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RUSH: You know, I’m thinking about the Bin Laden photos that will not be released. Snerdley just had a good point. I remember when I was a kid — and I’ve seen them myself; you probably have, too. Back in the days of Capone and Baby Face Nelson, Dillinger and all those guys, whenever J. Edgar Hoover wiped these guys out — whenever there was a successful slaughter — the pictures were all over the newspapers. The blood, the guts, the gore, the pasta (if it happened at a restaurant). Speaking of that there were pictures of Paul Castellano on the street in front of Sparks Steak House when Gotti rubbed him out!

How did our parents ever survive the trauma, ladies and gentlemen? How did our parents ever survive? Look at the gore and the blood and the guts in Clinton Eastwood movies, or any other set of movies. Lordy, how have we ever survived? I remember… Folks, when I lived in Kansas City (which was 1979 through 1983) there was a local cable access host by the name of L. L. Edge, and every two weeks L. L. Edge ran a long-form special on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Kansas City train station, and it had still shots of a bunch of mobsters being blown away. In fact, speaking of which, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre today would be a minor little gang skirmish, but it was huge back then.

But the point is, there were all these pictures still shots of blood guts and gore that L. L. Edge just loved showing everybody. (interruption) Well, no, it wasn’t every two weeks (laughing) but it seemed like it! It was his favorite show. I remember being on the radio and talking about it: “Who is L. L. Edge?” He was one of those guys that knows everybody in town but nobody knows him. (laughing) I’m just kidding. Wouldn’t gory photos of a dead terrorist, if we’re talking about influence, maybe influence you into NOT ending up that way? Well, just the counterpoint to this notion that it’s a recruitment tool.

“Oh, yeah, I want to end up like that! Where do I sign up?” Where’s Zawahiri saying, “I want to end up just like Bin Laden!” Is that what the effect of the picture’s going to be? Now, if as I was saying, make the point that terrorism doesn’t pay. If your spouse has three different versions of a night out with the girls, she’s hiding something, right? No question about it, right? If your spouse has three different versions of a night out with the boys, he’s hiding something. Probably. Either that or he or she was so drunk they can’t remember and they have to make up different stories, but probably they’re hiding something.

Now, based on what everybody heard on this increasingly popular, growing-by-leaps-and-bounds radio program yesterday the reason the regime’s story keeps changing is they don’t want to say Obama ordered an assassination. Well, Holder goes out there and claims it was self-defense; they’re twisting themselves here in lot of different ways. But the fact is as we pointed out yesterday there was no way they were gonna take Bin Laden alive because that would have put them in an impossible political position. They’re not gonna subject Bin Laden to their own sissified policies.

They’re not gonna send him over here, not gonna give him an ACLU lawyer and not gonna promise him a trial, they’re not gonna do that to themselves. They would not do that. So apparently Obama was willing to pass up a possible treasure trove of information if Osama was taken alive. The political situation had to be certain here. We found Bin Laden. He was available for a kill shot any number of ways. He was defenseless. We caught him totally by surprise. It was important to say that Osama’s death was the result of some contorted version of self-defense. I mean, they tried out wearing a suicide vest under the pajamas!

They gave up on that and said, “Oh, there was an AK-47 within arm’s reach.” (chuckles) Now, we’ve been told that Bin Laden ad been there for quite some time. The SEALs were there to kill him. The Reuters story, I believe. It was a kill mission. Like we care. But Obama cares, his base care, he can’t admit it. So here’s where we are. Now, follow me on this. He ordered an assassination, and he can’t say it. He put us on a path to socialized medicine, and he can’t say it. The stimulus bill was a slush fund for public sector unions. He can’t say it. EPA regulations are back door cap and tax. He can’t say it.

He’s a card-carrying member of the radical left. He can’t say it. He has a leftist-inspired prejudice against the private sector. He can’t say it. Bill Ayers was his good friend. He can’t say it. He listened to every word in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years. He can’t say it. And he has a real problem with Israel, but he can’t say it. That is why Obama has so many lame, phony, nonsensical versions of answers to simple questions: Because he can’t say what’s really going on. He has to hide who he is and what he’s doing. That’s all that needs to be said.

He has to hide who he is and what he’s doing — and he is “the most transparent president ever.” He has to hide who he is and what he’s doing, and that truth — that undeniable truth — is on display every day. How many versions are we on now in the aftermath here of what happened? Let me grab a quick phone call. Is there a phone call worth taking up there, Snerdley, or did you just put a bunch of losers up? Is there one worth taking? Would somebody…? We don’t know. Line one. We’re gonna try Los Angeles. Hi, Scott. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush? How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: Good. Hey, I sent the picture through. I was look at the Reuters release of the pictures of the people killed in that raid.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And one of the guys is laying there and underneath his right shoulder is the weapon that they must have used in the firefight, and it appears to be a green squirt gun.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: If you look at that photo over his right shoulder, there is a green squirt gun.

RUSH: I don’t have the pictures in front of me. I looked at them yesterday afternoon. I don’t remember that. What do you mean squirt gun? What’s the joke here?

CALLER: I just think that must be the weapon that Jay Carney was talking about that they were in the firefight.

RUSH: Oh, okay, okay. You think —

CALLER: They pulled a squirt gun and our SEALs shot on him.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. They probably had weapons in there. The Pakistanis say they didn’t find any weapons, and there were kids in there. Skirt guns, who knows? Kids lost soccer balls in that compound. (laughing). Well, they did.

“Hey, my gun went over the wall. Can I have my gun back, Mr. Osama?”

“Yeah, here’s your gun back, kid. Pow! Here’s three bucks for your soccer ball. Don’t come back!”


RUSH: Now, that squirt gun, we’re sitting here in a jocular mood today. But look at the picture. I looked at it during the break. What’s odd is that that gun is bright green, and so it’s clearly safe. Nobody would mistake it for the real thing. It’s a squirt gun! It’s a squirt gun in a hideout of the world’s foremost terrorist. These are observations.


RUSH: Bakersfield, California, quickly back to the phones. This is Mike. Welcome, sir, to the program.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.


CALLER: First-time caller, part-time listener. Always appreciate your show.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Background, I’m a former Special Forces and squad cop, retired now. And so I had mind-set training on both subjects.

RUSH: Can you tell us what Special Forces unit you were in, division you were in?

CALLER: (unintelligible) Special Forces Group. I was down in the Dominican Republic in ’66.

RUSH: Okay, great.

CALLER: The mind-set for Special Forces, of course, is mission first, and you don’t send SEALs and Special Forces, SEAL Six especially, on a bring ’em back alive mission. So I would say that if the orders were put to them as bring ’em back dead or alive, their priority was dead. The only way he’d come back alive is if he walked out in front of TV cameras in his shorts with his hands in the air, then they might have brought him back alive.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Other than that they knew what their mission was and that was to get him no matter what. Their criteria, of course, would have been primarily, is there any chance that if we try to bring him back alive, we’ll fail, and if the answer was even a slight possibility that they would, then they would of course take him out immediately. And the circumstances would be such that, like I say, they could find him naked in a room begging for his life and if he was alone they’d just say, “Yeah, remember 9/11?” and take him out.

RUSH: Naked and pleading for his life, they pull the trigger, the double tap and then put the squirt gun in his hand after the fact. I mean the mission was to get him. I don’t think there’s any question ’cause the regime’s now twisting itself in all kinds of ways to say it wasn’t. Look, what did Obama campaign against? He campaigned against exactly this kind of policy and exactly this kind of mission. So I, El Rushbo, the thinking man’s thinker, the titular leader of the free world, the Big Voice on the Right, I am glad that the news media and the rest of the Democrats are finally giving President Bush the respect he deserves for his excellent foreign policy in keeping this country safe, because whether they know it or not that’s what they are doing.


RUSH: They are actually saying now that there was an AK-47 within arm’s reach of Osama. There was an AK-47 within arm’s reach of Bin Laden. Version number 25, AP: “Only one of the five people killed in the raid that got Osama bin Laden was armed and fired any shots.” Wait. We were told that there were no shots fired. The Pakistanis said there were no weapons in there. And then version 26: “New revelations about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden reveal that the SEAL raiders encountered a false door and found a small arsenal of weapons, including an AK-47 assault rifle in bin Laden’s bedroom,” within arm’s reach.


RUSH: And here’s another one. Well, actually I knew this one yesterday, but let’s pretend we just found out about it today because some of you might not know. We’re being told that the SEALs had a bomb-sniffing dog with them. Can you believe that? They had a bomb sniffer. A bomb-sniffing dog got off the chopper and went into Bin Laden’s hideout. Now, where’s the sensitivity to Muslims on this? After all we’ve been told about things that will inflame the Arab street, this has the potential to be even more controversial than even the release of photos of Bin Laden’s body. Dogs sniffing in Bin Laden’s hideout? Where is our sensitivity? Did nobody think to call CARE before this launched this mission?

Here’s the latest current truth, by the way. They just keep rolling in here. “The SEALs recovered three AK-47s and two pistols from the compound.” This is the most dangerous terrorist in the world. This isn’t even a respectable gun collection in Texas. Now, you go into some guy’s house in Texas and this is what you find, that guy’s embarrassed if you make it public. The most dangerous terrorist in the world, three AK-47s and two pistols, plus a water squirt gun that the Pakistanis didn’t even have the foresight to remove from the picture.

Jeff in Madison, Wisconsin, I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, dittos from the land of the lost, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I was watching Alan Dershowitz last night, and he got me to thinking, and because Obama’s put out so many different, I guess, what happened, it made me think that I remember hearing the media when it first happened they talked about it was such a gory picture that it was such a big head wound that that was one of the reasons they didn’t want to put it on and then I started thinking about when Kennedy was shot years and years ago, that the entrance wound was a very small wound and the exit wound was huge. And I was thinking that the reason that Obama really doesn’t want this picture to come out is because — and I don’t care how he died, but I just think that he was shot from behind and they don’t want that coming out.

RUSH: Interesting. I don’t know. They’re saying that the bullet wound in the front of the face is there. Look, we could speculate on this all day long as to why the pictures aren’t being released. I think they will be. I think we will see these pictures. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There’s an election coming up. We will see these pictures. One way or another, we will see them. He spoke of having heard Dershowitz. Dershowitz was on CNN last night, Piers Morgan tonight, and Piers Morgan is the replacement for Larry King who’s now out on his stand-up comic tour. And Piers Morgan said, “Alan Dershowitz, you said on this show last night the photos should be released so there’s closure, particularly for the families, I think of those who died on 9/11. What is your reaction to the news that the photos will not be released?”

DERSHOWITZ: It’s a terrible mistake. It’s not whether it’s him. It’s the question of how he died. Was he armed? Was he not armed? Was he standing up? Was he lying down? Was he shot in the front? Was he shot in the back? Particularly because we have no body, they buried it at sea, also a terrible mistake, in my view. We need to have those photographs, not to prove that it’s him, but to prove the circumstances under which he was killed to allay any doubt about those circumstances. I think we will rue the day when we tried to suppress this information.

RUSH: That’s an interesting take. We don’t need to find out if it’s him. We need to find out how whoever it is died. Alan Dershowitz of Harvard, “It’s not to prove that it was him. Was he fired on from the front? Was he fired on from the back? Was he armed or unarmed? Was he standing up? Was he laying down? Was he shot in the back? We have no body. We need those photographs.” Why? To learn what kind of people we are? Obama said we’re not gonna release the pictures because that’s not who we are. We don’t spike the football.

You know, Reuters, folks, is getting increasingly skeptical in their reporting. Headline of their story today: “No Resistance in ‘Cold-Blooded’ US Raid: Pakistan Officials.” This cannot be favorable for the regime. The regime cannot be happy to see this story from one of their state-controlled arms. “Osama bin Laden and his comrades offered no resistance when killed by U.S. special forces in a Pakistani town, Pakistani security officials said on Thursday. US accounts of what happened have changed throughout the week, and initial characterizations of a 40-minute gun battle have given way to officials being quoted as saying only one of the five people who were killed had been armed.”

You know, the regime needs to start time stamping their version of events here because it’s impossible to keep up. And I kind of hate to bring up these stories because of my tremendous respect for the SEALs and everybody else involved at the operational level. I’m fairly sure that all of the discrepancies that we have heard have come from the incompetents in the regime who are desperately trying to spin things for the best optics. The Obama people really seem determined to snatch a propaganda defeat from the jaws of victory, and now they’re trying to blame the SEALs for their own bungling in establishing a narrative. And this is what happens when you put children in jobs that are meant for grownups. This really is a fire drill. Well, I don’t want to insult firemen, either.

But this is chaos. For all intents and purposes it could be purposeful. It could well be the regime wants everybody focused on talking about this and talking about that while they are taking action elsewhere. It could be all these different versions are simply the latest diversionary tactics. Just get everybody talking. It could be the regime doesn’t care how they’re perceived by critics. It could be they don’t care, the more ridiculous they look, fine, it’s just gonna mask everything. Nobody but us is talking about the unemployment numbers today. Nobody but us is talking about the debt ceiling. Nobody but us is talking about the Republicans claiming that they’re nowhere near yet ready to debate Obama on foreign policy.

As long as they keep coming out with these oddball versions of events, they keep everybody focused on Obama in a way that of course is not flattering, but it does divert people’s attention if they’re not as attuned to events as we are here at the EIB Network. That’s why I am the Big Voice on the Right.


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