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RUSH: It was creepy again. It was creepy! Now, once again, for those of you in the Drive-By Media, I am only copying (I’m stealing here) from Evan Thomas and Jon Meacham at Newsweek, just as I stole the ‘Chicago thug’ comment (I admit this now) from Bill Clinton, who I saw it reported August 26th of this year in ThePolitico.com. Clinton said that Obama ‘has the political instincts of ‘a Chicago thug.” Normally I try to make everything here original, but I admit I stole that. And it was ‘creepy.’ It was creepy when Obama’s plane pulled into National Airport. Now, I guess — we’d have to ask Senator McCain about this, but I guess — Obama’s had to ditch O Force One, his campaign plane. I guess now that he’s not a candidate he can’t fly that thing around. So he flew into Chicago on an MD-80.

It looked like an American Airlines MD-80, and I can’t believe he flew commercial. So they had to go out and charter that. He flew into Washington National and there were limousines there from the White House to meet Obama. The door of the airplane opened, and damn it if he didn’t show up alone again. Now, we know Michelle flew in with him, but nobody saw her, and yet she ended up in a limo. When they got to the White House, she did get out of it, but nobody saw her get off the airplane, at least when the cameras were trained on the airplane. The door opened magnificently. It looked like it opened by itself and effortlessly. And Obama singularly again, all by himself — just like Meacham and Thomas were saying it was very creepy at that acceptance speech the night of his election, all by himself out there on that big stage.

Normally you had the cute kid and the wife standing around in the background. They come out, but he shooed them backstage with Biden, who they said was ‘locked up in a bar’ so he couldn’t cause any trouble. It’s just creepy. Once again, Obama all by himself, then he bounds by the stairs, gets in the big Cadillac limousine, and then they drove off to the White House; and when they got to the White House, it looks like Podesta got out first and then… It looked like Podesata. I don’t know who it was. (interruption) It was Podesta? I thought Podesta wasn’t going to take a role in the administration. I thought that’s what he had said. Doesn’t matter. Then Obama gets out. He helps Michelle out, and then they greet the President and First Lady and head on to the obligatory walk down the colonnade there, which was predicted.

Andrea Mitchell, I’ll tell you. These Drive-Bys, folks, they were so orgasmic. (laughs) Andrea Mitchell, she was bobbed her head in such excitement I thought her wig was going to fall off. It wasn’t stationary there on the top of her head. They’re just going bonkers over this. It’s just a lot of fun to watch all of this. But it was creepy, and now the question is this: Everybody is wondering what it will be that the President and the President-elect discuss. My question is, ‘Is Obama leaking right now to the Washington Post and Washington Times via voice-activated BlackBerry, or will he have Biden phone in the details later?’ It won’t be long and we will find out, ladies and gentlemen.

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