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RUSH: We’re gonna go back to April 27th. This is me on this program. A lot of people say, “Rush, why do you play sound bites of you?” Well, we do it for two reasons. One. I could always say, “I said this,” when maybe I didn’t. So we prove that I said it. I also never get to hear me like you do, so here’s a little, what, ten seconds of me able to hear myself. It’s one of those pleasures of life you have every day. I never get it.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Let me tell you what I’m sick of. I am sick of the conventional wisdom that Obama can’t be beat, and I am sick of people on our side apparently holding and then promulgating that view, that Obama can’t be beat. That is absurd, folks. Rarely has a sitting president been as vulnerable as Obama.

RUSH: Brit Hume was on Fox News Sunday. After it ended Chris Wallace continued the panel discussion, and they had Brit Hume there — and Hume, this is a theme of his, too. This is what he said yesterday.

BRIT HUME: I think President Obama probably recognizes that if he goes into the 2012 election and nothing serious has been done about debt, that that will deepen his political predicament — which I think, by the way, looking out from here is very serious.

RUSH: That’s right.

BRIT HUME: He’s in real trouble.

RUSH: Right.

BRIT HUME: The way I look at the Republican field —

RUSH: Damn right!

BRIT HUME: — this will be a referendum reaction, not so much a choice election — and if it is, and the conditions like this persist, he’s toast.

RUSH: Exactly. This election is going to be about Obama just like the midterms were. There was no big-name Republican on the ballot in November. There couldn’t have been. It was congressional races, and look what happened! (interruption) No, that does not mean I don’t care who’s nominated. It’s too big an opportunity to not care about who’s nominated, but he’s right: It’s gonna be a referendum race. Here’s Norah O’Donnell. This is on the syndicated Sunday morning Chris Matthews Show. He said, “Here’s the problem: If you have a campaign that has to be silhouetted so far by Donald Trump’s absurdity for months and then you have Newt Gingrich, doesn’t that sort of mess it up for the other guys, eventually?”

O’DONNELL: (shrill) President Obama is VERY vulnerable!

RUSH: Yes.

O’DONNELL: Our pollsters have told us that history, big things like the catching of OBL, that Obama should have gotten about a ten-point jump in the polls. Instead, he only got three to five points.


O’DONNELL: The way the American people feel about this economy is really hurting President Obama. He is vulnerable. So where’s the great Republican?

RUSH: Norah, it doesn’t take one. The sad thing is it doesn’t require a great Republican. It would be wonderful if we had one, because that would seal the deal. But you can sit there and ask, “Where’s the great Republican?” all day long, Norah. That doesn’t change the fact that it looks bad for Obama. “Our pollsters have told us that history, big things like catching [Bin Laden] shoulda gotten a10 to 15 point jump in the polls. He got three to five points.” Whatever he got, it’s gone! “The way the American people feel about the economy is really hurting Obama.” You ever…? I think that’s the first time I have ever seen a State-Run Media program or journalist even get close to saying that. I wonder if she’ll be back on this show. Here’s Howard Fineman also on the same show, The Chris Matthews Show (he’s now the senior political editor at the Huffing and Puffington Post) and Matthews said, “Howard, tell me something I don’t know.”

FINEMAN: Democrats are increasingly worried about the Senate races in 2012. The Republicans, it looks like, are gonna clean up. If they hold the House, and they get a Senate that’s veto-proof — which is possible — whoever gets elected president, even if it’s President Obama, is gonna be dealing with a truly coequal branch.

MATTHEWS: They could get 67 seats in the Senate?

FINEMAN: Well, they can get — they can overcome the filibuster —

MATTHEWS: Filibuster-proof!

FINEMAN: Yes, filibuster-proof.


RUSH: “Wow!” See, they’re not even thinking this way. I guarantee you, State-Controlled guys, Drive-Bys, they are lost in a fog. “Obama lose? Democrats lose? How can…?” They’re lost totally in a fog. That’s another reason why they are so profoundly vulnerable.


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