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“Britney Spears hasn’t been the same since Justin Timberlake told her go to hell and she went out and did it. It’s that simple.”

“I don’t know much about the Prius automobile; I’ve never had one. But it looks like a ‘Jetsons’-mobile that doesn’t fly.”

“Would somebody explain to me how in the world it is that the minute we get out of Iraq Al-Qaeda will leave, too and leave us alone? This is why I, personally, am questioning Jack Murtha’s mental prowess right now.”
“This whole ‘show bleed’ idea of Murtha’s is a disgrace, but the Drive-Bys are totally unwilling to tell you (in any sense of judgment) just how outrageous, how unconstitutional, and how stupid it is because their only focus is destroying Bush — regardless of what that takes.”

“Because of the clueless nature of a large percentage of the people in this country, I bet you that if Jack Murtha or Hillary Clinton said, ‘We have a plan; we are going to eliminate the armed forces in order to protect the troops,’ 20% of the population would think, ‘That’s compassionate.'”

“I don’t buy this ‘organic’ garbage. I instruct the staff: ‘If you’re going to get organic stuff, get it for yourself — not for me.’ All ‘organic’ means is, ‘grown in manure.'”

“What is this ‘under cover of darkness’ business? Once again, Hillary was tricked. So I guess all that needs to happen for Hillary Clinton to miss something is for the sun to go down. You know, if she is elected president, it will be nighttime at times.”

“If George W. Bush had deployed troops to Darfur, the Democrats would have opposed it — pure and simple. The substance of an issue is not what matters to Democrats; political opposition on every issue is what does.”

“Nancy Pelosi is ruling the Democrat caucus with an iron girdle.”

“Thanks for all of the cards and letters hoping that I got well, and even those from you libs hoping that I died — I appreciate all of those. Well, I did get them: ‘I hope you die and find out what a miserable, slow death is like you mean, rotten, cruel SOB!'”


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