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In early 2009, Peter Ferrara wrote a Wall Street Journal article comparing Obama’s economic policies with those of Ronald Reagan, Ferrara’s old boss. He concluded Obama’s policies were the opposite of Reagan’s and would lead to opposite results.

Two years later in Forbes, Ferrara now writes: “That prediction seems to be on track.” When Reagan’s presidency began, unemployment soared to 10.8 percent, three points higher than the 7.8 percent unemployment rate at the start of Obama’s presidency. Reagan inherited double-digit inflation, at 13.5 percent, and double-digit interest rates – 21.5 percent – in 1980. But Reagan cut taxes, cut spending, instituted a strong-dollar monetary policy, and deregulated key sectors of the economy – like energy. Result: the largest economic expansion in history: 94 straight months of growth. 20 million new jobs were created.

Obama, on the other hand, has raised taxes, and wants to raise them further. His spending is out of control, he has grown the size of government exponentially, his increasing the money supply has led to a steadily collapsing dollar, and he has added layers of new regulation to American businesses. Obama’s tax hikes won’t fully hit until 2013, but in his short time in office, we have sustained high unemployment, a sluggish economy, and increasing poverty.

Ferrara lays out the case with reams of statistics; the verdict is inarguable. Reagan policies led to prosperity; Obama’s are leading us to disaster. Let’s stop all this talk about Obama being unbeatable; he’s ripe for the taking!

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