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When Houston, Texas, home of the Johnson Space Center, bid for one of the retired space Shuttles, Obama played politics … and ignored their request. Cities with little connection to the space program – mostly “blue cities,” Democrat-run places – got them. When Governor Rick Perry applied for emergency federal aide when two million Texas acres were burning destroying homes and lives Obama waited over two weeks before bothering to deny the request.

But Obama finally found something about Texas agreeable to him. He used a visit to the border town of El Paso to pander to his Hispanic audience – falsely accusing Republicans of blocking immigration reform. According to Obama, the border is now supposedly safe, because he singlehandedly made it safe. But that isn’t enough for those rascally racist Republicans, he claims. They don’t want people who look different to come into the country. Republicans “will never be satisfied,” he said – “maybe they’ll need a moat … maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat,” to keep Hispanics out.

Listen up, amigos. The gringo isn’t being honest. Until this past November, el Obama had enough Democrats in Congress to pass immigration “reform.” He didn’t do it. Instead, he got Obamacare shoved down our throats. Hispanics weren’t important then. Now with 2012 staring him in the face he plays three-card monte and blames Republicans. Hoping you’ll buy his snake oil.

If you fall for it you’ll reward his race-baiting venom, his outright deceit, and of course his contempt for you.

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