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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, your host came up on Fox News mere moments ago. This is on Megyn Kelly’s show. Megyn just had a baby, second little child out there. Megyn is 40. The daughter’s name is Yardley. So Megyn’s on maternity leave. Martha MacCallum is guest hosting, and she had to interview Alan Colmes. I guess he’s a Fox News contributor, and they stuck him on the Megyn Kelly show with Martha MacCallum. Here’s how it went, folks.

MacCALLUM: Here’s the dynamic now that’s happening. You know, y-you’ve got, you know, Rush Limbaugh, you know, calling it a bee slap against —

COLMES: You mean the head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh?

MacCALLUM: Don’t start. Enough with that.


MacCALLUM: Enough with that!

COLMES: The guy who also says that Obama supporters are savages, are human rrrrefuse? I mean, this — this —

MacCALLUM: He has language for dealing with these things.

COLMES: This is the kind of stuff that he says?

MacCALLUM: It’s his radio show.

COLMES: That’s right! Yeah! He’s a talk show… He’s only like ME. He’s a talk show host!

MacCALLUM: Nobody has to listen to it. They can do whatever they want — or they can flip over to you, Alan Colmes —

COLMES: (snickering) Uh huh huh huh huh.

MacCALLUM: — if they prefer to do that that’s the great thing about America.


RUSH: Okay, so she was basically trying to refute the notion that I run the Republican Party. Colmes was trying to make the assertion that I run the Republican Party. Wrongo, Alan. What I’m running today is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for America’s Cure-A-Thon.


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