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RUSH: Here’s Obama now walking to the steps of the Rose Garden. I saw a story last night that he is livid; he is just ticked as hell at British Petroleum for not stopping the oil leak — and he’s going to express his anger, I am told, in this presser. We’re not going to JIP it. We’re not gonna. We’re rolling on it and if that’s indeed what he does, we will play for you whatever is relevant. Here’s the thing about this: This is exactly what he wants. This is a great day for Obama! The market’s down 200 plus; the euro is falling. More chaos, more tumult. Obama can look over all of this, and what they’re doing is blaming capitalism. ‘Capitalism is responsible for where we in the United States are!’ That’s what they’re saying.

That’s what they’re going to get away with saying. ‘George W. Bush. British Petroleum. Look what capitalism does! It destroys,’ while Obama is in the process of destroying. Europe is socialist. That’s what you focus on. But he loves this opportunity. The government has not helped at all with this spill. So they get to sit around as bystanders and spectators and now raise holy hell, if that’s what he’s doing here, with British Petroleum for not doing anything faster about the leak. Remember the Apollo 13, you’ve seen the movie about the Apollo capsule that lost all of its power on the way back from the moon. A massive effort was made from all sector. Everybody who had anything to do with manufacturing the capsule — NASA, private sector people, government sector people — pooled all of their resources to come up with a plan to save the astronauts and get them back. And they did.

That’s the kind of thing that needs to be happening here with this oil spill. And it’s not. The government is sitting by, sending people down there, SWAT teams, taking notes, waiting for time to go by, putting out news, ‘The spill is even larger than we thought. The original figures larger than we thought,’ and so now it’s time to really dump, and instead of partnering up and instead of trying to fix this, this is another instance where the Obama regime is taking advantage of a crisis to advance their agenda. Okay, so here’s the private sector, unable to clean up — or unwilling! That’s what he’s going to say: ‘They’re unwilling because they don’t care about the environment, and they don’t care about all this oil that they’re losing. They don’t care about all the profits they’re losing because of all the oil they’re losing. No, no, no.’

He’s gonna use this as an opportunity to say, ‘See? I need more power to keep this stuff from happening. I need more power and government needs to be bigger to make sure this stuff doesn’t happen. We can’t rely on the private sector. You told you last week: They won’t do the good things in the world. They don’t do things because they have hearts. Government has to have the power to do those kinds of things.’ I’m guessing that that will be one of his themes today in the remarks he’s making at the moment.


RUSH: Well, apparently Obama did not come out and blame BP and get all angry and so forth. I was misled by speculation from ABC’s The Note this morning, which suggested or… No, maybe it wasn’t The Note. No! It was Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic on his blog suggested that he was really ticked off… (interruption) Oh, he did? Now I’m being told he did get mad. Well, we’ll have the audio sound bites coming up on this but apparently he said they’re doing everything they can and then segued into introducing these new federal regulations over oil drilling. He said he didn’t appreciate ‘the spectacle’ of the oil companies and Halliburton pointing fingers at each other. So we’ll wait ’til we get the audio sound bites of this. I’m getting some conflicting reviews about Obama.


RUSH: So here’s Obama, and I guess he was angry. I was getting conflicting information. Marc Ambinder, I owe you an apology because he did predict and say that Obama was going to be angry. Here he is. This is the first of about five sound bites here.

OBAMA: Let me tell you, it is an anger and frustration that I share as president, and I’m not going to rest or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the oil in the Gulf is contained and cleaned up, and the people of the Gulf are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods.

RUSH: Now he rips the oil companies involved.

OBAMA: I know BP is committed to pay for the response effort, and we will hold them to their obligation. I have to say, though, I did not appreciate, uh, what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle, uh, during the congressional hearings into this matter. You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else.

RUSH: Like you do!

OBAMA: The American people could not have been impressed with that display and I certainly wasn’t.

RUSH: Well, how about you, sir? You still haven’t stopped blaming George W. Bush and your network, MSNBC, is blaming Cheney! MSNBC wants Cheney brought into court to testify about this because he once ran Halliburton. Where are the congressional hearings on the regime’s response to the oil spill? Yeah, we’re gonna have congressional hearings on Halliburton and BP and Transocean, but where are the congressional hearings on what the regime is doing? We still don’t know what Obama’s done. We don’t know what he’s going to do. We don’t know what he is doing except making speeches telling everybody how ticked off he is about this. Here’s the next sound bite.

OBAMA: There’s enough responsibility to go around and all parties should be willing to accept it. That includes, by the way, the federal government. For too long, for a decade or more, there’s been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill. It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. That cannot and will not happen any more.

RUSH: Uh huh. I knew it. I knew it.

OBAMA: To borrow an old phrase: We will trust but we will verify.

RUSH: Oh, ho! So I was right. My instincts were right. I’m sorry I apologized for being wrong, folks. ‘For too long there’s been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill,’ and these new regulations are simply going to give that agency more power. So everything I said was right. I should never doubt myself, never doubt myself when I’m analyzing liberals. I didn’t even hear what he was saying, I couldn’t take the time to read the closed-captioning, and I knew what he was going to do. I knew what he was saying and he did say it. Here’s the last sound bite we have of it.

OBAMA: This is a responsibility that all of us share. The oil companies share it, the manufacturers of this equipment share it, the agencies in the federal government in charge of oversight share that responsibility. I will not tolerate more finger-pointing or irresponsibility.

RUSH: I will not tolerate! I will not tolerate! Cool, detached anger here. How can he guarantee that this isn’t going to happen again unless he bans all offshore drilling? The oil execs were asked by Congress who’s to blame, by the way. So, yeah, there was finger-pointing but they were asked for their expert opinions — and if the oil execs hadn’t answered they’d have been held in contempt. So they really had no way to go.


RUSH: I want to go back to Obama here for just a second, because something just struck me. I’m not going to replay the sound bites. But he did say the government is to blame as well. You know what he’s doing. He’s positioning himself as an outsider now. He’s not of Washington. He’s gonna go the outsider route. He’s gonna attack everybody Inside Washington and everybody outside. So let’s attack Halliburton and Transocean and BP, and let’s attack the federal government. They didn’t do their job, either. So he’s the guy in charge, taking himself out of that role. He’s blaming an agency or a bureaucracy for being too close, too much in bed with the oil industry. We need more regulations. So Obama the socialist is now becoming the outsider and trashing everything.

Now, if — if — the federal government failed in its duties as he just said, then I assume the fishermen along the Gulf Coast will be able to sue Obama and the regime for damages because he’s just said they share the blame. So those of you who have livelihoods that might be affected by the oil spill, the leader of the regime has just said that his regime holds some of the blame. You might look into suing them as well as BP and Transocean and Halliburton. I mean, he just said that the federal government is not free of blame — and the way these guys look at it, government is to blame so we need more government. It’s the same thinking, ‘Look, we have a program that didn’t work, and so we need more government to fix that program.’ We did an interesting think piece on that earlier this week. So what we have here from Obama was just full-fledged, 100% phony drama, with himself extricated from it.

‘I will not tolerate this! I will not tolerate that!’ No, Mr. President, it is we who will not tolerate what you have done. It is we who no longer wish to tolerate what you are doing and how you operate. We don’t want to tolerate your party; we don’t want to tolerate your Congress. Your ways are the wrong ways. It’s very clever of Obama: Blame the government but exempt himself. Blame his agency, blame the companies involved, but take himself out of it. He said, remember, just a month ago or so he wanted to expand offshore drilling. Remember that? He wanted to expand offshore drilling. Now he says that offshore drilling was allowed without the proper permits. It’s a ping-pong ball here going back and forth. Anything he can do to avoid taking responsibility. And of course those permits were awarded and granted when?

Bush! The Bush administration. I think it’s time, as I suggested, that we need a seminar. We need a seminar on stopping the oil leak, just like Obama does it. You know, have a one-day Stop the Leak seminar. Have study groups reporting back to Obama after three hours and at the end of that one day, problem solved. ‘Experts have come up with the way to solve the problem. We had a full day’s discussion on it.’ So here’s a guy at the end of the day praising yesterday in Buffalo, ‘Western New York,’ saying, the economy’s going great guns. Yeah? Tell that to the stock market. The stock market is down partially on a sour employment report yesterday that they were touting as great news, but it wasn’t great news. So, essentially, Obama yesterday in Buffalo is out there praising himself for 10% unemployment.

Yesterday he got a story in his house organ, the New York Times, suggesting that it’s quite normal, this level of unemployment. We should expect it. Millions and millions of the jobs that have been lost will not be recreated. It’s a different economy now. It’s a different world. So he praises himself for 10% unemployment, a stagnant economy, gets some help from the New York Times, and is out there demanding results from everybody else? He’s demanding results from BP, demanding results from Transocean, demanding results from Halliburton, demanding results from Congress (better hearings), demanding results from his own agency. (doing Obama impression), ‘I will not tolerate. I will not …Ugh. (grumbling) No more!’ So this is a sneak peek into the Obama campaign profile now through November.


RUSH: Obama. He’s not going to tolerate this! What’s the last thing Obama said he wouldn’t tolerate? Pop quiz. Three…two…one. It was Iran nukes. The last thing Obama said he wouldn’t tolerate was Iran nukes. He says BP is going to pay for the damage caused by the oil leaking. What I want to know is who’s going to pay for the stimulus bill? Who is going to pay for Obama’s damage to the private sector? Who’s gonna pay for the utter disaster of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac? Answer: Us. It ought to come out of Obama’s back pocket. That’s the destructor.


RUSH: I’m still struck here by Obama’s little press briefing separating himself from everything going on here with this oil spill. (doing impression) ‘I’m not going to tolerate it any further! I won’t tolerate it!’ I don’t know how anybody can believe him when he says that the problem is that Big Oil is too close to federal regulators.

Federal regulators hate Big Oil, especially this bunch of federal regulators, the federal regulators in this regime. They just despise Big Oil. So everything that I thought he would say before he said it, he actually said. Here is a guy, as I say, he’s praising himself for 10% unemployment, demanding results from everybody else, saying, ‘They’re going to pay for it! BP, yep, they’re going to pay for it!’ Well, who’s going to pay for the damage this regime is doing to every sector of this country? Who is going to pay for the damage done to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Who is going to pay for the damage done to the private sector? Who is going to pay for everything this regime has done? BP can’t hold a candle to the Obama regime when it comes to destruction. These people, every day, blaze a trail of it from the moment they get up ’til the moment they go to bed.

Who’s going to pay for the damage that liberal policies have done to businesses, to homes, to home values, to jobs? There was a story yesterday, everybody’s all excited. The foreclosures seem to be leveling off. They’re still happening! Everybody was very happy yesterday. ‘Yeah, the economy, it’s not that bad.’ How can a slower process of destruction be good news? It’s just… So we’re leveling off here when it comes to foreclosures, but repossessions are on the rise. Repossessions, home repossessions are on the rise. Wait ’til we get another ‘adjustment’ in the adjustable rate mortgages. We’ve got a volatile stock market. The European Union is hanging by a thread. The euro has started to level off a little bit today, but it’s plunging.

I said in the first hour — one of the things I got distracted saying and I distracted myself here. But I started the day wondering if we might have a repeat of Black Wednesday in 1992. That’s the day that George Soros destroyed the pound. When the program started today, we were over 200 down on the Dow, and the euro was plunging, after a $1 trillion bailout earlier this week for Greece. Sarkozy is threatening to pull out of the European Union, and it’s all based on the fact that nothing’s real. Nothing is real. None of this financial stuff has been real. It’s all been down with fake money. There hasn’t been that much wealth. We really did used to create genuine wealth in this country. But right now, our wealth is tied up in debt, primarily government debt.

There’s consumer debt as well, not to mention the homeowner debt that people are just walking away from. And now Obama’s out there applauding himself and demanding results from everybody else. So the regime tells us that what we need is more government to fix government, more taxes to fix government, more spending to fix government. Isn’t that always the answer? You have a government program they come up with, it fails, and you need another government program to fix the previous failing government program. We’ve got so many redundant welfare programs. We have so many redundant health care programs: Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Part B, Medicare Part D. We’ve got so many redundant giveaway programs.

We find waste and fraud and they never work, and so we have another program to fix that program which requires new tax increases, bigger government, a new agency, a whole bunch of czars, and nothing ever gets fixed. Obama is running a government that wastes hundreds of billions of dollars a year. He’s running a government that is destroying private property, my friends, destroying home ownership, destroying jobs. And he’s concerned about who’s gonna pay for the damage in the Gulf. British Petroleum has already spent $450 million trying to fix this and they’re going to be spending much, much more. The audacity of this guy to point to British Petroleum and Transocean, when he is single-handedly destroying what was the engine of prosperity, never known anywhere else but the United States of America in this whole world.

Who’s gonna pay for the failing public schools? This situation in Highland Park, Illinois, we’re learning a lot more about this assistant principal. She is a pure, far-left fringe radical. This is not the first political decision that this woman has made, this Ebson, whatever her name is. This woman is as far off the deep end as any of Obama’s czars. I mean, to the point of having seminars in school with the kids where they have to understand about homosexuality, the parents are not allowed to stop this. It was just brainwashing propaganda, indoctrination — and not just homosexuality, just a bunch of other left-wing sacred cow, seminal issues. She’s using these kids to advance her own political agenda — and I remind you, back during the Olympic boycott of the eighties, the same people said, ‘We shouldn’t punish these athletes!

‘Why, the athletes are the essence of purity and innocence. Jimmy Carter should not be punishing these athletes, the kids, for what the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan,’ but now we can use the kids, the liberals who claim they’re for the kids, for the children. Now they can be used as pawns. Public schools are failing. Who’s gonna pay? Who is going to pay for the damage being done by illegal immigration? Do you realize we have videotape, or audiotape of the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, saying that illegal immigration has added positively to the Los Angeles and Southern California economy? We have an attorney general who condemns an immigration law in Arizona he has not read. It’s ten pages long! He hasn’t read it, he hasn’t been briefed, he cannot be made to say, ‘Yeah, Islamic terrorism is responsible for the potential Times Square truck bomb.’

He can’t say it. Just can’t say it! My point here is, folks, you can look at BP if you want, and you can look at the spill and you blame ’em all you want, but liberalism and socialism have done more damage to more people than any oil company, than any insurance company, than any coal company, or anyone or thing in the private sector could ever do. The lives ruined, the homes lost, the jobs destroyed, the happiness destroyed, the contentment destroyed, the dreams of a nice future literally destroyed by this regime and their ideology — socialism, liberalism, statism, whatever it is you want to call it. Nobody regulates the regulators! Nobody regulates the politicians. Where are the congressional hearings on what Obama is doing, has done, or will do about the spill? Where are those hearings?

Too bad Obama’s not mad at 10% unemployment. I’d like to see him get mad at illegal immigration. I’d like to see him get mad that our southern border is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Instead, he’s mad at the state of Arizona for trying to protect itself. He’s mad at people for using the term ‘Islamic terrorism.’ He’s still hoping that it’s a tea party that wants to blow up Times Square. They found three more people involved in this Times Square thing, and they’re not from Texas, folks! They’re from Pakistan. And the government so doesn’t want that to be! The regime would much prefer that this guy’s partners be from Texas. I’m not making it up. That’s their fervent hope. So we have destruction all around us, including the oil spill. But that’s chump change compared to what the regime is doing to the people of this country, and we haven’t even gotten to the tax increases that are gonna hit next year.

You talk about taking dreams away, making prosperity for your children and grandchildren even tougher to attain if this stuff isn’t reversed and rolled back? And then we have Obama in a fit of pique yesterday saying the Republicans drove the car in the ditch and they’re not getting the keys back? They’re not getting the keys back. I don’t think he originated that. I think some idiot congressman did, but I’m not sure who. I know I’ve heard it before; he may be repeating himself. He’s not angry about what the United Auto Workers did to the auto industry. He didn’t care who paid for that. He just nationalized them. Too bad he’s not angry at the National Education Association for destroying education in this country. Too bad he’s not angry at the government of Mexico and its role in promoting illegal immigration. No, who’s he mad at? Me! He’s mad at me and anybody else who criticizes him. He’s not mad at Iran. He hates the tea party, calls ’em ‘tea baggers.’ He doesn’t like Sarah Palin. Look at his enemies list, and most of it — most of his enemies — are to be found within the United States border.

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