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RUSH: See, I Told You So. This is me on the program yesterday. This is actually Monday. I did. It was Monday I predicted this, and this is Thursday. Yeah. Four days ago.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Now, it’s certainly in their interests, the Democrats and the media, to pretend that we have just experienced Draconian cuts. That’s what gets me. They are acting like this $38 billion is the equivalent of one trillion. They’re acting like the federal budget has just been iced. That’s what’s wrong with this. There’s no sense of proportion. They are acting like the bottom’s been cut out of this. They are acting like their aorta has been split open, and it hasn’t. This isn’t even a stubbed toe and they’re acting like they got stabbed in the heart, my friends. So on Wednesday, Obama’s giving his big speech here, and you know what he’s gonna say? Among other things Obama’s going to say, (imitating Obama) “Okay, we’ve listened to Republicans and we’ve cut spending.” He’s gonna talk about how monumental the cuts are here. He’s even gonna take credit. He’s gonna say, “I was there. So now it’s time for compromise.” Hello, tax increases.

RUSH: That’s right, predicted that on Monday, tax cuts following these “Draconian cuts,” and that’s how they portrayed them.


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