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RUSH: Here’s Obama after destroying the housing market, while at Facebook he gets a question from Williamsburg, Virginia. “Mr. President, the housing crisis will not go away. The mortgage financing for new home buyers with low to moderate income is becoming very difficult. As president, what can you do to relax the policies that are disqualifying qualified home buyers from owning their first home? Mr. President, how can you assure the low to moderate income home buyers that they will have the opportunity to own their home?” So here you have a Facebook person, New Castrati, asking Obama of all people. Now, don’t go ask your parents, ask this know-nothing what he’s gonna do to help you buy a house, and then after doing that, this is what you get.

OBAMA: Well, it’s a good question and I’ll be honest with you, this is probably the biggest drag on the economy right now. The challenge we still have, as your questioner properly points out, is that a lot of people who bought a first home when credit was easy, now are finding that credit is tough, and we’ve gotta strike a balance. Frankly, there’s some folks who are probably better off renting.

RUSH: Answer: Forget buying. Forget buying. Just rent. That’s the president of the United States. Better off renting. You are better off renting. Don’t buy. Now, now, again, Obama said, and we’re paraphrasing this: the government seeks balance in giving help to homeowners. Translated means he wants to do away with the people’s home mortgage tax deduction. We’ve talked about that. Owning a house, big part of the American dream. Owning a house was maybe at one time the centerpiece of the American dream, was it not? Now the president of the United States, here you have this eager beaver Facebooker who wants to know, credit’s tight, how can I buy a house? Obama: Don’t. You’d be better off renting. Translation: Look, I’ve done so much damage to the housing market I wouldn’t even mess with it if I were you. Just trying to help you, I’ve screwed it up so bad you’d be better off just renting.

Why is credit tough? Would that be the subprime mortgage crisis Mr. President? Yeah, it’s the equivalent. (imitating New Castrati) “Mr. President, Mr. President, I’m a young American. I’m big on Facebook. I’m a Facebooker and I have lots of friends I want to ask you, the American dream is buying a house, credit is really tight Mr. President, what can I do? Is it gonna relax so I can buy a house someday?”

(imitating Obama) “Actually, you know, we’ve screwed that up so bad, you might as well rent.”

“Mr. President, Mr. President, my mother is a hundred years old. I want the pacemaker. She really has a strong will to live. She really is not even sick at all but the doctors say, no, she couldn’t take it. Will we be able to factor in her willingness and her will to live?”

“No, give her a pill.”

Your president, folks, we’ve screwed up the housing market so bad, just rent. You’d be better off renting. As far as your mother, a hundred years old, give her a pill. So here’s Obama, you have a truck, a pickup, you get rid of it. You go out and buy one of these electric jobs that’s gonna set your house on fire one night. If you have a house, forget it. Rent. The Obama prescription for America: you have an SUV, you have a truck, screw you, get rid of it and go buy a hybrid or one of the electric cars. You have a house, sell it. Rent. There you have your future. Yeah, forget your dreams. Forget your dreams. Do with less. Rent. Buy a dangerous little Smart Car. And, by the way, the quickest route to being able to get by is gonna be in my welfare state, do what I did: food stamps, student loans. Obama on illegal immigration, last night in San Francisco, said this.

OBAMA: My work is not finished. It is gonna take more than a couple of years. It is gonna take more than one term for us to finish everything that we need to do. We’ve gotta finish what we’ve started. We’ve gotta finish what we’ve started.

RUSH: Another term to flush the United States down the toilet. I need four years. I thought that I was gonna be able to fundamentally transform this country into a welfare state in four years, but I’m getting more resistance from those cowards than I thought. So it’s gonna take me and my courage another four years to thoroughly destroy the wealth creating engine of capitalism in this country. Please give me those four years. Where is he gonna get the votes? Where is he gonna get the votes to complete this agenda of destruction? Well, he hopes to find them amidst a generous, compassionate America.


RUSH: And President Obama finally got around to talking about immigration…

OBAMA: A big, generous, compassionate Americ’a!

OBAMA: A vision where we live up to the idea that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like — no matter whether your ancestors landed here on Ellis Island or came here on slave ships or came across the Rio Grande — we are all connected.

RUSH: The president of the United States sees no difference between those who broke the law to come here and snuck across the Rio Grande, and those who didn’t break the law. “We are all connected,” because they’re all potential voters for him.


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