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RUSH: Charles Manson has broken his silence, 20-year silence to the media. He has broken his silence to rail against the dangers of global warming. Now, look at the nutcases that are somehow aligning themselves or with each other to promote this hoax now that it has been exposed. Here you have Manson, I mean even brainwashers can be brainwashed. That’s what Manson was, he was a brainwasher and now he’s been brainwashed by the global warming crowd or he could be faking it. He could be trying to get out of jail early. This might be a paean to the parole board, either he’s pleading insanity or he’s sucking up to a bunch of liberals. But, for crying out loud, back in, what was it, January of 2010, just a little over a year ago, it was Bin Laden who came out of his cave to warn about the dangers of global warming.

Why does global warming attract so many people who want destroy our country? That’s a good way to look at it. Global warming attracts any number of international, United Nations, and domestic leftists who want to destroy this country. And it’s back with a vengeance. I’ve got three or four just delicious global warming stories such as this: “U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether ‘Mother Earth’ Deserves Human Rights Status.” Yes, it’s from Fox News. “United Nations diplomats on Wednesday,” tomorrow, “will set aside pressing issues of international peace and security to devote an entire day debating the rights of Mother Earth. A bloc of mostly socialist governments led by Bolivia have put the issue on the General Assembly’s agenda to discuss the creation of a United Nations treaty that would grant the same rights found in a universal declaration of human rights to Mother Nature.” Mostly socialist governments, it says here, in case there was still any doubt about the real agenda at work behind the green movement.

So amidst this genuine idiocy here comes Obama out touting the same stuff to these young skulls full of mush, wherever it was, it was a college or a university, one somewhere in northern Virginia. So here’s Manson coming out joining Bin Laden and the rest of those who hate America, who want to see America destroyed, joining the global warming hoax. You know, I swear folks, it almost seems like the United Nations is not a serious organization. (laughing) I say this with all due mocking. The United Nations and the environmental movement are really more about the redistribution of money than about saving the planet, and of course destroying United States.


RUSH: No, Charles Manson on the political spectrum I think is the equivalent of Barbara Boxer. Snerdley was asking me to give a name equivalent. You people ought to hear what I go through to do this program, hear the questions I am asked even while I am conducting the program. These people are always trying to incite me; trying to bait me; trying to get me to tweak the media.


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