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RUSH: We want to honor somebody on the EIB Network today. His name is Hubert ‘Hub’ Schlafly. Hubert ‘Hub’ Schlafly was very quietly inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame in 2008. He was part of the 2008 class. ‘Born in August, 1919, ‘Hub’ Schlafly graduated from the University of Notre Dame, BSEE ’41, and then later enrolled in graduate studies at Syracuse University. He joined General Electric and was soon assigned to MIT Radiation Laboratory as a Gunfire Control Radar project engineer. In 1947 he became Director of Television Research for 20th Century Fox. Projects included Large Screen Television projection, TV Broadcasting and experiments in cross-polarization microwave transmission.’

Hubert ‘Hub’ Schlafly ‘was enrolled as a Fellow in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers in 1951 and is a senior member of IEEE and SCTE.’ Herbert ‘Hub’ Schlafly, being honored today by me on the EIB Network, is a cofounder, director, and vice president of the TelePrompTer Corporation. (laughing) He invented it, folks! Herbert ‘Hub’ Schlafly honored today as the inventor of the teleprompter, thereby enabling the presidential election of Barack Obama.

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