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“Have you noticed how little news there is coming out of Iraq? That means there’s good news there, and the Drive-Bys are ignoring it.”

“A few short weeks ago Hillary said, ‘If President Bush won’t pull the troops out, I will.’ But then in the debate last night, she does her best impression of Jackie Gleason: ‘Humma, humma, humma, humma, humma.'”

“The election of 2008 is going to be about the Democrat nominee, whoever it is, because they’re all a bunch of big-government, tax-raising, freedom-threatening socialists.”

“I’m not going to be talked out of this: a liberal today is a liberal. If it doesn’t fit you, then stop being a liberal. Time you crossed the aisle. We have a home for you.”

“If you are a celebrity, pop culture icon, and you want to murder a woman, do it in LA — you can get away with it.”

“What are you laughing at in there? Do you think I’m getting all hot and bothered about something that’s not worth getting hot and bothered about, or are you two getting hot and bothered about something I don’t know about?”

“I wish I could find a way to get the half of my brain that I’m not using into your hands and up the intelligence level of the entire audience.”

“I understand that you liberals are just dejected today, heads hung low, knuckles scraping the sidewalk as you go Starbucks.I’ve only been trying to help you libs, and what do I get for it? Insults.”

“Bill, you need more professional help than I can provide because you are suffering from Battered Liberal Syndrome. And you are in denial right now, and this is a risky, risky place.”

“Whenever Hillary doesn’t like the question or doesn’t want to answer it she does that witch laugh.”


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