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RUSH: Jean in Chico, California. Jean, glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I have been waiting long time to talk to you. (giggles) You really are a gift from God. We love you out here. Anyway, the reason that I called — which you’ll have to give Snerdley a little bit of a bad time about — is he had forgotten about your TV program, The 1/2 Hour News Hour?

RUSH: Oh, you told him that’s what you wanted to talk about and he had forgotten?


RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: It’s Open Line Friday and you cover everything. You know, I could go on and on about Obama, but since it’s Open Line Friday I want to know why The 1/2 Hour News Hour went off the air.

RUSH: It went off the air I mean specifically for budget reasons.

CALLER: Ohhhh.

RUSH: It was purely money.

CALLER: Oh, I tell you, we loved it. We couldn’t wait for it every week. We were one of those that were just dying to see it ’cause it was good.

RUSH: It was funny.

CALLER: It was great.

RUSH: Joel Surnow produced The 1/2 Hour News Hour. He is the creator of “24.”

CALLER: Oh, really? That’s… Ohhhh, okay. No wonder it was so good, huh?

RUSH: Yeah, it was. But look, I don’t want to get too technical with you but the program was put together and budgeted as it would be for network TV, series TV. Cable does not pay for programming.


RUSH: So it was a financial challenge to have everybody involved even break even.


RUSH: Most cable programs are produced locally, on sight by the various networks. I mean, there’s not much money involved in doing a cable program. You put the host in a studio, you have a couple cameras, whatever visual aides and Chyron graphics and so forth you want to use. This required a cast; it required writers. There are no writers in cable TV.


RUSH: It required producers.

CALLER: Well, that’s too bad. I’d make a good one. (giggles)

RUSH: But, you know, it had potential, too. DVD sales woulda gone through the roof on this.

CALLER: Oh, God, we loved it. We absolutely loved it.

RUSH: I was the president of the United States in this series.

CALLER: And the other thing I wanted to tell you, too, two things. We have a lot in common. My husband and I, we also love to watch the full moon rise.

RUSH: Oh, yeah!

CALLER: And we live… You know the area of Chico, right?

RUSH: Well, yeah! It was the #1 party town in the country when I lived out in Sacramento.

CALLER: Right. We love that here. Oh, my God, that’s a whole ‘nother story, isn’t it? (giggles)

RUSH: I know, I know.

CALLER: Anyway, we live up on a canyon and we watch the full moon rise, and we think of you often. We go, “Oh, I wonder if Rush is watching it tonight.”

RUSH: Every month I watch the full moon rise over the ocean. You talk about appreciating something? You watch it rise over the canyon, and I know that’s pretty, but see it shimmering off the ocean? It’s appointment viewing for me. Sometimes we have overcast skies, the cloud cover, rain, you can’t see it and it only happens once a month but it always happens within a couple hours of sundown. So you always see it, but it is one of the most beautiful things. Everybody sees a full moon and everybody sees it rise but the number of people that actually get to see it on the ocean shimmering off a body of water, not very many. It’s a very fortunate thing. I do love it. I’ve even tried to perfect taking pictures of it, and I’m not good enough at photography. The moon washes out. It just loosely a white disc out there. But still here he’s watching the moon thinking I’m watching the moon. That’s what it’s like to be me and Trump.


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