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Say Folk, you remember ABC News? They’re still around; over the weekend they reported that Bin Laden’s last strategy to attack America involved exploiting minority converts. This information comes courtesy of the “treasure trove” of intelligence materials taken from the bin Laden compound in Pakistan – that rat infested crackhouse.

According to an unnamed government official, bin Laden wanted to target American blacks, because “al-Qaeda sees the black convert community as ripe for recruiting.” They also wanted to use race and class warfare to bring us down from within. So, ABC News sought reaction from one of the two names in their rolodex to provide color commentary on racial matters: Reverend Al. “I think it would be the most cynical abuse of African Americans and America in general, said Sharpton. “Remember, Osama bin Laden killed blacks, whites, Latinos, everyone on 9/11. For him to use race relations in the U.S. in a way to support his terroristic barbarism is the absolute height of cynicism.”

This is too easy. Memo to Reverend Al, ABC News, and the rest of you state-controlled liberals: The reason bin Laden believed they could use class warfare and race baiting to “destroy America from within” … is because anybody – even a goat-herding, pot-smoking terrorist leader halfway around the world – can see what the Democrat Party has done to this country. This isn’t rocket science! In other words, bin Laden just wanted a piece of your action, Reverend Al, ! Take it as a compliment – from the fish-food graveyard!

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