counted in numbers, yet I will thank you personally anyway. Last year I met a wonderfully conservative man and discovered that I’m not crazy. I’m just beginning to get what’s going on. Thank you Rush for continued education. I am truly empowered for the first time in my life and refuse to believe anymore that 2+2=5. Other women hate me. I’m proud. Keep spreading the truth…they hate that!

God Bless.

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