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RUSH: Laura in Erie, Pennsylvania. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, mega pro-life dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You cheer us every day.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Just your premise when you opened about the only entity not being taxed is the government?

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I read in July of 2010 an excellent article that you did in the Limbaugh Letter, “The Obama Debt Overload.”

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: And you made the excellent point that the 2011 budget, at the time when it was submitted, we would be paying $900 billion in interest alone.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: Now, this would not be money that they take from us and redistribute. That would be paying it back to whoever holds our debt, right?

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: China. And if you use the analogy like we do to our sons about credit cards, isn’t it the same thing basically that this huge debt is like a credit card and we are buying things and redistributing things, but we are — we are not paying the [principal] which I tell our sons that it’s like a tax. It’s a tax on the people — us, who are the government — sending money and not getting anything in return because we can’t even pay the principal.

RUSH: Right, we’re not even paying down the principal. That’s the key to it.

CALLER: For me, you know, all these ignorant people that are interviewing these Republicans who want a balanced budget, that’s the first point that people should make. If it’s $900 billion and there are 300 million Americans: How much is that per man, woman, and child that we are giving China before we even make the redistribution? That’s the point that angers me the most.

RUSH: Well…

CALLER: People don’t know the basics and maybe because they don’t pay their credit cards. You know, maybe Mr. Obama when he’s —

RUSH: No, that’s not why. I’ll tell you that the primary reason people don’t look at it that way is because they don’t think that the government can ever default. Who’s gonna come take the government’s credit card away from them, for example? You might have a credit card company take yours away and penalize you, but nobody thinks the government’s gonna stop making payments, nobody thinks the government’s gonna default, nobody believes anything other than spending is gonna continue to happen.

CALLER: But isn’t the fact that we are very nearing that bankruptcy, say, to where we have not enough coming in to pay the basic functions?

RUSH: Oh, we’re long past that.

CALLER: I know, so why aren’t people…? I wish you could challenge every Republican that you talk to.

RUSH: Well, look at how many of them are benefiting from it! You’re talking about average people.

CALLER: Right, but there’s a lot of Democrat business owners that need to understand, too. They are taking your money and they’re just throwing away so much of it for every —

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: — taxpayer that nobody sees.

RUSH: Okay, I’m like you. I wonder where… I don’t even wonder why anymore. I wonder if there are any (not to be provocative here, ’cause I really don’t mean to say this provocatively) any sane Democrats. Are they all a bunch of pure, radical ideologues who are totally animated by their hatred for conservative Republicans like you? Where are the Democrat small business guys who are going to get creamed like everybody else does? Where are they? Where are the Democrat voters who are getting creamed tax-wise? Where are they? I mean, over half of Wall Street — over half of wealthy, filthy rich Wall Street — is liberal Democrats.

They happen to be doing well because of their ability to have crony capitalist ties with Obama, but I know what you mean. I know the kind of people you mean. Who are these people? Where are the traditional Democrats? A lot of them are in the Tea Party, and don’t doubt me on that. A lot of the so-called Reagan Democrats are in the Tea Party. But where are the Democrat small businesspeople who are gonna get shellacked with Obama’s tax increase income of $250,000 or more? Maybe it is that they don’t know. I think a lot of it is blind party loyalty. That’s one explanation.

Now, this story that’s out there on the Standard & Poor’s moving the USA outlook to the negative? The White House is scared to death about this, because now we’re getting into territory that starts to answer your question you asked me: “Why don’t people understand about the credit card?” When you had a story that says that the credit of the United States is subject to question, then you have people paying attention all of a sudden. This is Standard & Poor’s telling Obama he is a disaster. This is Standard & Poor’s telling the world Obama is a disaster. This is Standard & Poor’s telling the American people Obama is a disaster.

And this is not about raising the debt ceiling. They want it to be thought of as happening commensurate with that as a way to get people to go along without fighting an increase in the debt ceiling. This is about the debt that Obama created. That’s what that rating is all about. If Obama was a CEO with a private company, he would be facing an SEC investigation because of his lies about the nation’s financial situation. Folks, what he has done here — I’ve gotta be very careful in my choice of words. What he has done here borders on the legal. Now, Obama gets his power from government — that’s from government unions, spending tax dollars — from voters who benefit from redistribution. There’s no way Obama’s ever going to do what’s best for society generally. He’d have to abandon who he is to do what’s best for society. He has been trained to be what he has been indoctrinated to be: An agent of an ever-expanding government that limits the power and freedom of the individual.


RUSH: “The Obama administration moved swiftly Monday to downplay ratings agency Standard & Poor’s downgrade of its U.S. credit outlook, calling the decision a political judgment that should not be taken too seriously.” I told you they’re scared to death by this. They’re scared to death. They think this is Standard & Poor’s telling the world that Obama is a disaster. That’s what this is. This is purely a rating based on the Obama debt. This is Goolsbee: “I don’t think we should make too much out of that. What the S&P is doing is making a political judgment and it’s one that we don’t agree with.”

Of course you don’t agree that you’re destroying the country! Why would you? You’re telling everybody you’re rebuilding it; you’re telling everybody we got an economic recovery; we don’t expect you to be honest about what you’re doing, Goooooolsbee. But I’m gonna tell you something, I’m gonna go through this again because one of the reasons Obama was elected was that he was considered to be a reformer. He was a man of reform. We had the evil Bush, a horrible economy, the Iraq war. It was horrible, people bickering, partisanship, worse than it has ever been since the Civil War — and the sea level threatened to go up.

All hell was breaking loose, and Obama was gonna come in and be like something never seen before. We’d never had somebody this qualified, this perfect. Let me tell you something, folks, again. I just want to go through this because this is crucial. If you’re expecting Obama to reform or even change horses here in the middle of the stream, change directions because of the way he’s going, he’s not going to do it. He gets his power totally from the government. Totally. For example, from government unions and their donations, spending tax dollars on voters who benefit from redistribution. He’s never gonna do what’s best for the society generally.

His reelection doesn’t depend on American economic recovery, contrary to what everybody believes. Oh, yeah, they’d like to have the unemployment rate at 8%, but it doesn’t depend on that. His reelection depends on making sure the people he’s giving money to stay loyal and vote for him. It’s purely that: The unions, the people to whom he is redistributing things, the minorities. Why do you think he’s spending all this time with that kind of group? He’s not gonna “reform” this country. It’s going exactly the way he wants, and he’s trying to create more and more people who depend on it as it is for his reelection. He’s not gonna abandon who he is any more than I would abandon who I am.

He’s not gonna give up his own power, and he’s not going to depower or disempower people who benefit from government expansion. He’s not gonna do any of that. He’s gonna stay on the same course. The debt situation will worsen. Prospects for economic prosperity will decline. You know, this is Tax Day. I wonder how many of you know that unions are tax exempt. As long as we’re talking about taxes and fairness, why not tax labor unions? Tax labor unions. The labor unions are exempt under 501(c)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code. Look it up. Unions are 501(c)(5)s and they are exempt. Now, take a look at all of the Democrat constituency that is subsidized or protected or untaxed. Look at it all.

No doubt more of the people who do not pay taxes vote Democrat. That’s why the Democrat Party protects them and seeks to expand their numbers. It’s what illegal immigration is all about to them: Amnesty, what have you. Our laws even go so far as to protect trial lawyers. Now, the trial lawyers are among the richest in our society. They can get anywhere between 35 and 44% of an award, the jury or judge award. If the trial lawyers were not considered supporters of the Democrats, do you think any of this would continue? If trial lawyers were Republicans, do you think any of what they’re doing would be allowed to continue?

The Democrats would move in there and Obama. They would shut them down or reform them or do whatever is necessary. Anybody sending money to Republicans is gonna be a target. I saw the other day Obama challenged Paul Ryan: “Hey, you want to defund health care? Go for it! Give it a shot. Let’s have the debate upfront.” Why is he so hell-bent on government-run health care? Beyond the ideology reasons (he’s big liberal, Marxist, socialist, and that’s a big liberal, Marxist, socialist program) it’s because it’s good for the people, is it not? That’s what he says. It’s good for the people. What does it do?

Obamacare redistributes wealth to those who don’t pay taxes. Just like the Earned Income Tax Credit Does. Obamacare is strongly supported by unions, ’cause they want the government to hire more and more of their members — and Obama doesn’t mind that either because those more and more members are gonna pay more and more dues, and all that’s gonna end up back in Obama’s pocket and the Democrat Party (or some Democrat’s pocket or a Democrat organization’s pocket). It’s supported by crony capitalists and states that have overpromised and overcommitted in their labor contracts. They want to offload it all on the rest of us.

None of this is about the best interests of the country, is the point. Not one element of the Obama agenda is for, or in, the best interests of the country. None of this is sustainable. None of this is worthy of support. None of it is worthy of praise. It’s cronyism, political, oriented toward power and maintaining it. Obama’s not gonna reform anything, folks. What’s occurring is exactly the plan. He doesn’t like this rating today from Standard & Poor’s. He does not like that, because that says that he’s a disaster. Obama is using your income to reward his friends, his supporters, his party, and ultimately his own ambitions.

Obama, I think, is fundamentally incapable of dealing with the problems this country faces because the problems… Look at it this way. This is the way maybe everybody will understand this. The problems this country faces are the children of his ideology. Meaning, how many parents do you know that would get their kids out of a murder rap if they could? You know that parents will do anything to protect their kids. It’s a bond. It’s rare that a parent will turn a kid in. I mean, think what you want, and you might be shouting at me, “No, no, Rush! I’m telling you I know some upstanding people and I know if their kids behaved in a rotten way they’d turn them in.”

No, you may think that. The problems this country faces are the children of Barack Obama’s ideology, his beliefs. They are problem children, but nevertheless children. One of the reasons I’ve often stated the reason that so many liberals are angry, miserable, unhappy: A, it’s a general state of mind; but B, at this point in time, they are facing the obvious fact that what they believe doesn’t work. The country is not improving. Jobs are not being created. The poor are not getting rich. The middle class is not moving. None of this utopian idealism is even close to happening. In fact, it’s going the other way.

Problem children.

Everybody knows about problem children. They get off the main track, they’re headed down the wrong track or whatever, and what do you do? He is fundamentally incapable of dealing with any of this because it almost has a genetic tie to him. The problems almost have a genetic tie. The problems of this country are the result of his beliefs, and he’s never gonna admit that! He’s never gonna admit that what he believes is causing all these problems, at least not to people who he’s telling that his solutions are for the better. It just isn’t gonna happen. So my point here is: Don’t expect any reform from Obama no matter what he says. Expect more of the same, which means it’s gonna get worse as long as this regime is running the show.


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