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RUSH: Now, folks, all of these articles, it’s amazing how this works, and the lead article today AP, all these articles that we’re now seeing about how the Bin Laden mission has made it impossible for any Republican candidate to ever match Obama’s foreign policy achievements, never mind that before being elected president, Obama had zero experience in foreign policy, for that matter, in anything else. Even as a United States Senator, Obama never showed the slightest interest in foreign policy, apart from endlessly attacking all of the Bush foreign policies that he now embraces. It just makes me a little suspicious, all these coordinated stories. “Yeah, there’s no way, Republicans can compete at foreign policy, there’s no way.” And then Mitch Daniels is out there saying that he’s probably not ready to debate Obama on foreign policy? (interruption) I know, but the thing about it, his foreign policy’s a disaster. His foreign policy’s been an unmitigated disaster, from Iran, to North Korea, to Libya. Where he’s done well it’s only because he’s following Bush’s foreign policies to the letter.

Folks, we know that we’ve got challenges on our side in the Republican Party, but we do not need to be running around and saying, “Okay, we like Mitch Daniels cause his conservatism isn’t combative.” Mitch Daniels pipes up and says, “I’m not ready to debate Obama in foreign policy.” What? Why do we shoot ourselves in the foot? Why do we let these people set the premise and then we react? What are you shaking your head for in there? Well, he said it. He said it. Well, the AP says he said it. We always need a caveat. It is AP. Maybe he didn’t say it. You know, it’s entirely possible that Daniels did not say this the way the AP is reporting it. We have to hold that out as a possibility.

But I mean there’s something truly hilarious here. When a Democrat is running against a Republican with foreign policy credentials they tell us that all politics is local, that the template is that when it comes to foreign policy the Democrats can’t hold a candle to any Republican. That’s the way it’s always been ’cause they’re a bunch of doves, and now all of a sudden because of this mission, Obama’s untouchable, Republicans don’t dare even debate him on foreign policy, and now we need to change the tune of this template. And you look at Obama’s poll numbers on his handling of the economy, and we’re gonna get hung up here on whether or not we’re ready to debate the guy on foreign policy?

There’s a piece by E. J. Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post where he says that the Bin Laden raid changes everything, that nobody will ever be able to think of Obama the same way, that it proves Obama’s not afraid of using military force. He’s just against dumb wars, like Bush’s. And we’ve got the plagiarist, Doris Kearns Goodwin, she was on TV today. It’s hilarious. We’ll play you the sound bites. We’ll read you E. J. Dionne and some of the pabulum come out of these people’s mouths about Obama. It’s all predictable because the left is circling the wagons around Obama. It’s all about Obama. It’s not about America; it’s not about the troops; not about the SEALs; it’s all about Obama.


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