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RUSH: Julie in Toronto, Canada, as we go to the phones. It isgreat to have you with us today. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s so great to talk to you. I have a question that I want to ask you. The United States is at a great tipping point. It’s at a tipping point where it has never been in the past, and we constantly hear different prominent people in the GOP saying that they’re not ready to lead. They’re not ready. This is my question: I don’t understand how these people have the luxury to sit back and wait until they are “ready,” and I am specifically speaking about Chris Christie.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And I’m sure there are other great conservative people.

RUSH: There are. I’d give you a couple of names of people I wish would throw their hats in and I’ll give you three in addition to Chris Christie: Allen West, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio.

CALLER: Okay. And I want to ask them: Did Churchill have the luxury of waiting until everything was right while Hitler was amassing his army, while Hitler had his agenda? Did Churchill and — and the last great evil or one of the great evils in our history in the world, did he have the luxury to wait? No, he didn’t. His country needed him, and he stepped up to the plate — and I want to say to Chris Christie and all the other gentlemen and women that you mentioned all the time, Rush, that your country needs you now. We don’t need leaders four years from now. Now is the moment. We need you now. Come forward.

RUSH: Why do you think they won’t?

CALLER: Politics? It’s gotta be politics because it can’t be ignorance. It can’t be that they don’t see it. It can’t. Why is it that a little person like me is out here and I see it but they’re in the midst of it and they can’t?

RUSH: I have no idea. I can only guess. It might be that they think voters don’t think they have enough experience. “Being governor for two years? Ah, here’s a climber.” It’s the same thing with Marco Rubio. “Not even a year yet in the Senate and now you want to be president? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know what you’re really up to.” Maybe they’re afraid of that kind of reaction.


RUSH: They just don’t have the resume yet.

CALLER: Yes, but no. We are looking for leaders. Why are we responding to Donald Trump even though we know he’s not a conservative? Because he’s leading. We need somebody, though, who’s true. We need the Chris Christies. We need the guys who are gonna fight like Churchill, and I go back to Churchill because we all recognize that what happened in the Second World War and the great evil, they did not have the luxury of waiting. Hitler was coming. What do you think Obama was doing?

RUSH: Wait a second. Churchill is the only guy that knew Hitler was coming. Nobody else believed it, and that may be one of the problems. Well, I’m out of time. I’ll explain this when we come back because I really got a time problem here.


RUSH: You have to consider one possibility on this: It may well be that none of these Republicans, unannounced or announced, really think that we are in that big a crisis. I mean, it’s possible. It’s possible that they don’t look at it the way we do. It’s entirely possible. I’m not sure it is, but you’ve gotta factor it as a possibility.


RUSH: So a frustrated caller in the first hour was asking, “Where is our Churchill?”

She’s specifically focusing on Chris Christie. She thinks Christie is the answer to our problems, and she said, “Look, he says he’s not ready. Well, I’m sorry. We don’t have time for somebody to say they’re not ready. Churchill didn’t say he’s not ready. Churchill answered the call. Churchill didn’t have the luxury of saying he wasn’t ready. It’s serious. Churchill, he knew what Hitler was up to.” It’s important to understand that Churchill is the only one in the British hierarchy who dared think that about Hitler.

They had their heads in the sand like crazy on Hitler. They thought Churchill was nuttier than Hitler was! When Churchill was trying to warn them, they thought that they need to commit Churchill to the asylum. Neville Chamberlain knew when they invaded Poland, but I can’t describe it for you. They thought he was a nut. He was “the crazy aunt in the basement” that Ross Perot always talked about that every family has. It was somebody that had to be tolerated because of his previous contributions and so forth, but he’d gone off the rails on this Hitler business.

But what did it take, what element was there for Churchill to rise up? That element was Hitler. In other words, to become a Churchill you first have to believe that you’re facing a Hitler. Now, what if…? I know it’s easy — and Snerdley pooh-poohs this. But what if…? I’ll mention it. What if Chris Christie or any of these other people in the Republican gang right now, those who we’re pretty sure are in (and those that we’d like to see in but aren’t like Bobby Jindal and Rubio and Allen West) don’t see it as dire as our first caller from Canada? Now, don’t pooh-pooh this. All right, now… (interruption) Wait a second.

Snerdley just asked me… I tell you, this is the single source of the greatest frustration we all have. Snerdley just said, “How can anybody not see it?” I would dare say, Snerdley, half the country doesn’t see it! Now, the polling data would suggest that we’re moving closer to people seeing it, but there’s a story in the Wall Street Journal today about all these hedge fund guys that gave all this money and raised all this money for Obama who are now gonna raise money and give money to the Republicans. I read this story (and I might share it with you here; I have it in the stack) and it focuses on a couple of them.

It also focuses on some hedge fund guys who are still gonna raise money and give everything they can to Obama. Now, everybody makes an assumption about people with money, and that is that they’re smarter than everybody else because they have a lot of money. There’s something about wealth that connotes intelligence. But I’m telling you (snorts): Where is the brain in any hedge fund guy who supports Obama? Why do we automatically assume there’s intelligence there, unless there is a specific crony capitalist arrangement between that particular hedge fund guy and Obama — which are the kind of things he’s doing. Jeffrey Immelt at GE is a classic example of crony capitalism, which is Obama essentially comprising one.

But the crony capitalist — in this case Immelt — is not paying any taxes, his company’s getting all kinds of government investment, his company’s growing with government dollars. That’s his job. So if it’s easier to get government money to grow the bottom line, to go out and sell stuff and grow the bottom line, then he’ll do it. You think Immelt cares a hell of a whit where the country’s headed? You think Immelt looks at Obama as Hitler? More like the Easter bunny! More like a gift every day! Obama’s Christmas morning for GE. Obama’s adult Christmas for — well, now over half the country, in terms of what they’re getting, dependence and so forth.

So when you say who could possibly not understand the dire circumstances, telling you it’s a lot of people that don’t see it that way. (interruption) I’m telling you that Immelt may not care about $14 trillion in debt as long as GE’s okay! Of course he sees $14 trillion, but he may not think it’s a problem. Why in the world would Immelt think it’s a problem when GE’s going through the roof? Why should he care? (interruption) The hell with the country! He’s a citizen of the world. GE sells and makes stuff all over the place. They don’t think the country’s gonna collapse! This is exactly what I’m telling you. You and I sit here, we think, “Obama wins in 2012 and the country as we know it is over.” That’s what we think.

Especially if Obama keeps appointing judges and if the judiciary just becomes an extended Democrat Congress, with lifetime appointments then that’s why this Supreme Court decision on not fast tracking Obamacare on this Virginia lawsuit is very troubling to me. But there are a lot of people who don’t put the country first. A lot of people are self-focused. I don’t know this about Chris Christie or any of these other guys. I’m just throwing it out there as a possibility. The Republican leadership is not acting like the country is facing an imminent threat. The GOP leadership doesn’t see it the way we do. Do you think they do?

Paul Ryan does, but the whole leadership, do you think they do? Who are the Republicans trying to marginalize? They’re trying to marginalize the DeMints; they’re trying to marginalize the Tea Party people. The Republicans don’t see it that way — or if they do, they don’t want to roll up the sleeves and act on it. They don’t want to work that hard. All I’m doing is responding to the woman’s question. She wanted to know why, in this case Christie, is sitting back and saying, “I’m not ready.” There’s also the possibility that he honestly thinks he’s not. But she doesn’t want to accept that because the circumstances are such that where’s the leadership? “The country hangs in the balance. You’re not ready is not an excuse.”

It might be to him. Clearly Obama wasn’t ready, from our perspective, but from his he was made to order! From somebody’s perspective Obama was made to order. From somebody’s perspective, Obama is doing a flawless job. From somebody’s perspective, Obama’s the best president we’ve ever had. This is the kind of stuff that we are dealing with. When you ask me, Snerdley — it’s a great question. When you asked me, “Who doesn’t see that the country is on the brink of collapse?” another better question is, “How many people are happy to realize that, and how do they vote?” They vote Democrat.

So it’s like I say: You have to believe you’re facing a Hitler in order to become a Churchill. And, by the way, folks, don’t anybody start getting infantile here and say that we’re comparing Obama to Hitler. You can make those comparisons on social policy, health care, the way the Nazis’ the Socialist Party ran things, but we’re not talking about the World War II Hitler here. You know, don’t go batty on me and get all childish and immature. You know what I mean, and you know what I don’t mean, and don’t start trying to screw it up. The point is this: I talk to a lot of Republican leaders and I’m telling you: I don’t hear myself when I listen to ’em talk, and I don’t know that they hear me.

I don’t know how many elected Republicans actually think as we do, or see the future of the country as we do. Chalk it up to Ruling Class, chalk it up to some people who may not think that there’s a whole lot here worth preserving. The country’s made up of all kinds of people with all kinds of beliefs and we’re having all kinds of arguments. Now, those of us who fashion ourselves as the epitome of patriotic Americans who are devoted to the preservation of this country as founded, we find it intellectually difficult to believe (or understand) how this country could be to reviled and hated, but it is.

I mean, it is despised by people born and raised here and who have lived here their whole lives — and they vote, too; and they vote for anybody who’s gonna make them think that they also see the country that way; and I guarantee you that’s gonna be Democrats far more often than anybody else. I don’t know how many people actually look at the future of the country and see things that are apocalyptic. So for the woman’s question to be answered in an accurate way, we’d have to first find out if the people she wants to run see the future as she does. But isn’t that what’s frustrating, that so many people don’t see it the way we do?

On our side. Forget the Democrats. We know that they don’t.


RUSH: Vickie in Brooksville, Kentucky, welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It is an honor once again to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I want to tell you up front I’m on a cell phone, so we have that out of the way. But I wanted to try to explain why I think that Donald Trump, who I think is just a horrible candidate for the Republicans, is catching on with so many Republicans. It’s because he talks like he’s got some balls. And I’m begging, I’m begging for somebody in the Republican Party to step forward that’s got some balls. You know what I’m saying?

RUSH: (laughing) I’m not sure. I’m not sure what you mean by that.

CALLER: Okay. I’m gonna tell you. Everything that’s coming out of Republicans’ mouths sounds like it has been put through some sort of PC machine. And I’m sick of it. Just talk plain.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Trump’s got balls, the other guys don’t, but you don’t like Trump. You want somebody with balls. Trump’s got ’em but you don’t like him. Why?

CALLER: Well, I don’t like Trump for a myriad of reasons. There are a thousand different reasons. I think he’s a publicity whore. I think he’s an awful candidate. You know, I don’t think that he would be a good candidate for the Republican Party.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I don’t think he’s a conservative, first of all. That’s first and foremost.

RUSH: I do think he has a skewed view of conservatism. I do. I think somebody’s given him a bit of a misread on the conservative base. So I’ll grant you that. But it is a problem. Look, I’m not being serious. I was joking. I know what you mean when you say people lack some fortitude. I don’t know what the fear is. I mean I’ve tried to figure it out. I’ve considered still a fear of race, any criticism of Obama’s gonna result in being called racist. That fear I think is always gonna be there. I think fear of the Republican hierarchy. There is this notion that you wait ’til it’s your turn.

CALLER: I know. And that’s the part that kills me because we’ve had Dole, we’ve had McCain. I mean for God’s sake, can we please get somebody who’s a real conservative and talks like one? That’s all I want. That’s all I want. People would go crazy nuts in this country.

RUSH: Who do you have in mind? Is there anybody out there that you wish?

CALLER: Oh, please. You named him. Allen West, amen, brother. And Chris Christie. And Paul Ryan, even. I mean I don’t care, somebody who acts like a conservative, who is a conservative and can prove that they’re conservative. I’m just sick and tired of RINO people getting the nomination because it’s their turn. Well, I’m sorry. But this country’s going to hell in a handbasket and we gotta stop giving people their turn.

RUSH: Yeah, I know, that’s a big stumbling point with people, but if you want to rise within the ranks of power in the Republican Party, you wait your turn. It’s a business like anything else. It’s got its caste system. I’m not defending it. Just explaining the way it works.


RUSH: Now, you talk about, “Where is our big conservative leader?” You see what happens to them in Sarah Palin. Now, there are any number of explanations for what has happened to Sarah Palin. Remember the story we had yesterday from Politico in which I said I don’t think I have ever seen a more purposeful, willful effort to destroy, impugn, degrade, everything else, a person’s character, reputation, and life, as though it was a game. It happens every day in the leftist media, but that story yesterday and the eagerness with which the left is looking toward the destruction of Palin. Now, imagine, folks, none of this stuff happens in a vacuum and I’m not offering excuses for anybody. I’m just trying to explain. People ask questions, I’m trying to explain. Suppose you are a Republican candidate, and you see that? Let me ask any of you, how would you like to have that kind of press coverage of your life? The constant investigation, the lies, paparazzi constantly following, reporters buying the house next door to where you live.

As much as anything, this takedown of Sarah Palin is a warning to anybody else who’s thinking about trying it. We can get you, too. Don’t think they don’t think that. Now you might understand why they speak through the PC machine or try to keep a close vest as to what their real intentions are. I’m guessing here, folks, I don’t have answers here with ontological certitude, but you ask yourself these questions, and I know that there is paranoia on the Republican side about being seen as friends of Big Oil. People on our side think the media is setting a trap every time they ask about Big Oil. That’s why our guys will say, “Big Oil needs to be paying their fair share.” It’s just the path of least resistance. It’s easier. Sarah Palin, “Drill, baby, drill.” Look at what they’ve done to those three words, “drill, baby, drill.” They have built an entire policy around destroying that whole concept, even though it’s the epitome of common sense and logic. Drill, baby, drill.

The left is a formidable bunch and there aren’t a whole lot of people who want to take them on in politics. There just aren’t a whole lot of people who want to take them on. It’s a scary thing for a lot of people. Meanwhile, here’s Obama shaking down BP. Remember that $20 billion slush fund he got from BP, and he hadn’t spent it? It was ostensibly to make people whole who had lost all in the BP spill. But no, they only spent $3.8 billion of it. Interesting, isn’t it? And, meanwhile, it’s the GOP that’s in the back pocket of Big Oil. Big Oil is donating all this money to Obama. Obama shakes a finger at ’em, BP says, “How much you want? How much you want?” and they write a check for $20 billion. There’s genuine fear of these people. Ask Scooter Libby. Ask Robert Bork. Ask Clarence Thomas. Look at what happens. Again, I’m just throwing out possible answers. You’re gonna call here and you’re gonna ask me things. I’m gonna do my best to answer the question.

The left hates Sarah Palin because she reminds them of why they hate themselves. You have to understand who you’re dealing with on the left, the self-loathing and the self-hatred on the left. We’re not dealing with happy people. You’ve heard the phrase “miserably happy.” That’s them. Something has to be wrong every day or there’s not happiness in their lives. Something has to be wrong; something has to be going wrong. It’s like the old saw that a lot of people are afraid of success. Trust me, I’ve met a bunch of them. They can’t handle it. They don’t believe it’s real. Success happens to ’em and they’re so convinced that they don’t deserve it and it isn’t gonna last that they don’t live it, because they’re afraid they’re gonna lose it anyway. So they go ahead and throw it away early rather than suffer the loss of losing it. I have never been afraid of success. But a lot of people are. You have no idea how much fear governs everybody’s life with everybody’s actions. I know, I know, I know, I know, Obama got more from BP than any other candidate before the oil spill. And look what he still did to ’em.


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