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RUSH: Have you noticed — I’m sure you have, but let me remind you what you’ve seen. You noticed how Obama waited for the Republicans to throw themselves on the live grenade that is the budget deficit? They waited for Paul Ryan, Obama waited for the Republicans to come up with a plan to deal with the deficit. And of course Ryan has a plan to deal with Medicare and Medicaid. I don’t care where you look and what you read, you can’t escape the notion that to fix this there are gonna be changes in Medicare and Medicaid, no two ways about it. So what do we get from Obama? We have a serious proposal that does not impact current recipients. This is where Trump is getting something wrong here. Paul Ryan’s not throwing current Medicare and Medicaid recipients overboard, nor is he throwing current Social Security recipients overboard. But no matter.

The Democrats don’t propose a budget. The Democrats don’t propose any way of dealing with it. The Democrats have played a major role in creating this mess. They turn over the heavy lifting to the Republicans. Paul Ryan does the heavy lifting, comes up with a budget plan to save the country, and then what does Obama do? What does Obama do? He attacks them for doing it. He attacks them for how they’re doing it. That is real leadership, folks. Real leadership on the part of our president who now will not speak to adults. Create the problem. Act like he is going to provide leadership to fix it. Offer no fix whatsoever. The Republicans offer a fix, the Ryan budget. What does Obama do? Attacks Ryan personally and the Republicans in general for doing it. That’s real leadership. The Obama speech, think about it. Hasn’t Paul Ryan grabbed the proverbial mop here? Aren’t the Republicans trying to clean up this deficit mess and aren’t they trying to get the proverbial car out of the proverbial deficit ditch?

How come Obama’s criticizing the Republicans instead of grabbing a mop himself and joining them? How come he’s standing on the sidelines drinking Slurpees instead of helping get the car out of the ditch? It’s almost like he’s forgotten all of his speeches the last two years. He probably has ’cause I don’t think he wrote ’em. He read them. But fortunately, my friends, we have an unfettered media who will take him to task unmercifully for his rank hypocrisy. Ha-ha-ha. Paul Ryan has grabbed the mob. Ryan’s trying to get the car out of the deficit ditch. Obama’s on the sidelines drinking Slurpees and attacking Ryan for what he’s doing. You know, I have made the claim on this program that Obama is in way over his head economically, combined with that giant chip on his shoulder about capitalism, its inherent unfairness and how it’s time the United States finally paid a price for its unfairly gained wealth and power over all of these years. And I have said that Obama hasn’t the slightest idea about creating demand. But actually he does.

Obama has created demand. His economic plan has created what we need most. Demand. Buyers buying things. The bad news is that the demand is for gold and silver and platinum because his policies are weakening the dollar. So the demand is on all the wrong things if we’re talking about demand that will lead to economic growth. We’ve got demand born of economic fear. We’ve got demand born of people scared to death of what the future holds. We have demand of the kind that is taking people out of the game. So, yeah, Obama might have a winning smile, to some a loving family, ability to say things that sound good. But he does not have a clue about the real world. Whoever’s educated him, whoever has mentored him has told him things about this country and the world which are not true. He doesn’t understand the first thing about economics, business.

The New York Times doesn’t have anybody writing columns about business that knows what they’re talking about. All these op-ed columnists writing about business, how we ought to be emulating China. For crying out loud, look at the phony experts the left puts forward, people that have no business experience whatsoever, nor does Obama, nor does anybody in his regime. Nobody in his regime has a day’s worth of experience in the private sector, other than Immelt. Immelt is the jobs czar now, but how’s that working out? He doesn’t understand economics; doesn’t understand business; doesn’t understand growth. And, for heaven’s sake, we know he doesn’t understand energy. We are in heap big doo-doo. So we got some of the country lining up on the left, the far left, and what are they doing? They’re mocking Trump and they mock Sarah Palin. Hell, people on our side are doing the same thing. You know, I wish some of the pundits on our side had the ability to be as critical of Obama as they do of Trump. I wish they had the ability to say things as critical of Obama as they do of Sarah Palin.

Let me ask you a question. Could Donald Trump be as inept as Barack Obama? Could Sarah Palin be as inept as Barack Obama? I submit it’s not possible. Nobody could be more inept, whether by accident or by design, than Obama. When you start talking about presidential nominees on our side, I don’t understand why we feel the need to beat up everybody on our side. There’s not a one of these candidates on our side I would not take in a day over Obama. There’s not a one of them that I would choose Obama over. Why are we beating up people on our side? Frankly, folks, I think Saul Alinsky would be looking at this and he’d probably say, “My God, I never thought my plan would lead to somebody this inept.”


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