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“They ought to make prisoners play golf. It’s so frustrating.”

“You can’t buy these Arab dictators off with a bottle of Bordeaux because they don’t consume adult beverages. Well, they do when they go to the Bahamas, but that’s when nobody can see them.”

“Joe Wilson is going to endorse Hillary Clinton. So what? What’s surprising about that? Hell, the thing that would worry me if Hillary is elected is that she might make Valerie Plame the director of the CIA.”

“We’re not suffering massive casualties in Iraq as we were in past wars. We haven’t been hit again. So why the hell surrender? Because the same appeasers who tried to undermine Reagan want to undermine this effort.”

“When you consider that we are fighting Al-Qaeda in Iraq and that they killed 3,000 unarmed civilians on our own soil in less than a few hours, then you’ll realize we have more than held our own against this bunch of people. We are fighting and we are winning.”

“This is more hideous and dangerous than anybody is letting on. I will bet you that if anybody in the intelligence community were to tell you what they know about what’s going on out there, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

“The numbers for Congress are, as I say, in the crapper, folks. Their numbers are lower than the numbers of support for the war. And yet we’re not talking about pulling those guys out of Congress.”

“‘We have to get out of Iraq, Mr. Limbaugh, because I feel uncomfortable. I don’t like what’s happening. I don’t like the roadside bombs.’ Well, screw you! You know, the country won’t survive with people like you in charge of things, so just go away!”

“As a number of children have told me on occasion, ‘close your pie hole.’ That’s what they call the mouth, I suppose. But no kid ever tells me what to do, so it didn’t work.”

“Joe Wilson is a pimple on a pig’s butt.”


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