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RUSH: Speaking of health care waivers, remember Mickey D’s got one? Mickey D’s got a waiver, and that waiver… Remember, everybody used to criticize McDonald’s as “hamburger flipper jobs,” worthless jobs that don’t even provide health care for their employees — and all of a sudden we learn they do, and they might have to cancel all health care coverage unless they got a waiver from Obamacare, and they got the waiver. So yesterday was McDonald’s big bomb of a day to go out and hire 50,000 workers. Here’s a montage, ABC’s World News Tonight, the correspondent Jim Avila reporting on McDonald’s effort to hire 50,000 new workers yesterday.

AVILA: In this one McDonald’s alone, more than a thousand people applied for what’s likely to be four jobs. It’s not the recovery most of us envisioned. In fact, 840,000 more Americans are now working at minimum wage than the year before. Still, from Cleveland, to Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, and Denver, unemployed America lined up at the fast food restaurant famous for “a billion burgers served.” It’s not the American dream. The full time entry-level kitchen jobs at McDonald’s make $17,000 a year, the poverty level for a family of four is $22,000. But many of today’s applicants had a much simpler goal: Just to feed their families. Diane?

SAWYER: Those are incredible numbers of those standing in line!

RUSH: And Diane Sawyer, I guess there was no recycling going on in line; no acknowledgment of that. So that’s kind of a hard report. Here you’d think that Jim Avila would give the regime credit here, granting McDonald’s the waiver allows them to go out and hire 50,000 people. Instead, they run down the jobs that are available. Let’s go back, February 10th, 2009, in Fort Myers, Florida. Obama with an early town meeting and an exchange he had with a McDonald’s employee named Julio Osequeda.

OSEQUEDA: Oh, this is such a blessing to see you, Mr. President! Thank you for taking time outta your day! (gasping) Ohhhhhhh, gracious god! Thank you so much! Oh! (gasping for air)

OBAMA: All right, what’s..? What’s the question?

OSEQUEDA: All right, Mr. President — heh, heh, heh — my name is Julio Osequeda. I’m currently a student at Edison State College in my second semester, and… Okay, I’ve been at the same job, which is McDonald’s for four and a half years because of the fact that I can’t find another job. Now, with the fact that I’ve been there as long as I’ve been there, do you have any plan or any idea of making one that has been there for a long time receive any better benefits than what they’ve already received?

RUSH: Okay, that’s Julio Osequeda back in February 10th of 2009. Now, here we are April 20th of 2011. (chuckling) You think if Julio had a chance to talk to Obama his situation has changed any? (chuckles)


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