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“This trial is not about getting Scooter Libby. It’s about criminalizing conservatism and Republicans. It’s about destroying the Bush administration.”

“Americans are the most giving people in history. Every day Americans offer countless acts of kindness to strangers because that is just our nature. Yet you, John Edwards, patron saint of stiff hair, use Jesus to mischaracterize Americans as selfish warmongers.”

“When liberals join the government, it is activism — it is not public service. They’re not out there doing anything to serve the public; they’re doing things to control the public. They are attempting to amass power.”

“I’m still here because you’re still there. I’m still here because my audience — who listens to me daily and knows who I am and that all the garbage that is said about me is untrue — defends me. And that is what doesn’t happen enough in Washington. Conservatives there just run for the tall grass.”

“We have people out there now saying that there are ‘green’ ways to have sex that will improve the environment. These people are idiots. They are living, breathing, literal idiots.”

“What more do you people want? In 1988, this country was a conservative wasteland. Then here I came, storming onto the scene. And look what’s happened since!”

“I gave you a Republican Congress in 1994 — the first time in 40 years. What were you doing before I came along?”

“The bottom line is that what happened to Scooter Libby was an injustice. Libby was crushed by a rogue prosecutor trying to make a name for himself while actually targeting someone else — and that would be Vice President Cheney.”

“Is it my fault that the Republicans who won the House in ’94 didn’t know what to do to keep it? I have said over and over again on this program that I am a radio host. I am not an activist.”

“Those of you who listen to me regularly know that ‘impossible’ is not in my vocabulary.”

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