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RUSH: John in Shreveport, Louisiana. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Rush, don’t you think you’re being a hypocrite when you’re not — when you don’t want the Iraqis to decide the problems themselves, especially since Abraham Lincoln took two — two generals named Lincoln [sic–Grant] and Sherman who were responsible for the deaths of 59,000 southern people? And since you hate Confederate heritage that much, don’t you think that we should allow the people of Iraq to decide their own fate?

RUSH: (Laughing.) Gee. I hate Confederate heritage?

CALLER: No kidding.

RUSH: On the basis of what do you say that?

CALLER: Okay, allow me to quote you from 2001: “The American Civil War was the first conflict in human history to set a people free from the bondage of slavery.” Your quote, sir.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And that’s not —

RUSH: Well, the point is, we fought —

CALLER: — power —

RUSH: Are we going to have this argument, Steve?

CALLER: Yes, sir, we are, if you’ve got the nerve to hold it!

RUSH: I’ll have this argument with you any time you want. I’ve been hearing from you guys since I started this show. I know, it’s about states’ rights, it was about freedom; it was about independence. But it was about preserving the union — and Abraham Lincoln knew that you couldn’t preserve an America with the institutions defined by our Constitution if one man was allowed to own another.

CALLER: Well, you could not preserve the Constitution as long as you could override it by military power and invasion.

RUSH: Well, there was the preservation of the union that was the number one —

CALLER: How about the preservation of the Constitution, shouldn’t that be predominant?

RUSH: Look, you still want to secede? What’s your solution?

CALLER: We have no choice, we’re under occupation now. The thing about it is you still have to lie about Abraham Lincoln to prove your, to make your point.

RUSH: I’m not lying about Abraham Lincoln. What do you mean, you’re still under occupation?

CALLER: Put it this way. The South was not allowed to vote its own way; we’re not going to allow Iraq to vote its own government, either.

RUSH: But we did.

CALLER: Do you think we’re really abiding by that? What they voted for, we’re trying to subvert it by military occupation. No difference than what they did here for 12 years in Louisiana. You don’t think we don’t see that? You don’t think we don’t see you as a hypocrite for what you say about, oh, yeah, preserve the union, but let’s never mind, let’s take away the vote from those who are the voting citizens —

RUSH: I cannot believe this!

CALLER: — Constitution!

RUSH: I can’t believe this. You are taking out your frustrations at having lost the Civil War on me and claiming I’m a hypocrite because of my stance on the Iraq war?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Which I don’t even think you know what it is.

CALLER: I don’t think you know — I don’t think you know who Abraham Lincoln was.

RUSH: I certainly know who Abraham Lincoln was. He’s one of the greatest presidents in the history of the country.

CALLER: Who said that —

RUSH: And it wasn’t because he defeated the south. It was because he preserved the union.

CALLER: He preserved the union by trampling the Constitution!

RUSH: He did not trample the Constitution. He suspended habeas corpus. He did do some things I wish Bush would do.

CALLER: Like kill 59,000 innocent civilians?

RUSH: Are you talking about Sherman’s march through Atlanta?

CALLER: And — and — and Grant’s shelling the city of Vicksburg. Hello?

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