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“The Democrats had a gay debate. I want to know when they’re going to have the straight debate.”

“You can take any 50-year period of the stock market, and you’re going to find those same ups and downs, but over those 50 years — whenever you start and whenever you end — you’re going to find the market way up over when it started.”

“I cannot see this President leaving office with a nuclear-capable Iran. I just can’t see it. Not after the sincerity and seriousness in which he has devoted his presidency to the preservation of this country’s national security. I just can’t see it.”

“When politicians want your votes they will listen to you. When they want your votes they’ll do what they think it is you want done. But that time expires shortly after elections. That’s why they have to be kept honest.”

“Economic growth is something John Edwards needs to learn real fast.”

“It seems to me that these Democrat candidates need to be put to the test. The military says openly gay people in Iraq would be disruptive. The same can’t be said of a gay running-mate, can it?”

“You’ll find out everything you want to know about somebody playing a round of golf with them. You’ll find out if they quit. You’ll find out if they cheat. You find out if they have honor. You’ll find out about their sense of humor.”

“For crying out loud, the liberals in this country are battered by the Democrats for all these years and they just keep…going…back to them. It’s Battered Liberal Syndrome, like Battered Wife Syndrome.”

“Bill Moyers was speaking at a forum yesterday where the education of journalists was being discussed, so obviously there was not much learning or teaching going on.”

“The audience of this program is boundary-less. We cover all three sexes. We cover all the religions. We cover all economic strata, as evidenced by a guy in Kansas who is living in his car.”


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