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RUSH: At the town hall meeting today on CBS there’s a Q&A between the president and audience member, Karin Gallo. This is how it went.

GALLO: I took a job with the federal government thinking it was a secure job. Recently I’ve been told I’m being laid off as of June 4th, and it is not an opportune time for me. I am seven months pregnant, in a high-risk pregnancy, my first pregnancy. My husband and I are in the middle of building a house. We’re not sure if we’re gonna be completely approved. I’m not exactly in a position to waltz right in and do great on interviews, based on my timing with the birth, and so I’m stressed. I’m worried. I’m scared about what my future holds. I definitely need a job, and I just wonder, what would you do if you were me?

RUSH: Aw. Aw. Doesn’t that tug at your heartstrings? I mean what a sob story. I’ve never heard anything like it. I didn’t know things could be that bad in this country. I think she does need a new kitchen. What I want to know is, they’re in the middle of building a house, but she’s not sure she’s gonna be completely approved. What does that mean? How can you be building a house if you haven’t been approved? I assume she’s talking about the loan, right, the mortgage? Anyway, here’s Obama’s answer.

OBAMA: Where were you working?

GALLO: The National Zoo. And I would be nonessential employee number seven.

OBAMA: It frustrates me sometimes when people talk about government jobs as if somehow those are worth less than private sector jobs. I think there’s nothing more important than working on behalf of the American people. Some folks on the other side of the aisle have been saying that we want to just cut and cut and cut. My main message to you is that the work you’ve done at the National Zoo is important. Every child that you see who comes by and is amazed by those animals, you know, they’re benefiting from your work. I don’t want to sort of find out more details in front of everybody about what your status is, but we can have a conversation maybe afterwards.

RUSH: All right. So government worker about to lose her job, about to lose her house, might not see the baby be born ’cause she’s in a tough pregnancy, and Obama tells her how important she is to the American people. She and the animals, how important they are to the American people. You see, this is how they’re gonna do this. This is nothing more than a replay of a town hall meeting they had shortly after Obama was inaugurated over in Tampa where the audience shouted, “Where’s my kitchen? I need a new car,” and all that. And the undercurrent here, by the way, is that look who’s losing their jobs, federal workers, government workers. Look who’s losing those jobs, and it turns out the president is — well, he’s wrong. He is making a big pitch in terms of explaining high unemployment, claiming that the majority of it is government workers.

Mark Knoller of CBS covering this town hall with the president this morning reported this. “President Obama blames high unemployment rate on ‘huge layoffs of government workers’ at federal, state and local levels.” Jim Geraghty has a very comprehensive post at his blog at National Review Online called The Campaign Spot. It is completely wrong. It’s epically wrong, as Geraghty says. But note, who do they drag out for question? To back up what the president’s saying about the reason for high unemployment is primarily people in government jobs losing theirs. So Geraghty has gone to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and published a lot of numbers here on private sector employment over periods of time and public sector employment, and the dirty little secret — numbers on radio is very tough to do. I can do it given the appropriate amount of time, hang in there, be tough, we’ll get to it — but the bottom line is that government employment is actually increasing. There are not droves and droves of layoffs. The numbers indicate that local government employment is increasing, not decreasing. Obama’s not even a little bit right about this. So this whole thing, this whole town hall today is almost a purely scripted event to advance an agenda that is forming the foundation of the reelection campaign, which I, El Rushbo, told you about yesterday.


RUSH: Let me go back to the sound bite here from the town hall this morning on CBS. This is the Q&A with audience member Karin Gallo. She is the about-to-be-laid-off, not-to-be-able-to-finish-construction-of-her-home, pregnancy-may-not-happen participant, who had a chance to ask Obama a question.

(replaying of sound bite)

RUSH: Now, I’m not gonna play his answer. All right, yeah, some applause. I mean, what a sob story. I gotta be very careful here, folks, ’cause I’ll be accused of having no heart, but what a sob story. But course it was set up and made to order for Obama because his answer (which I’m not gonna re-burden you with) was basically to blame the Republicans for cuts. Their promised cuts and their real cuts, that’s what’s leading to her problem. That’s what he told her. So here, in synthetic form, the president of the United States blamed the potential layoff of a single zoo worker on reckless spending cuts by those on the other side of the aisle.

So according to Obama, this woman might lose her job because of Republicans. She might not be able to move into her house, therefore, because of Republicans. Her pregnancy may not go well because of Republicans. She is stressed, therefore, because of Republicans. She is worried because of Republicans, and she is worried about her future because of Republicans, and she needs a job and she might not be able to get one because of Republicans — and that is the campaign, and that was the message at the town hall meeting today. It was classless arrogance (exactly what I said yesterday); ignorant, default demonization of his enemies, not his opponents. This woman — what’s her name? — Karin Gallo, is somehow the victim of evil Republicans.

But again I remind you, I believe that the Democrats have controlled spending in Washington for quite some time. Liberals ran — or run — Washington, DC. Liberals run the zoo. Heh-heh. It is a zoo! (interruption) Is the zoo “essential”? Of course it is, Snerdley, for the formation of young minds! Why, those animals are what we used to be. Hell, yes, the zoo is important. That’s how you teach evolution, that’s how you show that we once were those and we’re no better than those. In fact, those animals may be more important than we are. Remember our update of earlier this week. We’re working on software technology to be able to speak to dolphins. It’s our fault we can’t understand ’em.

Oh, you didn’t hear that, folks? Oh-ho! A major, major software investment is being made so we can understand the chirping of dolphins — and, frankly, I can’t wait ’til we get this done because I want to ask them, “How have you held down your health care costs below the surface of the sea? I want to know what have you done with your tax rates ’cause I don’t see dolphins going on strike ever.” The things that we could learn from them, if only we were smart enough to understand their chirping. So since our brains are not smart enough to talk to ’em, we’re coming up with software to talk to them.

I kid you not; we did a Morning Update on this. What was it, right now we…? (sigh) How does it go? Dolphins can understand 100 words of ours? Okay, so, yeah, the software is to develop a co-language with the dolphins. Now, I know the lady sounds absurd, but what are we gonna do? What is to be gained by even commenting on it? She does sound absurd. You know, if I were in her shoes — honest to God, now — I wouldn’t be taking time off to go to a stupid presidential town hall meeting; and I wouldn’t be asking the president what he could do for me. Can I ask you people a question? I’m being dead serious now.

In the normal ebb and flow of life — I’m serious — whenever any problem comes up in your life, how many of you actually think of going to the president to deal with it? It just… (sigh) Most people will never have the opportunity to even meet a president, and if they do, it’s certainly not gonna be a meeting of any substance. It’s sort of like praying to God for parking spaces, to come up with a little flawed analogy. Just to waste anybody’s time on that. Who thinks this way? (interruption) Democrats, exactly right. Democrats think this way. And, of course, the town hall meeting was set up, the optics of this are to create the image: “Of course, who else would you ask but Obama? Why, he just got through killing Bin Laden! He can do anything.”

Grab a quick phone call. This is Mark in Chicago. Hey, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir, hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s an honor to talk to you, buddy.

RUSH: Thank you, bud.

CALLER: Hey, that sound bite kind of frustrated me a little bit, Rush, and let me tell you this. About five, six years ago you had an elderly gentleman on the call-in program to talk about the problem today is we’re not being taught Guts 101. I remember the conversation vividly. You know, my late father taught me Guts 101. His dad, who were Italian immigrants, taught him Guts 101. No health care, of the stuff that’s being given out today. I’m teaching my kids, my two boys Guts 101 — and, you know, Rush, it’s frustrating to hear, “Give people jobs! Do this; do that.” You know, my dad taught me, “Mark, what you don’t have in intelligence you always make up with ambition,” and somehow we are losing that ambition with this young generation.

RUSH: Well, we certainly are with a number of people, but I must correct you. We do teach Guts 101. It comes right out of the White House. Have you noticed lately: “What a ‘gutsy’ decision Obama made; what a ‘gutsy’ call Obama made”? I mean the essence of gutsy is Barack Obama. It’s being taught now. You don’t need a classroom for it. You don’t need a family to teach guts. All we have to do is follow the example of Barack Obama. That’s gutsy. I did a little research. The National Zoo, where this woman works, is run by the Smithsonian. So we checked: The Smithsonian right now lists many job listings, dozens of job openings at the Smithsonian. Why didn’t she go to her shop steward?

Why’s she gonna be laid off? Is there about pregnancy here that’s a related factor that she’s not saying? But it’s not as though there are mass layoffs happening in government. You know it isn’t the case. Jim Geraghty has documented it today again at his blog. Obama said today that the reason for unemployment is all layoffs in government employees but it’s not happening. I’ve got the numbers. Let me quickly run through just the federal numbers. Total government employment in June of 2005 was 22.1 million; January 2009, 22.4; January 2010, 22.3; and April of 2011, 22.5. It’s up!

There aren’t any layoffs taking place here at the federal government, the same thing at the state level. It is an out-and-out lie. But as to this woman, the workers at the zoo are unionized. They are members of AFSCME, the AFSCME union. So the question I would have for Karin Gallo: Why not call the family? They’re a big wine family, anyway, Gallo. Karin Gallo is her name. Call the family for some help. But my question is, “Does she have to go to work when it snows?” because that’s the definition of an “essential worker” in Washington; and if she doesn’t have to go to work when it snows then she should have seen the handwriting on the wall long ago.


RUSH: I just read the transcript of Karin Gallo’s question to President Obama. As I know him, things I know about the president, I don’t think he was honest with her in his answer. Let’s review. “I took a job at the federal government thinking it was secure. I’m being told I’m being laid off as of June 4th. It’s not an opportune time for me. I’m seven months pregnant in a high-risk pregnancy, my first pregnancy. My husband and I are in the middle of building a house. We’re not sure if we’re gonna be completely approved. I’m not exactly in a position to waltz right in and do great on interviews based on my timing with the birth. And so I’m stressed, I’m worried, scared about what my future holds.” Right in the middle of it, an undeniable central element of her situation is her pregnancy.

Now, we could play games with numbers, dates, June 4th, she’s seven months, she’d be laid off by then anyway, or on maternity leave anyway. Baby would have been born. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where I think the president was disingenuous with her. Knowing him as I do, she clearly has an option, one favored by the president. He’s, in fact, authored legislation promoting this. And that’s abortion. He could have told her, “You know, a lot of your problems would be solved if you would abort that pregnancy. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the problems you face in the job interview, and you’d have one less mouth to feed, might help you be better able to get that loan approved, which, by the way, how did you start building the house without the loan approval?” But that’s for another day. That to me was the most honest answer the president could have given but he can’t blame the Republicans for that, so he didn’t go there. But according to the Democrat Party and Planned Parenthood and much of the left, her problems would be 80% dealt with if she would just end the pregnancy.

Isn’t it interesting how they never publicly urge this? Only after the woman walks into an office where they happen are these things actually pushed, but they don’t dare publicly advocate what they privately seek multiple times a day. Now, as to this nice woman, what does she want us to do as a society? Should we all be on the hook for her income? Should we all be on the hook for her house, for her way of life? What is it that this lady really wants all of us to do? Does she want us to continue to deficit spend and destroy her baby’s future in the process? I know of a few people, a few families who have not, or do not and will not face adversity.

Two types of people in our society, folks. One type expects everything to be provided for them in some form or another, and another type wants nothing to do with the government. They’d rather fend for themselves. And the fact is that the left is trying to create a society of only the first kind of people, totally dependent on government. But the federal budget’s ballooned. Federal employment has ballooned. We got a story about a lady who’s building a home, husband presumably works, she’s being laid off, and the rest of us are supposed to somehow assume responsibility for her?


RUSH: So I did my usual review of e-mails here at the at the top-of-the-hour break, and understandably and almost predictably there were a few who thought that our first caller of the day and to some extent me, I, Rush Limbaugh, was a little tough on Karin Gallo, the woman seven months pregnant, thought she had been hired in a secure job only to learn she might be laid off at the zoo in Washington at the town hall meeting today asking Obama what he would do. They thought that the first caller was a little bit insensitive to her circumstances and that I perhaps was not exhibiting a proper amount of compassion. Let me deal with that for just a second and try to explain something, expand on a theory that I developed many, many moons ago.

I developed this theory back in the eighties. I was working in Sacramento, and at the time the South African regime was under assault, apartheid, Nelson Mandela getting out of prison, and the Reverend Jackson and others in the American civil rights movement were leading an effort to boycott all investment in South Africa. And of course the left, universities and certain businesses, decided it would be a great thing to divest in South Africa, a bunch of racist creeps. So the race was on to divest in South Africa. But after a while it lost its steam. And in Sacramento people would call me on the air there and ask me why I thought that story had such a relatively short lifespan. I said it’s because of one thing. People’s emotional reservoirs are just not that large. They have to continually be replenished, and you can only be sorry for something for so long and after that you lose patience with it and say, “Look, what good is all of this sympathy doing? What action is somebody taking to resolve the situation?” It’s fine and dandy to sit here and wring our hands and talk about how sad it is, but then what?

I think in this country, as I said, there are two types of cultures, two types of people. One type expects things to be provided to them in some form or another, either ongoing in perpetuity by their parents or by government, and then the other type of person in our culture wants nothing to do with that, certainly not with the government, and they want to fend for themselves. They want to take care of themselves. They don’t want to be obligated, and they don’t want to be in this prison of always having to depend on somebody else because there really isn’t any comfort in that. One of the reasons this woman is in such a state of angst is that she for some reason doesn’t think she can depend on herself. And so the left is trying to create a society of only the first kind of people where the federal government is gonna take care of everybody, is gonna answer every complaint like this, where people who have problems are gonna first go to someplace in government to get ’em solved.

I think the second group of people that wants no part of that are offended by it. In fact, I know they are. I know people that are traditionally self-starting, self-reliant people really don’t have a lot of patience for otherwise intelligent people who seem to just want to sit around and wait for somebody else to do it for them. But in addition to that, ever since the nineties, given I’d say the current generation, current culture, current political atmosphere, the campaign of the nineties, and it predates this, obviously, you could take it all the way back to the sixties, but the modern era of people, everybody listening now is old enough to be able to understand what I’m talking about, relate it to the nineties. We have had, as part of our daily politics, this argument who should provide for who. And it has gone on and on and on and on.

The Democrat Party has become more and more intense on suggesting that people like this woman — I mean look at what they’ve done, they make a circus out of every unfortunate event in life and they bring victims, a parade of victims up to congressional hearings and Senate hearings. These people don’t have medicine. They don’t have food or they don’t have a job because of those guys on the other side of the aisle, the Republicans. After a while your emotional reservoir is empty. You just don’t have any more room to feel sorry. You finally start to say, “Well, do it yourself, what do you expect me to do? I got enough problems in my life.” I don’t know, for example, who takes a job expecting it’s forever. So when the woman first said, “I expected it was secure.” What world are you living in, is the reaction most normal people have.

No job is forever. People change jobs constantly. They either get fired or they move up on their own. This goes without saying. So it’s not, folks, a lack of sensitivity, and it’s not a lack of sympathy. It’s the realization that this woman could ask the president all day long what he would do but he’s not gonna do a damn thing for her. A, he doesn’t know what to do himself. B, he doesn’t have the time, and C, she’s just a prop. When I say that we conservatives love people and that we want the best for everybody, there’s something that’s understood in that, that is that we instinctively know that there’s nobody better at looking out for you than you. Nobody can look out for you better. Nobody’s gonna care as much about you, and nobody is gonna be as concerned about your welfare as you are.

So just willingly throwing yourself on the mercy of other people when you sound on a sound bite like you’re totally capable of handling the situation, and it’s something everybody else goes through, there’s just — I think what it is, in this country, given the abundant opportunity, the abundant prosperity, this comfort with being a victim, it just rubs a lot of us the wrong way. I don’t want to be a victim. I have no desire to be a victim of anything, but more and more people apparently do want to classify themselves as victims. So she asks Obama, she relates her circumstances, and she says, “What would you do?” Well, he would probably sue the government for discrimination is what he would do. If he were in her shoes, that’s what he would do. That’s what he taught students at the University of Chicago to do, just sue everybody on the basis of discrimination.

So it’s not a lack of compassion. It’s not a lack of sensitivity. It is more than anything just the end of patience. How long, how many more decades, how many more years are we going to be subjected to these sob stories, and by extension, how many more years are we going to subtly be blamed for all these problems other people face? And that’s at the root of this. Most people go through hard knocks their whole life, and most people find ways to overcome the obstacles that are placed in their way. It’s what life is. So complaining about something that’s normal, obstacles in the way of one’s life, and then asking the president to do something about it, that’s not a success track. That’s not a route that most people utilize, and so it frustrates people more than anything else. And then if you add to that people like that are held up as role models or examples of, “Well, this is why we ought to be doing what we’re doing. We need to really be feeling sorry for these kinds of people.” It just rubs people the wrong way.

What if everybody was that way? There would not be a United States of America, if everybody was that way. But this regime wants to put as many people in her shoes, or her situation as possible. Her question is music to Obama’s ears, “What can you do for me?” That’s exactly what he wants as many Americans as possible asking government agency here, agency there each and every day.


RUSH: Rachel in Cincinnati, glad you called. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. It’s an honor to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Thank you so much for all that you do getting the truth out. I really appreciate it. I have two comments. One is related to the chick at the town hall —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — and, you’re right, I guess I fall in the “heartless” where I listen to that and I have no compassion for that. I want to say, “Where is your sense of personal responsibility? The first thing is you get your priorities straight and you don’t get the house if you don’t have a job,” and it sounds like she’s got a husband there, so maybe she should talk to him instead of asking Barack Obama what to do.

RUSH: Well, we don’t know anything about the husband. We don’t have the full slate of information. We don’t know what her husband does. We presume she’s got a husband because she’s pregnant, but that’s the only reason why.

CALLER: Well, she said that her husband and her are building the house, so she puts him out there. And then the other question I had related to that is, “If Obama interferes and she gets to keep her job, what about the other person that’s number eight that now becomes seven, whatever, on the list and loses their job? Do they get to go to the president and ask for help so they keep their job?”

RUSH: My guess is that precisely because of that a miracle will take place and somehow the reasons for letting go these seven or eight people will have been found to have been in error — and because of the intercession of our compassionate president, everything is gonna end up being fine — if I had to guess the outcome here.


RUSH: Okay. We went to the Smithsonian website, and we’ve got a miniature version of Karin Gallo’s resume. Now, this is interesting. Stick with me on this because I’m gonna take this in a different direction than you might expect. Although, you know, at the same time, folks, before we get to that I just want to suggest this. The president went to El Paso. Was that Tuesday? He went to El Paso and he said that we want to build a moat, we Republicans want to build a moat and put alligators in it, as a means of dealing with our immigration problem. This woman is gonna be losing her job at a zoo. Well, if we Republicans are indeed gonna build that moat, put alligators in it, she works at the zoo, maybe she could watch the alligators for us, at the moat. Be responsible, make sure they are fed properly so they don’t kill anybody, got zoo experience. We like to come up with creative solutions to these problems. That’s what we conservatives are known for. And somebody’s gonna have to take care of the alligators in the moat.

According to the website, Karin Gallo is the senior public affairs specialist at the Smithsonian National Zoo. She in the past has been the public relations manager at Six Flags America, a senior account executive at TBS, Turner Broadcasting System, slash, at the NBA, slash at Golin Harris, senior public relations expert at SeaWorld. She was educated at Bowling Green State University. She is or was married. Her maiden name is Korpowski. All this, by the way, you coulda found yourself if you wanted to go to their website, which we did. Now, her job title is senior public affairs specialist, Smithsonian National Zoo, so she’s got media outreach experience, it’s PR. It sounds like a high paying job, or a well-paid job, which you’d have to be well paid to be able to build a house in Washington these days. It’s from LinkedIn, the website LinkedIn.

I don’t do it, but every now and then maybe three times a week now, I’ll get an e-mail from a friend of mine who says, “So-and-so wants you to join LinkedIn,” and I delete it. I don’t even go there. But that’s where we went to find this. Now, let’s take a different tack here at Karin Gallo. She works at the Smithsonian, at the zoo, she shows up at the town hall. We will not ask how she ended up there, if she was random or she was chosen. We’re not interested in that, at least for this little exercise. But if you go through her sound bite, if you listen to it and the tone of her voice, she was doing what she thought she was supposed to do. Job, federal government. She’s building a house with her husband. She’s trying to climb her corporate ladder. She’s trying to improve on every previous job that she’s had.

Now, stick with me on this, Snerdley. Don’t start getting cynical on me yet. She’s married, she’s having a kid, she’s building a home, she’s working. I mean in some people’s minds that’s a pretty good description of the American dream in progress. She’s it. I mean she’s the package. PR specialist. In fact, Obama might even hire her for the campaign once he finds out what she does. She went to college. She graduated with honors. I mean there’s a method in this country. There’s a track. You do this and you’re gonna end up okay. And this woman appears to be it. She appears to have followed all of the guidelines and all the conventional wisdom instruction.

However, panic has set in. You could hear it in her voice. She’s done everything as she was raised to do. She did everything she was taught to do. She’s gone to college. She has gotten prestigious jobs. We assume well paid. She has climbed the corporate ladder. And now, after doing everything that she thought success required, she has been overcome with panic because it’s all on the verge of falling apart. Stick with me on this. Why is she in the midst of panic? Why does she fear that things are starting to fall apart? Why does she fear losing her job? Why does she fear maybe not getting her house? Obviously she got a construction loan that has to be converted to a mortgage. And that’s what she’s waiting on. That’s why she’s worried about the “what if she can’t get that loan?” We hear horror stories day in and day out, people can’t get loans, banks, places, others are not lending, other than to people that can’t pay ’em back, more on that in a moment.

So she’s got panic all around her. It has set in because she followed every prescription and it’s about to blow up. And so the question is why? Why is the panic setting in, and the answer is simple: Democrat Party policies. She is where she is precisely because of the Democrat Party. She is not alone. A lot of people feel they’re falling off the same cliff that Karin Gallo thinks that she’s falling off of. And people are scared. A lot of people’s jobs are vanishing. A lot of people’s homes are underwater and worthless now. A lot of people have to genuinely be concerned about the price of gasoline, and are they going to be able to be as mobile, both getting to and from work, and in leisure activities? And then when you look down the road, there’s no hope for any improvement. There hasn’t been any hope for any improvement in two years.

So in her case, what can she do? Well, she ends up at a place to ask the top dog. And this is where when we hear it, oh, gosh, everything I said at the beginning of this hour, our emotional reservoirs are tapped out here, folks. At some point you want to grab these people by the shoulders and say, “Don’t ask him, do it yourself.” Well, in her mind she has been doing it herself and it’s all falling apart on her. What does she do now? Does she decide to open her own business? Well, the problem is she’s pregnant. The birth is in early June. Get a different job in the private sector? She did make the mistake of assuming this was a secure job. There’s no such thing as that. So what does she do? Maybe stay home and raise this kid in an apartment if they can’t get the loan to finish building the house?

Folks, in this scenario she’s right in who she chose to ask what to do, ’cause she’s asking the architect of the problem. So she gets a chance to ask Obama what would he do, and the truth is that’s who we all ought to be asking, “What the hell do we do now that you’ve done what you’ve done?” We’re all asking, how the hell do we undo his policies, how do we undo the damage that he has wrought, because it’s causing all of us to have fears like Karin Gallo expressed at the town hall today. We need help in undoing the moratorium on drilling. We need help in undoing and repealing Obamacare. We need help on making sure he doesn’t raise taxes. We need help securing the border and making sure that all the issues that are accompany to that do not balloon out of our control, further placing us in debt. We do need help in getting loans and making sure the only people who can get them are people who can pay them back, rather than people who can’t. We do need help in getting rid of all kinds of regulations that end up as obstacles to progress and so forth.

So we’ve looked at it from both ways here. Now, I have no clue, and it doesn’t matter to me for this purpose what her politics are. I don’t care if she voted for Obama or didn’t, it doesn’t matter. But in the simple terms of sharing a lack of security and panic and fear over the future of the country, she has echoed a lot of people, and she was asking the guy who’s directly responsible for it. Now, he’s not gonna give her productive answers. All he did was tell her that her problems are due to Republicans. That’s what he told her. She probably knows that’s not gonna help her. But at the end we all need to ask Obama, “Where the heck are we going? Why are we in this handbasket? We are in a handbasket to hell. Why? Why are you doing this?”

Here’s how she describes her job on her Facebook page: “I pitch all the cool news stories at the country’s best zoo.” That’s how she describes her job. She pitches the cool news stories at the country’s best zoo. She would be perfect for the Obama campaign. And, Snerdley, she studied broadcast journalism and public speaking at Bowling Green State University. My point is there are a lot of different ways of looking at this. I’m not being sympathetic at all. I’m saying that whether she knows it or not, she happened to voice a lot of people’s fears and concerns. Where people break with her is we wouldn’t show up at a town hall and ask this guy to help us. We might show up and say, “What the hell have you done?” That’s where the break occurs.

If people’s sensibilities are offended it’s because she shows up after having this sterling career where she’s done it the right way. I mean I’m sure she got her own grades. I’m sure she got her own jobs with whatever, you know, natural occurrences take place, networking and so forth, but at the end of all that she goes to Obama for help, that’s where the disconnect occurs. Most of us wouldn’t dare show up asking him to help us. If we showed up to ask him, it would be, “Why are you doing this to this country?”


RUSH: We have more reaction. Now, here’s a great illustration: I’ve got three whole stacks of show prep here, and I had no idea that this babe had shown up — I had no idea there was a town hall today — until I got the sound bite roster from Cookie, and Karin Gallo’s sound bite is number six. The whole show has been on her. The one thing I prepped was the town hall did illustrate my prediction of how they’re gonna run the campaign. We got to this sound bite number six, and bouncing off of that has pretty much been it since — which, you know, as the host here, fascinates me. We got all this stuff, and haven’t scratched the surface of any of it yet, simply because of this one thing, which I didn’t even know it happened until ten minutes prior to the start of the program.

By the way, there are other things, and I don’t want to spend the whole day on this. Frankly, I don’t know what else there is left to be said about it. I’m gonna let you, ’cause you’ve been on hold, to talk about it. But I’ve said pretty much everything there can be said. I’ve covered this from every angle possible, correct? What else left to say is there?


RUSH: Joanne in Virginia Beach, Virginia, hello. Glad you waited. Welcome to our program.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I just wanted to make a quick comment on the Karin Gallo situation and then just one other comment and then I’ll leave you be.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: I was just disgusted. I was always taught… My father was a mustang in the Navy. Believe me, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps with very little as far as children goes because you were responsible for yourself — period, end of conversation — and to hear people and young adults “woe is me” all the time makes me insane. That’s all I have to say about that, but nobody is looking at when they monetized the debt and they printed all this money. That has a lot to do with the gas prices and the food prices and everything because the less our dollar is worth, the more dollars we gonna need to pay for stuff.

RUSH: Well, we do here. We have pointed that out on this program.

CALLER: I know you have, Rush.

RUSH: In fact, when the riots were happening in Egypt, I was the first to say —

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: “Don’t discount the connection between Quantitative Easing 2, the devaluation of our dollar, printing so many dollars, and the rising food costs over there.”

CALLER: Right. But where I’m saying is that people are disconnected from that. They’re not paying attention to that anymore ’cause it all —

RUSH: I don’t think most people… This is not a criticism. I don’t think most people understand monetary policy. I would bet you that you walk down the street at any city in the country and grab a handful of people and tell ’em that the dollar is losing value against the euro, and they’re not gonna know what you’re talking about.

CALLER: Yeah. You’re right.

RUSH: They might understand that, but they won’t understand the whole notion. You tell ’em the dollar’s falling, and they have no clue.

CALLER: Right. Well, five years ago I would have been in that category but I’ve since educated myself. So, you know, but I’m watching this happening, and it’s a little bit scary, but gotta get private industry going again. That’s the only way the wealth comes from this country.

RUSH: Yup.

CALLER: This socialism crap, you run out of other people’s money, and that’s what’s happening now. We’re running out of other people’s money.

RUSH: We are, except we’re printing, which is consulting in the devaluation that you’re talking about. Well, you’re exactly right, Joanne. Thanks very much. I’m glad you called.


RUSH: Chris in Casper, Wyoming, great to have you with us here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. Dittos from Casper, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. A beautiful part of the country out there.

CALLER: We love it, born and bred here. I’m a proud veteran of this country and I’ve been self-employed for 23 years of my marriage, have eight children, three in college, and I’ve worked my whole life, and I listened to this woman that wants Obama and the government to give them the handouts and a couple years ago when the housing market —

RUSH: Well, wait a minute, she didn’t specifically ask for help. Her question to The One was, “What would you do?”

CALLER: What would I do?

RUSH: That’s what she asked Obama and she described her circumstance —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — and then said, “What would you do?” For all we know she might be an opponent of Obama’s, you never know, “What would you do?” And he went on and blamed the Republicans. We don’t know what she thought of his answer. But regardless, I mean your point’s still valid in the sense that you’re self-employed, you’re self-reliant, and you’re sick and tired of people like Obama patronizing the freeloaders.

CALLER: Right. Rush, I’m a home builder, and I built my business, and I invested into a subdivision three years ago, actually about five. Three years ago I got the loan to go ahead and get the infrastructure, I took millions out, put my family in hock, the market collapsed, and my lawyer told me to file bankruptcy, and I said no. My dad always taught me, if you have two jobs and you need another, get a third. So we worked our way through it, we’re closing next week, we’re getting our houses back. You just have to do what it takes, and we’ve lost something in this country.

RUSH: We have. We have.

CALLER: And I’m just appalled —

RUSH: I know you are. A lot of people are. What we’ve lost, you could just chalk it up to parenting. You’re the product of your parents. Some people don’t have the benefit of the kind of parents that you had, and that does matter.


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