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“Before, if the media had pictures that’d turn public opinion against the US, they’d flood ’em out fast.”

“I’ve heard that they’re planning a T-shirt that says, ‘Obama killed Osama’. On the back they should add, ‘…and ten teenaged Somali pirates and three Khadafy grandkids and two Osama wives and he got a peace prize for it.'”

“So there you have it: Panetta said waterboarding. He said it before last night with Bri Wi on the NBC Nightly News. Uh, that’s Brian Williams.”

“Isn’t it a bit of a stretch to keep calling the decision to go after Bin Laden a ‘gutsy’ call? Look at it this way: If it ever got out that Obama had passed on a chance at capturing or killing Bin Laden, Obama’s political career would have been over.”

“Let me ask this: If the SEALs had put women’s underwear on Osama’s head, would Obama release those photos?”

“I cannot suppress a smile every time I read about the ‘mansion’ Bin Laden lived in. Living in the lap of luxury… come on! The place looks like a crackhouse!”

“Kathryn just sent me a note: ‘I’m sitting here and some guy is ripping you to shreds. So I said, “Look, buddy, I’m his wife, and I agree with him.”‘ Oh, marriage. There’s nothing better.”

“It’s just too bad for Bin Laden — Apple fixes their location service problem a week after he gets blown out of the sky. If they’d only done this earlier, but it’s the way things are.”

“I look and listen to all of the punditry about releasing the photo of Bin Laden and the video of the burial ceremony, and I’m stuck. I mean, remember how the media could not wait to see flag-draped coffins of our brave heroes coming home from Iraq?”

“Whenever it comes down to deciding between American or Muslim sensitivities, Obama always seems to side with the Muslim sensitivities.”

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