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Where were you, Mr. President? The chutzpah of this guy showing up at the Democratic Leadership Council and pointing fingers! In addition to audio of these Clinton statements, you can hear a replay of an audio sound bite from a 1995 Clinton White House coffee in the audio link below.

This is when he thanked big-money, special-interest donors for their cash, since Democrats “don’t have Rush Limbaugh…” I’ve changed my mind. I want this guy hanging around. I want him speaking as often as possible. He defines the Democrats for everybody. He doesn’t rally them anymore. He just continues to blame everybody but himself and his party for their own problems.

Bob Woodward’s book on Clinton, during his first term, spelled out the campaign to demonize opponents. “Find the villain” was the term Hillary used. It was the strategy they were going to use in the pharmaceutical business, etc. Heck, they were going to demonize Monica if it hadn’t been for that dress. You want to talk about a Destruction Machine? Look at Carville and Begala. That party is nothing but a Destruction Machine!


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