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RUSH: Nothing courageous about it? Is that what he said? Nothing courageous about Paul Ryan’s budget? Captain Courageous, Barack Obama, says there’s nothing courageous? Barack Obama wants to talk about courage. Really? Well, we’ll be happy to go down the list and we’ll tally all the courageous things Barack Obama’s doing. How courageous is it to start spending the tax revenue of people who are not even born yet, not even giving them a say-so in the matter?

Hi, folks. How are you? We’re doing great here on the EIB Network, already Thursday, it’s the fastest week in media, and I, of course, the one and only El Rushbo, this the one and only EIB Network, and we’re happy to have you here. Phone number is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. We’ll get to all that.

I’ve got these Obama sound bites from that Facebook thing, again, appearing before a bunch of kids. Now, I don’t know this Zuckerberg guy, this Zuckerberg guy that invented, created Facebook or whatever but, you know, he’s out there, and Obama’s talking about how taxes need to go up on people who make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, and Zuckerberg, what is he, multibillionaire, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m cool with that, I’m cool with that,” not even knowing who it’s really going to hurt and what kind of economic activity it’s actually going to stifle. But that’s what Obama does, goes out to young, impressionable people that don’t have fully formed brains yet, still into cult followings. We have a name for people like this. I can’t use the actual name. They’re groupies. They are celebrity blank blank blank. They just melt in the presence of celebrities.


RUSH: Obama said a lot of things in that Facebook appearance about how I think Ryan’s a patriot, but there’s no courage here. There nothing courageous in Ryan’s budget. It most definitely is, given the mind-set of so many Americans. There’s a shocking story, I can say we shouldn’t be shocked, and sometimes we have to ask ourselves:

“Maybe has the tipping point been reached?” More people receive benefits than are paying taxes. Or, another way to look at this: The amount of money involved, the amount of money being redistributed, the amount of money being spent on federal benefits to people is now larger than the annual take of tax revenue. Some people say, “Well, okay, Rush, it’s over. There’s no getting us back from this abyss. That’s what the left has always been pursuing, and they’ve got us here, and there’s no returning.” I’m not ready to say that yet, but it still is a depressing bit of news.


RUSH: Jeff Zeleny at the New York Times has a story on this appearance that Obama made on Facebook yesterday. By the way, there were eight questions asked of Obama at the Facebook town hall. All eight of the questions were screened in advance. None of the questions came from Facebook users. They were all from Facebook employees. And as such the whole Facebook Obama show is getting very negative reviews from those who are Facebook faithful. A lot of bitterness out there that their questions were ignored and that the questions came from Facebook employees.

So Jeff Zeleny’s piece here: “Ryan, Pushing Budget, Resists Talk of Higher Office — Representative Paul D. Ryan was deep into an explanation of his deficit reduction plan, which sits at the heart of a contentious debate between Republicans and President Obama, when he called on a constituent raising her hand in the front row of a town meeting here. ‘We need a viable Republican candidate for president,’ pleaded the woman, Nancy Champion, a retired schoolteacher. ‘Will you run against him?’ Mr. Ryan grinned, blushed and promptly tried to change the subject, telling his audience: ‘She’s not related to me. She wouldn’t say that if she was.'” But he says, (paraphrasing) “I’m not interested in running for office. I just want to debate the president.”

“‘He’s got the bully pulpit,’ Mr. Ryan said, walking out of Clinton’s Village Hall on Tuesday afternoon. ‘But I think he’s bigger than this. I think he’s bigger than this moment, I think he’s bigger than his speech last week. I think he’ll come to realize that — at least that’s my hope.'” What was he talking about? He was talking about that childish, petulant speech that a number of people have panned since Obama gave it, you know, invite Ryan and some Republicans, have ’em sit in the front row and then basically impugn them, that it was not presidential. Here’s Ryan taking the high road. (imitating Ryan) “Ha, the president’s bigger than that. He’ll realize that at some point. He’s bigger than this. I’m not trying to get into some partisan bickering war with the president. I don’t see what purpose it serves to do that.” Now, who’s classier here? Who’s classier? I’m serious. And we’re always told of the elegance of Obama, the high class decorum exhibited by President Obama. He’s a street thug. He’s a community organizer, that’s what you are, you’re a street thug. Here’s this little man-child running around saying that Ryan isn’t courageous, and his bill isn’t courageous?

Last night was in Palo Alto, town hall event at Facebook headquarters. An audience member said, “My question is, the 2012 budget plan proposed by Paul Ryan has been praised by a lot of people in the media as bold and brave.” I read these questions, I hear these questions, did somebody write this question for this Facebook person? Not trying to say the Facebook people are not capable of writing questions or asking them. This just seemed to tee up an answer that Obama clearly wanted to make or give. “Yeah, Mr. President, we’re hearing that Paul Ryan is being praised by a lot of people. Do you see this as a time that calls for boldness? Do you think the plan you outlined last week demonstrates sufficient boldness, or is this just a media creation?”

OBAMA: The Republican budget that was put forward I would say is fairly radical. I wouldn’t call it particularly courageous. What he and the other Republicans in the House of Representatives also want to do is change our social compact in a pretty fundamental way.

RUSH: All right. I wouldn’t call it particularly courageous. What he and the other Republicans in the House also want to do is change our social compact. Folks, what do you think our “social compact” is? Snerdley, when you hear “social compact,” or any of you, what in the world is that? What do you think it is? Hm-hm. Okay. All right. All right. It’s clear what Obama means by social compact. Oh, you could say welfare. He believes in the state being the central authority. The state determines who wins and loses. The state defines fairness. The state has subjects. We’re all subjects; he’s a ruler. But on this courage business, there’s a Politico story here: “At Facebook, Obama Hits GOP Budget.” Also harps on the fact that Obama said there’s no courage in it. Obama also said, “Nothing’s easier than solving the problem on the backs of the poor.” That’s not what Ryan has proposed. Ryan’s not proposed solving the problem on the backs of the poor. This is another cliche from the liberal handbook.

What about this, folks? What about promising programs that you can’t afford, using money from kids not yet born? There’s nothing easier than that, if you ask me. There’s nothing easier than promising programs to be paid for by people who aren’t even born yet who thus don’t even have a chance to object to it. What kind of courage are we talking about there? That’s gutless. All of liberalism is gutless. It’s the most gutless choice you can make. It requires no hard work, it requires no intellectual application, and it certainly requires no solutions. All liberalism requires is a bunch of fake wording that adds up to how much you care, and that’s it. You don’t have to solve one problem. In fact, you can make problems worse, all the while talking about your good intentions, all the while talking about how much you care. You can institute programs that exacerbate problems, and yet you are going to be heralded as one with great compassion and one who cares and has great courage, when, in fact, you’re making the problem worse.

Nothing is easier than solving a problem on the backs of people who are poor. That sounds more and more like he’s running to replace Castro as dictator of Cuba, rather than be elected president of the United States. All he’s missing is some camouflage clothing and the red beret that Hugo Chavez wears. The unborn can’t even vote. The unborn can’t oppose. What kind of courage does it take to saddle them with debt? We’re supposed to think Obama is epitome of courage here. We’re supposed to think that he is taking on the hard things and doing it the hard way. How heroic is it to one group of people — and, by the way, that group is now a minority. Forty-five percent of the people in this country are now working. How heroic is it to punish them, to benefit others in the name of compassion, no matter what economic damage it may cause, all in order to remain in power? What kind of courage is that? Forty-five percent of the country work. So you target them. You punish them so that you can redistribute from them to people who are not working. And then you call it compassion. Regardless the economic damage you cause, and the result supposedly is your reelection. What kind of courage is that?

How heroic is it to spend money from generations of people not yet born in the name of job creation that only want to protect the government from the same economic hardship that’s affecting taxpayers? What kind of heroism is it that sets up money laundering operations so that citizens of a state end up paying state employees twice what the citizens make and then as an added bonus some of what these state employees make end up in the campaign coffers of the Democrat Party? What kind of courage does it take to set up that system? And at its root level, folks, how heroic or courageous is it to extend and increase government programs that are fiscally unstable on the backs of whoever, but particularly on people not yet born? What kind of courage is it to keep funding programs that are running at a loss, that are not accomplishing their stated goal and may in fact be worsening the circumstances for the nation at large and the supposed beneficiaries of the plan of the program? What kind of courage is that? There’s no courage here. There is utter selfishness, pure and simple.

How heroic is it, what kind of courage does it require to say, “You can keep your doctor and your health care plan if you want,” when you know that that’s not the case? How much courage does it take to lie like that? To say your health care reform will lower costs and reduce premiums and expand services. What kind of courage is it when you know none of that’s true? What kind of courage does it require to lie to people, essentially? Now, if you happen to agree with Paul Ryan or anybody else that says, “Look, we’re on a path that we can’t sustain any further. We can’t remain the United States of America as founded if we continue with federal policies like this.” Do you realize if you believe that, Obama is calling you a coward? If you see the financial calamity facing this country, and you happen to articulate that, you’re a coward. You are a coward for saying “no” to this continued madness that threatens the promise of this country, and I’m telling you, Obamaism is madness. The continuation of the Obama agenda is insane. But you’re a coward for standing up and saying you oppose it.

Now, that’s right, people who demagogue and lie to continue this madness, they are the heroes. The guy who finally stands up and says, “Nope, nope, nope, no more,” you’re a coward, right there, according to Obama. Count me in the group of cowards. Yeah. You know who you are. You were the coward that had to lay off people because of the economy, rather than keep ’em on the payroll. You’re the coward who has a business, maybe not your first business. You mighta tried once or twice before to start a business, but you are a coward, and you took the risk, things don’t didn’t work out, you lost it all, but you kept going, you might even weather this awful economy to stay afloat or try again. You’re a coward. The coward that scrounged to find a way to continue to ensure that your employees have work, that wondered if you’d even have a business tomorrow, you are a coward in Obama’s world. You’re the coward, he’s courageous. You’re the coward who pays taxes. Taxes end up as salaries and government benefits for the heroes in this country like Obama and the public sector union employees.

Not to mention the rising food, education, and energy costs for your own family that you have to bear the brunt of while being told you’re not doing your fair share, that your taxes need to go up because you’re a millionaire or billionaire. You say, “I’m not a millionaire or billionaire and I can’t afford anymore,” you’re a coward. Well, the real courage, the real heroism is in people like Obama, who lie to you about your health care plan, who lie to you about the efficacy of these great social programs, who lie to you about stimulus bill creating millions of jobs, fixing roads and bridges, schools and all that. You put 20% down on a house. You lived within your means. You played by the rules. You paid off your mortgage. You continue to pay it. You worked to do the best you could. You taught your kids to do the same. You’re a coward. You’re the target. You’re the person this country needs to be gotten even with. People like you have made it difficult for other people to have any success. Barack Obama knows his courage is able to tell him just who the cowards are, and it’s you, and you are his targets. Get ready.


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