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RUSH: I hope you heard today’s Morning Update. I hope you had a chance to watch it via video podcast. Once again, we’re on the cutting edge of societal evolution. The New York Times headline today: ‘Big Tobacco Defeats Sick Kids.’ This is about the Oregon cigarette tax increase. They write, ‘One of the biggest disappointments in Tuesday’s election was the defeat of an Oregon ballot initiative that would have raised the state’s cigarette tax by 85 cents a pack to help pay for health care for uninsured children. The outcome is a testament, more than anything else, to the shamelessness of the nation’s big tobacco companies.’ No. As usual, the arrogant elitists at the New York Times don’t understand it. Big Tobacco didn’t ‘defeat’ anybody. People defeated a smaller version of the S-CHIP bill. Let me tell you what Democrats in Oregon were doing with this. They were trying to pave the way for a national version, the S-CHIP version. They said, ‘When we pass this thing out there and people are going to show they’re all for it, why, this is going to give all kinds of Democrats cover and it’s going to scare the Republicans who upheld the president’s veto,’ and the exact opposite has happened!

The people of Oregon defeated it, and it wasn’t close. It was 60-40. So now the big message that was going to be sent to Washington on the S-CHIP bill is the exact opposite of what they hoped it would be. Wall Street Journal: ‘Oregon Voters Send a Message to Hillary Care.’ I don’t need to read this to you. I’m just telling you that it’s out there. However, one thing you should know is the Democrats today are putting the finishing touches on their new version of the S-CHIP bill that they think the president will sign, or if he vetoes, that will have a chance of being overridden. They’re tone-deaf. In fact, it’s not tone deaf. They probably looked at that result in Oregon, the Democrats do, and say, ‘Well, screw the people! To hell with them!’ They’re doing that on illegal immigration, this DREAM Act, after having it handed to them on this amnesty bill, trying these stealth ways to get this done. Vigilance, folks. You gotta pay close attention each and every day, because these slithering snakes are out there slithering around.

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