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RUSH: Madeleine Albright said Hillary Clinton is not a ‘cold fish?’ It was at a campaign rally in Des Moines on Friday night, and it’s just six seconds here, but here it is.

ALBRIGHT: There has been a real attempt to portray her as a cold fish, and she is not.

RUSH: Yeah, so Madeleine Albright knows that Hillary Clinton is not a cold fish. She speaks from a position of authority and knowledge. (interruption) That’s right. Madeleine Albright was the first rollout. The whole cabinet walked out there when Clinton said, (Clinton impression) ‘I want to say this one time. I want you to listen to me. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time. I never told anybody to lie.’ So they rolled the whole cabinet out there, and Madeleine Albright was the one who spoke. ‘We stand by the president.’ He’s not a cold fish, either. We stand by the president and so forth. She was the first one. Good memory, Mr. Snerdley.

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