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“As you all know, when I say something about anything, there’s nothing left to be said about it.”

“Everybody’s commenting on Nancy Pelosi’s blinking rate. It used to be she was unable to blink; now she can’t stop blinking. I think it was Morse code. I think she was sending codes to the Democrats as to when to applaud and when not to applaud.”

“As much as she tries, Hillary just can’t pull off warm. She just can’t! You look at her and you feel like, ‘My gosh! I’m in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest! And there’s Nurse Ratched following me! I can’t get away from her!'”

“Bush went into that room last night knowing that the left and the Democrats are emboldened beyond even their normal arrogance and condescension. He went into that room with a dozen odd sharks circling in the waters for his job in 2008. And yet, he ended up dominating the room.”

“Hillary is sitting right behind Barack Obama. You know, if he would move a little to the right, his ear would cover half her face. Somebody should have told him that.”

“You people are going to have to do one of two things: either stop griping about how expensive health care is, or roll your sleeves up and understand that to get prices down… sigh… it’s going to take a little self-involvement and responsibility.”

“So we had a larger percentage of Democrats watching a Republican speech last night, and yet they still got all this positive feedback about it afterwards. I guarantee you: the Drive-Bys are not happy, and they’re scratching themselves. Uh, their heads.”

“There’s an ABC News alert: the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a nonbinding, meaningless, gutless measure saying that President Bush’s plan to increase troops in Iraq is ‘not in the national interests of the United States.’ You know what that means? Pbbbbtttt!”

“Apparently Reid and Pelosi wrote the Democrat response last night, and Jim Webb tore it up and wanted to write his own. Why, this guy can do it all! He can write his own speeches! He can style his hair so it looks like a toupee!”

“‘Rush, why are you doing that? Here’s the president, so classy, and you say that Nancy Pelosi looked like she was chewing her cud.’ Well, I paint word pictures.”


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