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“The last thing Obama wants is to run against a real conservative. Obama hopes to hell he gets a squishy moderate, middle-of-the-road, McCain type. He wants somebody who is afraid to occupy conservative positions.”

“Newt said that social engineering is bad whether it’s right wing social engineering or left-wing social engineering. We’re not social engineering anything. We’re trying to reduce the size of government.”

“Frankly, folks, ‘I don’t care what anybody else thinks,’ is the reason I don’t have guests. I cannot sit here and act like I don’t know what’s going on until somebody on this program tells me. I just cannot. It’s not in me here to start acting deferential when I’m as informed about the subject matter as any guest I would have is.”

“The whole point of Obamacare down the road is indeed to shutter private sector health care industries, including insurance. The proof positive is all these waivers.”

“‘Dominique Strauss-Kahn,’ that’s apparently French for ‘William Jefferson Clinton.'”

“Part of my job is to notice things before you do, and then tell you. It’s called the cutting edge. I’m on it. I own it.”

“For all the talk in the media — for all of the pop culture — this country is not a center-left country. It’s not a liberal country. It’s not a socialist country. If it were, folks, Obama would be proudly running on his record.”

“If Obama’s proscriptions were the genuine solution to problems he’d be doubling down and running on them instead of trying to make people think that he is for things he’s not. The real Barack Obama does not want to drill for oil. But the real Barack Obama realizes he’s got to say he’s interested in it if he has a chance of being reelected.”

“The left always has to move to the center at election time. They didn’t have to so much in ’08 because they weren’t challenged on the right. Obama was challenged from the middle. He was challenged from somebody who really didn’t even want to challenge him, per se, which is McCain.”

“The assault on purity is just another way of attacking mainstream conservatives. But conservatism — I would say, speaking for myself — is not about purity. It’s about a philosophy.”

“Nobody can be everything to everybody.”

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