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On April 1st, hundreds of students attending the Ralph Reed Middle School in Central Islip, New York, just walked out of class,protesting budget cuts. They held a little demonstration in front of the district offices, andthey were suspended.

And now the New York Civil Liberties Union is criticizing the school district. Instead of being suspended, they saythe students who engaged in the walkout should have been “praised for their idealism”. Suspending them wrongly sends a message that “free speech is unimportant”. They want the district to expunge the suspension from the students’ records.

This isnonsense. Rather than being praised for their supposed “idealism” by walking out,these students ought to be told, in unambiguous terms, they are ungrateful spoiled brats. Theyought tobe reminded– or, in most cases, informed– their education isn’t free; it comes on the back of taxpayers,and the supply of taxpayer dollars isn’t limitless. In these difficult times, their school is not the only one facing budget cuts –especially with unemployment running rampant.

They should also be told the school district had every right to suspend them for walking out of class; if they felt so compelled, they could have exercised their “free speech” after school. They should be informed that their records will notbe expunged– it’s the direct consequence of their budding, liberal activism, encouraged by the twits at the civil liberties union.

The school administrators deserve praise in this instancefor holding firm against an entitlement mindset…already on parade in our middle schools.

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