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RUSH: William Shatner is the host of the TV show Raw Nerve. I was the debut guest last Sunday night. I finally watched. It was good. I don’t like watching myself on television. I never have liked seeing myself on TV. It’s just a quirk. But it was actually good. We taped for over an hour. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, he was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night, and Kimmel said, ‘You have great guests on the show. Who do you have on this season?’

SHATNER: Rush Limbaugh was the first guest.

KIMMEL: He was? And how was he?

SHATNER: He was fantastic!

KIMMEL: He was?

SHATNER: And we shoot for about an hour, there’s no audience, you don’t have to come in with ‘the story.’ I’ve got nothing. I don’t even have notes. I just begin a conversation. So you’ve gotta try things that may or may not work, and if they start to work a little, adjust, and nobody knows, and that was the question for Rush: ‘How do you know?’

RUSH: It was the question, ‘How do you know? You’re so sure, how do you know?’ And did you hear my answer, Dawn? Did you see the episode? ‘It’s my job to know.’ It’s what I do. I have studied these people inside out, forwards, reverse, it doesn’t matter. It’s my job to know. It is my mission to know and then to pronounce what I know so as to persuade others to agree with what I know. I don’t fall in the PC trap that every opinion has validity. It doesn’t. Opinions which are wrong are worthless. And just because you might be wrong with your opinion and you are human and you have feelings and shouldn’t be insulted, if you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and I’m not afraid to tell anybody they’re wrong. I’m not afraid to tell myself I’m wrong. It doesn’t happen much, that’s why, but you’re never going to be properly educated unless you eventually tell yourself you’re wrong. ‘My opinion counts just as much as –‘ no, it doesn’t if it’s wrong. ‘Yes, it does, Mr. Limbaugh, my opinion is valid. I think I have a brain and my opinion –‘ if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. ‘Well, how do you know you’re so right?’ I just do. Don’t doubt me. It’s my business.

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