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RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites here. It was last week during the Obama coronation that Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC news, Washington, went on MSNBC and told people that she’d gotten back to the hotel at two in the morning after Obama’s big coronation. She’d ordered some tea from room service and the room service waiter brought it up and was a woman, and Andrea Mitchell said, ‘Hey, the woman did not like Obama’s speech. It was too mean to McCain. It was unwarranted. Why be so mean to McCain? She was made uncomfortable by it,’ and Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was warning her guest, some Obamaite, and this Obamaite said, ‘We’ll track that woman down. We’ll set this straight. Don’t worry about that.’ Well, it’s happened again here. This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was talking to Obama’s communications director Robert Gibbs.

MITCHELL: I was getting a coffee earlier, and a woman came up to me and just challenged me. ‘Why are you people so mean to Sarah Palin?’ I said, ‘Wait a second! We’re talking about the bloggers. We’re not talking about anything that I have written anyone else has written,’ but she was a really angry woman. Angry. This is at a Starbucks.

GIBBS: Look, I-I-I’ve seen the focus group stuff from her speech, and it doesn’t play outside of that hall. It didn’t play outside of that hall —

MITCHELL: I knoooow.

GIBBS: — because it seemed harsh and it seemed negative.

RUSH: All right. Now, here’s Andrea Mitchell. I don’t know, this sounds like a patterned approach. ‘I run into a woman, an average American woman at a Starbucks or a hotel.’ It sounds like a formulation she has of asking a question. It could actually happen. But the bottom line is this guy, Gibbs, she’s trying to warn him, ‘You know what? You’ve got people outside that think you’re just being way too mean to Sarah Palin.’ ‘Oh, noooooo! Our focus group data said this didn’t play outside the hall! I’ve got focus group data said people outside the hall think she’s a b-i-itch.’ I mean, he didn’t say that, obviously, but, ‘It didn’t play outside the hall. No, no, no, no.’ They’re in denial. By the way, do you know where Obama is going to be tonight? He’s going to Bon Jovi’s house in New Jersey, where Bon Jovi is doing a little concert fundraiser for Obama, moving forward on the rock-star theme. Then also this morning on DNCTV, the anchorette, Tamron Hall, interviewed former ambassador and Obama foreign policy advisor Wendy Sherman. Now, Wendy Sherman is one of Madeleine Albright’s associates in Madeleine Albright’s, you know, consultancy on foreign policy. Tamron Hall said, ‘Is it possible to be a quick study on foreign policy,’ meaning Sarah Palin, ‘especially when you are facing up against someone that I think everyone would agree is very experienced on the topic, Joe Biden?’

SHERMAN: She probably can get the first talking point memorized and ready to go. She’s a bright, capable person. Uh, but to understand the complexities in this world takes time. Uh, it takes a great deal of understanding, uh, some experience. And Governor Palin comes to the table with none of the above. I’ve heard Republicans say, she understands the world because Alaska is the closest state to Russia. Well, geography is not enough. Experience, understanding. Uh, being on the national stage, as Senator Obama has been for the last few years, is much more crucial to, uh, moving forward.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, I’ll tell you, I have heard everything now! (laughing) I know! She says this with a straight face. ‘She gets the first talking point right but after that…’ This is a woman, Madeleine Albright hasn’t been right about anything in I don’t know how long. Madeleine Albright of North Carolina fame. Madeleine Albright! I think all these years on the campaign trail qualifies Obama much, much more. Obama doesn’t even know how to pronounce words. What did he call someplace? I can’t find it. I’ve got too many stacks. He called… Let me see. Where is it? Hang on, folks. Yeah, he went to Penn State, and called them the ‘Nitally’ Lions. ‘Barack Obama has put the Pennsylvania Republican delegates here in stitches over getting the name of the Penn State University mascot wrong. Not what you want to be doing in the state where the Republican is hammering you hard for being out of touch. Obama during a stop in Pennsylvania yesterday called them the Nitally Lions, as he called on somebody during a question-and-answer session.’ Of course, it’s the Nittany Lions. But this guy, he’s been on the campaign trail. He knows the 57 states. I wonder what Wendy Sherman thinks about that, 57, maybe even 58 states. Let’s move on to Mario The Pious, Mike. This is audio sound bite number ten. This is from one messiah of the past to a current messiah. Last night on Larry King Alive, the former messiah, Mario the Pious (who had these great expectations because of one speech at a convention, just like what is driving Obama) had this to say about Senator McCain.

CUOMO: He’s many things, McCain. But he is not change. Obama is. He’s a new kind of intelligence.

KING: Mumph!

CUOMO: He’s young. He’s bright. He has a different attitude toward the world, a more cosmopolitan attitude. He’s all the things we need. Most of all, those 80% of the American people are right. We need change. These people are not change.

KING: Now, lemme —

CUOMO: Whatever else they are, they’re not change.

RUSH: Sarah Palin is the change that Barry Obama has been talking about. These guys are just political hacks, just political hacks. A new kind of intelligence? Right: 58 states, Nitally Lions, and any other number of gaffes that we have chronicled on this program. This business about a more cosmopolitan attitude? They made fun of him for that at the Republican convention! You know, that Alaska is not cosmopolitan enough for Obama. This is the typical arrogant condescension of the left. I’m warning… Well, I’ll just tell you: It’s going to come back and bite them. This is almost the Wellstone memorial all over again. I guess foreign policy. You know what? I guess you do get a lot of that from your years and years of community organizing in Chicago. I guess when you go teach at the University of Chicago law school about race and gender and agitation, you get a lot of foreign policy experience there. I guess when you admit that the surge worked better than anybody ever dreamed it would but that you would still oppose it, I guess that qualifies you as uniquely brilliant on foreign policy.


RUSH: We got Obama and his mispronunciation of the mascot of Penn State University. We’ve looped it three times.

OBAMA: Penn State right here, Nitally Lions. Penn State right here, Nitally Lions. Penn State right here, Nitally Lions.

RUSH: Penn State Nitally Lions as identified by The Messiah.

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