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RUSH: Instead of going to El Paso and pushing for amnesty, shouldn’t Obama be going to Mississippi and all these other flooded states? I mean, he’s got the ability to lower the sea levels. Why does he not put it to use? The Mississippi River is flooding in historic ways, and Obama goes down to El Paso, Texas. He’s talked about lowering the sea levels. I guess that means he can also lower a river’s level, but he seems not to care much. Isn’t the flooding going on along all along the Mississippi far worse than the flooding that occurred in New Orleans after Katrina? Certainly the Mississippi River flooding is far more widespread. Where’s FEMA?

Where’s the media’s outrage at Obama’s lack of concern and lack of action? Where’s the looting? Where are all those stories that we saw during Katrina all along the Mississippi River? Where are those stories out of Memphis? We don’t see ’em. We don’t even have a president who gives a hoot, it doesn’t appear. In fact, I’m surprised Obama was able even to get such an agreeable audience for his amnesty speech (you know, Texas is such a sensible state even the Hispanics vote Republican down there), but he did. And we’ll get to all of that in due course with the sliming attack, the petulant, thin-skinned…

As I say, they talk about Sarah Palin having a thin skin. The things Obama said about the Republicans yesterday were just childish. Oh, by the way, speaking of which: Ladies and gentlemen, in the program this afternoon, when I decide it’s time for it, we will have another installment of the Official Obama Criticizer. Mr. Bo Snerdley is standing by and is on tap. Now, I’d like to know: Hijacking is a crime, is it not? Well, with that in mind, let me share with you some other observations. If parade hijacking were a crime, if any kind of hijacking is a crime, Obama would be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Follow me on this. Barack Obama went from singing the praises of the president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, to demanding that Mubarak leave as per the mob’s demands — and he made this switch in a matter of hours.

Obama has gone from being the leader of the party of “Betray Us” and the party that believes the American military consists of terrorists and baby-killers to now claiming the mantle of America’s toughest, most patriotic cowboy. Obama’s hijacked John Wayne from us! Obama’s hijacked Bush! He hijacked the mob in Egypt! He’s gone from being best friends with flag-stomping domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to now being best friends and the leader of SEAL Team Six! He’s gone from not introducing an amnesty bill when the Democrats controlled Congress and the White House to now proclaiming himself the leader of illegal immigrants and their quest for amnesty.

So he’s hijacking that movement. This is simultaneously nauseating and hilarious to watch. It depends on the mood. He leads from the rear while the parade forms. After the parade forms and a consensus has developed, Obama gets on the white horse and races to the front of the parade, takes credit for whatever the cause is, and hijacks it — and that’s where he is now. It’s not just “leading from behind.” It’s leading the ignorant. Anybody who sees Obama as a leader of anything — except he is a leader in the assault on prosperity and liberty, but if they see him as a leader in anything else — they’re not paying attention, for whatever reason.

Now, it’s interesting. You know, Cookie sends me the sound bite roster. I get the sound bite roster anywhere from a quarter ’til noon to 12 noon each day, and I have no idea what’s gonna be on it. That’s how much I trust the Cookster. Back in the old days when we were first starting, I would be watching television at night, see something, and I’d send her a note: “Cookie, give me this bite for tomorrow.” I no longer have to do that. We’ve been working together so long that Cookie just knows what I would use. So I don’t know what I’m gonna get. I used to be in total control what I was gonna get.

Now, I don’t know what I’m gonna get until usually five or ten minutes before the program starts, and sometimes I don’t have time to read the entire sound bite roster until a half hour into the program. But just to show you how sometimes we are on this inexorable same page, I had prepared a whole thought process on the arrogance — the classless arrogance — of Barack Obama yesterday. Here her first page of sound bites is Cookie explaining, in her words, “the arrogant Obama” saying this and “the arrogant Obama” saying that. She saw it as arrogant, too. She saw Obama, what he was saying, the same way I did: Classless arrogance.

What I’ve decided about this is he feels good about himself. When he feels good about himself, he doesn’t act like a cowboy; he acts like a drunken cowboy. When he is really feeling good of himself, he can’t help it. You know, it all started back in the first joint congressional meeting in the White House after he was immaculated, that meeting where he told Boehner and the Republicans, “Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh, that’s not how things get done here.” And one of the Republicans at the meeting happened to mention the concept of tax cuts, and Obama chuckled and said, “Yeah, well, that would matter, except I won,” which meant, “Screw you, pal. I won. There aren’t gonna be any tax cuts.”

Now he’s worked his way down to moats and alligators with his speech yesterday, the appearance yesterday in El Paso. Now, recently, President Obama (with great transparency) paraded around the country on a trophy-wielding, football-spiking victory tour that has been classless and self-aggrandizing. Now, I don’t think this is what Americans want from their president. This is really small, narcissistic behavior. In reality, here, President Obama has snubbed Texans, who suffered through massive losses from wildfires. He has snubbed and ignored Texans through various natural disasters that they’ve had. He even declined the governor’s request for a state of emergency for Texas because of the fires.

He then launched a war on Boeing jobs in red state South Carolina. He invites rappers to the White House who sing about shooting at cops during National Police Week, this guy Common. You know, Common, ABC’s blog has a report on the guy. It’s hysterically poor. They talk about all the awards he’s won, the great sensitivities he has. They don’t mention that he’s advocating the killing of cops, that he defends some woman from Philadelphia who fled to Cuba after having killed a cop. They don’t mention on the ABC blog that Common celebrates this kind of behavior in this woman. Now, Obama also recently invited Republicans including Paul Ryan to a budget speech, and Ryan’s sitting there in the front row, and Obama smears Ryan.

It was one of the most thuggish presidential speeches in history. He supported union members trespassing on and defacing the Wisconsin capitol building. It goes on and on and on, and let’s not forget Obama’s deliberate failure to thank and congratulate George W. Bush when intelligence developed under the Bush administration played such a crucial role in the demise of Bin Laden. I think that classless arrogance — not “cool” and “calm and collected”; I think we’ve got a cold guy here, a very young, immature, bitter, cold guy’ classless arrogance — has marked his two-plus years in office.

Frankly, I don’t mind that he’s out there showboating and milking the Bin Laden assassination. It shows him for who he is. The Weekend at Bernie’s joke works because you can almost believe it! You can almost believe he’s got the Bin Laden corpse in tow. It’s who he really is. He doesn’t have the time to fly over the flooded Mississippi River and look out his window. He can ignore unemployment and the double-dip recession in the housing industry. He can talk about taxing job creators, and he can divide the American people at every turn. This is his way of telling us who he is — and then I have to hear that he’s unbeatable.

Then we have to hear this business, “He can’t be beaten,” and I so profoundly disagree. He is landslideable beatable running on this record, but the Republicans are going to need a message, and they don’t have it yet. I’ve got it. You all have it; you know what the message is. They don’t have it yet. There is not a statement or two that you can come up with. What if somebody landed here from Mars and asked you, “Who are the Republicans?” You could answer the question, “Who are the conservatives?” You could answer that question, but, “Who are the Republicans? What do they believe in?” You couldn’t tell a Martian in a couple of sentences. So Obama’s eminently beatable, but it’s going to require a message that’s rooted in principled core beliefs and policy that flows from all that.

Okay, brief time-out. We must take — Snerdley, I don’t…I can’t do it now. I gotta take the break now, we’ll do it, we’ll come back and continue with all the rest. Everybody thinks they can do this better than I do, no matter… (sigh) No matter. You’d think after 23 years people would finally figure out that I know what I’m doing.


RUSH: The MoveOn.org crowd, they are buying memberships at RushLimbaugh.com just to send me scathing e-mails. I just read one, Snerdley, you’re called a houseboy. They called you my houseboy. (laughing) No, you haven’t been called anything yet, H.R. It’s funny, like one, “Do you realize it’s Wednesday? Every word that you said today is an exact repeat of your show yesterday. Wake up.” Oh, they’re all over the place. Folks, we’re getting to them. We’re getting under their skin. I love it. It’s one of the most fun things of the busy broadcast day to check the e-mail.

One of the things that they’re ripping me for now is my analysis of our old buddy Jake Tapper at ABC. He goes to the White House, he finds somebody willing to speak anonymously, on the record anonymously to answer his question, “Hey, psst, who do you really worry about in 2012? What Republicans really have you scared?” And this guy said to Jake Tapper, “Don’t tell anybody, but people we’re really, really worried about, Mitch Daniels and Jon Huntsman.” So Jake runs with the story. And of course I try to tell everybody that the last name they’re gonna give you is who they really fear in this circumstance. And so the e-mails, “How do you know? You don’t know what you’re talking about. How come you always assume they’re lying?” Nobody answers that question honestly.

Let’s look at football. In the case of determining who goes to the Super Bowl, the two championships games are played on the same day. The early game, one of the two conference winners is determined and they’re gonna go to the Super Bowl. So whoever wins the early game knows they’re in, but the late games still determine their opponents. So after the first game, “Who do you hope wins? Who do hope your opponent is?” They never say. It’s bulletin board material. “I don’t care who it is. We’re just happy to be there. It doesn’t matter who we play. We’re gonna kick butt no matter who we play.” They never tell you. It’s not classy. You don’t do it. You never want anybody to know you’re afraid of somebody. You really expect the White House to be honest answering the question, “You know, I’ll tell you who really worries us.” Do you think this bunch is gonna say, “Yeah, the people we really are afraid of…” and name anybody that they’re genuinely afraid of? They’re not gonna do it. So this is all BS. Don’t doubt me.

Now, Obama’s out there mocking his enemies, not his opponents, mocking his enemies in El Paso for wanting more border security. That is the argument, one of the many, when it comes to discussing immigration reform in the country. And, yeah, I’m one of his enemies because I want border security first, deal with the rest of it after that, but gotta get that done. That has to happen. So he’s out there mocking that, but note when he did it. Exactly one day after a shoot-out on Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexican border that killed at least 15 people. The day after that there’s Obama making fun of people who want border security. That’s who he is and that’s what they say makes a great comedian, folks:timing. And what he did yesterday was laughable. It’s laughable. Let’s go to the audio sound bite. Here it is. Obama, classless arrogance in his amnesty speech in El Paso, Texas.

OBAMA: They wanted more agents at the border. Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history. (applause) The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents, more than twice as many as there were in 2004. There’s a buildup that began under President Bush and that we’ve continued. Then they wanted a fence. Well, the fence is now basically complete.

RUSH: Well, then why are you there? If there’s no problem, why are you down there making a speech? If there’s no more anti-immigration problem, what are you there for? Let’s move on to the next sound bite. Here he continues now to mock his enemies.

OBAMA: All this stuff they asked for we’ve done, but even though we’ve answered these concerns, I’ve gotta say, I suspect there’s still gonna be some who are trying to move the goalposts on us one more time. They said we needed to triple the Border Patrol. Or now they’re gonna say we need to quadruple the Border Patrol or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat. They’ll never be satisfied.

RUSH: There’s your president. That’s Barack Obama, alligators in the moat, mocking, making fun of — I mean the fence is not even 5% complete. He’s out there telling people the fence is done. Basically the problem has been solved. If so, why is he there? At this point in time, ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to bring in the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, for analysis and commentary on the president’s remarks yesterday. Mr. Snerdley?

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, the Official EIB Obama Criticizer, certified black enough to criticize, 100% American slave blood and a legitimate birth certificate on file in New York state. I have a statement. Mr. President, El Paso, campaigning with the Hispanic audience. You claim the border is safe now, thanks to you, but no matter what you do Republicans will never, ever be satisfied. You said Republicans don’t want Hispanics to come to America, they look different. You even said they want a moat with alligators to keep the Hispanics out. If the borders are so safe, why are you even talking about reforming immigration? The problem is solved. Except for those here illegally, and if that’s the real issue, why not just say so? If we’re all so safe, why are your TSA agents patting down toddlers at our nation’s airports, taking pictures of us naked before we can travel, and, finally, if the border is so safe, why don’t you pack up your family, spend your next vacation at a border town in Texas, or better yet, Arizona? Shame on you, Mr. President. Race-baiting so early in the campaign season?

And now a translation for the EIB brothers and sisters in the hood. Yeah, what up, my homeys? Check it out, yo. El Paso. Obama blazed up in there like a total O.G. and they took it to them Republicans like Team Six took it to Osama, up all in their grill dog, double tapped him, told ’em the border under control, yo. We puppies ain’t gonna chill till they get a moat with some gators to keep those Mexies out, which, you know, a’ight, a’ight, I feel that. But, but, you know, there’s some’ about this that just ain’t — ain’t — ain’t right. You know, if you get your low rider, you roll down south over that boulder, yo, all of a sudden you be in grave land, man. They’ve got more bodies rolling up in that joint every day without heads, man, hundreds, no, thousands of ’em, with Mexican flags on top of the graveyards, man. They got people showing up dead all over the joint.

Yo Bomb, man, let me axe you this, man. You gonna send your booty-licious home girl, Michelle, and your two shorties down there to party for a weekend on the border, yo? I don’t think so. Plus, check this out, man. You hit up the airports, man, TSA is hitting you up harder than five-oh, man. They grabbing three-year-olds, feeling them up like they on some kind of booty call, man. What’s up with that, yo? Okay, here’s the deal, amigos. Obama playing games with you all, okay? He coulda had this immigration dealy when Democrats had DC up on lockdown. He’s just setting up Republicans, making ’em out to be racist to trip y’all up, get you Spanish all tricked out before the election and jack you, you know? It’s like the audacity a joke, okay? Obama is playing y’all. But, yo, I got one other thing. Obama, big Prez, man, gas is still high, man. And speaking of the borders, over here in the borders of the hood, man, we still ain’t got no jobs. A’ight? When you gonna come to these borders and check that out? I’m outta here. Peace.

RUSH: There you have it, the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.


RUSH: The Associated Press, ladies and gentlemen, is surprisingly critical of Obama and his immigration speech (or his rally) yesterday in El Paso. But look, really what all this is about is this: Obama doesn’t care about expanding the border fence or the Border Patrol. He wants to expand the welfare state. That’s what amnesty (illegal immigration) is all about: Expanding the welfare state, getting more Democrat voters. That’s what this is about. That’s why he’s down there ramrodding Republicans. But even the Associated Press was surprisingly critical. They point out in their story about this that Obama did nothing about immigration reform when he had majorities in both houses in the first two years.

The Democrats ran the show, and he didn’t do anything about it. He kicked it down the road for precisely this moment. He wanted it as a campaign issue going down 2012, because they know that they’ve lost a lot of independents and they hope to make it up (the loss of the independents) with Hispanic voters. But what does he do? He’s calling out the illegal aliens and his union goons to take to the streets to ram through amnesty. That’s what that rally was all about yesterday: He is ginning up public protest, and he’s out there lying through his teeth. Claiming he’s given the Republicans even more than what they have requested? That is an out-and-out lie.

Why would he do that anyway? He does not want a big fence; he does not want more border agents that actually make a difference. He wants a bigger welfare state. Now, the Republicans do want more National Guard soldiers on the border. They want a real physical fence. We do. We want to enforce current immigration laws — at the state level, since the federal government refuses to. We want an end to immigration officers being instructed not to arrest and detain illegal aliens, but to merely turn them away — and Obama is fighting them every inch of the way. Now, he claims he wants a serious discussion on immigration reform, and then he mocks and vilifies his Republican enemies in the next breath!

This is colossal arrogance, and the Associated Press recognizes it. It’s hypocrisy as well, and the AP notices it. They call him on it in this piece. Now, earlier in this half hour during commercial break I happened to be watching PMSNBC. The hapless infobabe over there at the time happened to be Contessa Brewer, and she was trying to convince MSNBC viewers that the DREAM Act can be renewed and voted on in Congress before the 2012 elections. That’s not true. The DREAM Act is not gonna be voted on before the 2012 elections. There’s this thing called “Republican control of the House of Representatives.” It isn’t going to happen.

So what is this on MSNBC other than a shameless lie to try to get the illegal alien vote behind Obama and the Democrats now, by dangling a carrot in front of them that is not gonna happen.

So the regime puts out a lie, a press release or phone call from somebody in the Oval Office. Somebody in the West Wing called all these media people and said, “Hey, you know, the DREAM Act? We still could get it done. You run with it! You have free rein to run with it! So the hapless Contessa Brewer reads the teleprompter. “Hey, guess what? Democrats say there’s still a chance of getting the DREAM Act done by November,” and this is supposed to excite the illegal aliens out there and coalesce that vote behind Obama and the Democrats. That can be the only explanation for this kinda, quote, unquote, “news reporting.”


RUSH: I’ll tell you another thing, too, folks. We cannot put alligators in any moat. Trumka will try to unionize ’em and collect union dues from ’em. They’ll be on the job if Obama puts ’em there, the gators will be there for a reason.


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