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RUSH: Okay, just a few comments on this hip-hopper, the rapper, Common. Apparently there’s some poetry reading at the White House that Moochelle Obama is sponsoring, and they got this guy Common showing up. Now, Common is an artiste. That’s what you must know, he’s an artist. He’s also a member of Reverend Wright’s church. He’s a big fan of Reverend Wright. In fact, I think I have a sound bite here of Mr. Common saying so. Yes. Audio sound bite number 23. This is from May of three years ago, 2008 during an interview to HipHollywood.com, the rapper-poet Common — by the way, birth name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. — he said this about the former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, Pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

COMMON: Reverend Wright is an intelligent, strong individual, a great man and a conduit of love, man, I — and I know that from being in his pew since I was eight years old. Every Sunday my mom had me at that church, so I know, you know, from what he’s helped shape me to be, that he was always preaching about love. And when he speaks about the government, he’s speaking about situations that our present people and situations that are bringing negative things onto people. Reverend Wright is all good with me, and I’m — you know, I’m a full supporter of him and definitely a supporter of Barack Obama.

RUSH: Okay, now, in addition to being an artiste and an avid advocate of Reverend Wright, he’s also a rapper and he has written poems and songs in support of cop killers, and this has angered New Jersey police officer organizations and a lot of other people as well, asking, why would this guy be invited to an arts thing at the White House? Not the question. The question is, why wouldn’t he be? I’m kinda surprised that people are surprised.

Ladies and gentlemen, in all sincerity here, for two and a half, three years, we here at the EIB Network, which means me, ’cause I’m the only one that has access to the Golden EIB Microphone, been trying to tell you that there are various things that animate the Obamas. You know, Moochelle has her own angers and rages. She’s not hidden them. First time she was ever proud of her country was when Barack was running for president. We know that Barack himself has some chip on his shoulder about this country. You know my theory about it, that he doesn’t think there’s anything particularly special or exceptional here, that we are a colonialist or imperialist nation, which has oppressed the poor. We’ve stolen resources from lesser nations around the world to enrich ourselves, that we have a slave past.

From his view, what he’s been taught, how he’s been mentored, there’s nothing particularly special about this country. In fact, this country needs to be taken down a peg or two. This country needs to find out what it feels like to be somebody other than the United States of America. It’s time that we find out what it feels like to be treated by us. And it’s hard for a lot of people to believe this. We think this is the greatest country ever, blessed, as it were, by God. And we certainly don’t want to believe that somebody who’s been elected president doesn’t see it that way. But they do.

Obama campaigned with this guy. Common was out there on the campaign trial. Why wouldn’t he be invited? Eric Holder, in this Justice Department, has made certain that the New Black Panthers are not gonna be tried. We pointed out during the campaign, where there is race in this country, this regime and the Democrat Party are the ones who inject it, and they’re the ones who profit from it, or try to. This is not his first White House visit. Our old buddy Common’s been there before. So he’s got a song about happily killing a cop. He supports a cop killer. Actually, two of them. One of them has now taken up refuge in Cuber and Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Philadelphia cop killer.

So I mean the real question is how many songs by Common do Obama and Holder have on their iPods? Anybody want to take a wild guess? (interruption) Oh, you don’t think they have songs by this guy on their iPods? I wonder if the iPod that Obama gave Queen Elizabeth had any Common tunes on it. Well, it contained a lot of his speeches. We know that. I think he shared some of his favorite music with her. I’m not sure about that. But Michelle and Obama had to know Common from the church days. Reverend Wright was Common’s spiritual mentor, too. The only difference between Common and Obama in this regard is that Common proudly admits having heard the sermons. Obama denies having heard Reverend Wright’s sermons. So the real question is not that he would be invited, but why wouldn’t he be?


RUSH: No, I didn’t mention it, but I will mention it now. Mr. Common, the rapper, also suggested that President Bush should be set afire, that George W. Bush should be set on fire. And he will read poetry in the White House and maybe do some rap tunes, to no doubt thundering applause. The real question is why wouldn’t he be invited? After all, look what these poor people inherited from Bush.


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