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“A phrase that I live by today is, ‘Reality is what it is.’ Liberals and the media do not get to determine what reality is — it is what it is.”

“The New York Times has a poll that says the American people want the military to solve this problem and come up with a strategy for victory — ‘not the president or Congress.’ Or Congress. Or Congress. Or Congress!”

“If you don’t know what ‘haughty’ means, just think ‘John Kerry,’ who served in Vietnam. It’s that smarter-than-everybody-else-in-the-room elitism, when you are actually a blithering idiot.”

“This frosts me, folks. This whole series of Dem sound bites that I have played for you today have made steam come out both of my ear cavities. I can’t describe for you how outraged I am in civil language, so I shall not go further.”

“The same media that ignored Norman Hsu focused on what Fred Thompson was wearing in Iowa: Gucci shoes. I wear them, too! Way to go, Fred! And screw you, elitists!”

“I am beside myself. If I were sitting on that committee today, I would stand up when it’s my turn and lambaste the Democrats. Then I’d have to resign for violating House rules.”

“I know that there are commie libs in this audience listening each and every day to take me out of context, and I love tweaking them. Although, I’m on the verge of mild profanity here, folks. I was going to say, ‘tweak their ass.’ I’m sorry.”

“You couldn’t miss the Code Pink ladies. They looked like deranged jacks-in-the-box; totally deranged, miserable, unhappy, fat women. Ugly fat women. Yes, thank you.”

“Iraqi families are strolling the streets of Baghdad, Bob; Katie Couric discovered it last week when she was over there. She went to a market and people were buying vegetables and falafel and couscous and whatever else it is they buy.”

“It’s getting close to the point where Osama Bin Laden could deliver the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention.”


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