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RUSH: A cell call from Miami. T.J., great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey there, Rush. How you doing? Longtime, first time from Miami.

RUSH: Great to have you with us, T.J.

CALLER: (static) No, I just couldn’t help but think, you know, Joe Biden’s promise to pay for everybody’s education should have a positive impact on (cell drop) just AP poll. So, you know. And then when universal health care comes around, that should further reduce the stress level of everybody, and then of course when he negotiates away nuclear weapons and we can all sleep well and I think —

RUSH: You know, T.J…. T.J.’s making a good point here. T.J.’s actually making a very good point. I don’t know how easy it was for you to understand him with his cell phone connection, but T.J. In Miami is making a great point. He’s talking about the poll that we discussed earlier where 42% of college graduates need medicine for depression; 13% of them are thinking of doing themselves harm or killing themselves. They’re worried about school. They’re worried about their grades. They’re worried about graduating we’re worried about their futures. They’re worried about money. They’re worried about everything! They’re depressed as hell and T.J. is saying, ‘Why? Obama is promising everything is going to be taken care of their house going to be taken care of their health care going to be taken care of. What’s to be depressed about?’ Excellent point out there T.J. I’m glad you called.

To Indianapolis. John, nice to have you on the EIB Network hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, Indy 500 dittos — and, by the way, if you ever get your Steelers there’s a Colts team you can root for, too.

RUSH: I was in Indianapolis last year.

CALLER: Yeah, I know you were. The Patriots game.

RUSH: It was a Patriots game. It was another Sunday night game, was in there with NBC. Yes.

CALLER: Beautiful stadium. But the reason I called is I’ve got a little different take on this Bush interrogation memo writers thing. I would love to them to go on trial — and I know that’s selfish I know that would be hard on them and their families but you and I know they would win and that would put an end to all this silliness. And if we do that, what Obama needs to know is maybe his memo writers for justifying… Remember the murder of those poor alleged pirates off the coast of Somalia?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: They were denied due process, no Miranda rights read. Where are those memos? Didn’t get to try those.

RUSH: By the way, I’m glad you mentioned that. I disagree with you on the trial business. It would be a total political circus. The Democrats run the show, and Obama’s got the judges.

CALLER: Yeah, but —

RUSH: I understand. Because it’s not guaranteed we’d win. Talk to Scooter Libby about winning. It’s not a guaranteed win.

CALLER: Yeah, I —

RUSH: But I want to play you a sound bite. Grab number six here. This is Obama from the Naval Academy graduation commencement speech today where he… You listen. You tell me if you think that he’s bragging about shooting the Somali pirates.

OBAMA: I will not recount the full story of those five days in April. Much of it is already known. Some of it will investor be known, and that’s how it should be. But here on this day at this institution, it must be said the extraordinary precision and professionalism displayed that day was made possible in no small measure by the training, the discipline, and the leadership skills that so many of those officers learned at the United States Naval Academy.

RUSH: There’s Obama talking about the Somali pirates, the black teenagers that were shot on Obama’s orders. Well, they were 17 years old and they were Somalis. Pirates, no doubt, but those five days in April? ‘I’m not going to recount the full stories of those five days in April.’ Much of its already known, some of it will never be known, that’s how it should be. I hear a movie coming. I hear a movie be Five Days in April. It will be out in time for the Oscars next year and Cannes next year. ‘Five Days in April: How a courageous, brave, historic president of the United States personally wiped out three Somali teenagers.’ He personally did it by giving the orders and thereby saving a cargo ship from the ravages of these three teenagers. Five Days in April. Can’t you see it now? Will Smith will be Obama. Will Smith will be the SEAL leader. Will Smith will be the SEAL second in command. Will Smith will be the captain of the Maersk that was being held hostage. Will Smith will not play any of the pirates. But Will Smith will play Obama and the SEAL captain and the SEAL assistant and, of course, you know, every one of these movies has a communications person named Sparks. The communications guy is always named Sparks, and Obama will play the communications guy relaying orders from Obama to Obama to pull the trigger.

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