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RUSH: All right. Now, this is a little out of whack here, folks. Another story on Obama’s trip to Missouri and Limbaugh country. This is the Washington Times, Christina Bellantoni: ‘Senator Barack Obama won’t be in West Virginia tomorrow.’ He’s going to be in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, my hometown. They’re not calling it a campaign stop. It’s not a campaign stop. It says here that he is going to ‘hold an economic roundtable’ in the city, ‘located near what’s called Missouri’s bootheel on the southeast corner. It’s a strongly Republican area represented by Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.’ But the interesting thing here is that they say in this story, in the Washington Times, that Cape Girardeau’s population is 72,000. It’s not. Somebody needs to get hold of the Washington Times and tell ’em the population there is 35,000. It’s not 72,000. The longer this show goes, the bigger. I mean, maybe more people have moved in there. That could be what’s happened, that a lot of people, like 30 more thousand people, moved in there since 12 noon Eastern today.

‘More interestingly, it’s Limbaugh country. Cape is conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s hometown. His brother, a lawyer, and cousin, a judge, still live there, and tourists can get a peek at old Limbaugh home.’ Christina Bellantoni of the Washington Times says, ‘I also have family there.’ A 9 a.m. update says: ‘An Obama aide says the senator ‘is still focused on winning votes and delegates in primary states,’ but, ‘we are also spending some time in battleground states going forward to make sure that voters know the real choices this fall.” So what is he doing in Cape Girardeau? I mean, can we cut to the chase? An economic summit in Cape Girardeau with 35,000 people? An economic summit with 100 people? That’s what the story is, hundred people in a closed setting. Well, I know they’re very important people there, but this is just — Obama going to Cape Girardeau right in the midst of Operation Chaos, on the day that Hillary’s going to have a landslide victory in West Virginia.

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