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RUSH: Deerfield Beach, Florida, how about that? Rosemary, it’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, let me first start by saying, you’re the best thing ever happened in my life. You were, anyway. Okay?

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you since 1984, but —

RUSH: Last time somebody said this to me they were a seminar caller.

CALLER: No, I’m not a seminar caller. You can ask all of Deerfield Beach. I have you on. I go to Burger King, I go to every place with my radio and I have you on because I just adored you all the time. I thought you were the smartest, greatest man — and you’re a great patriot. You are. I’m not saying you’re not. But you’ve got a lot of people calling up saying that they’re mad at John Boehner, they don’t like what he’s doing and everything. Yet you’re willing to give Chucky Schumer a break by defending this socialist —

RUSH: Wait a second!

CALLER: — agenda.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now.


RUSH: I didn’t defend Chuck-U Schumer on anything.

CALLER: (shouting) Well, you making it sound like he’s the best thing since Jesus Christ. Come on, Rush!

RUSH: No, I did not. I’m issuing a warning.

CALLER: No, you’re not issuing a warning. Rush, let me tell you something.

RUSH: How could you possibly miss my point on Chuck-U Schumer.

CALLER: You know what? Let me —

RUSH: What do you think I just said about Chuck Schumer?

CALLER: I just think you think he’s so great because he’s getting Obama’s message out, okay? But when Boehner does that —

RUSH: No! No! I didn’t say that.

CALLER: Oh, but that’s what it comes across, Rush.

RUSH: I’m a highly trained specialist, I can’t believe —


RUSH: I can’t believe I didn’t make this clearer.

CALLER: No. Rush —

RUSH: Chuck-U Schumer threw down the gauntlet. Chuck-U Schumer is trying to make the debt limit debate the most important debate on the role of government in this century, and the Republicans have checked out of it.

CALLER: They haven’t checked out.

RUSH: It’s a trick! I’m not praising him.

CALLER: Listen to me.

RUSH: It’s a trick!

CALLER: Rush? Yes, everything they do is a trick. Okay? Because they have the news media on their side, they lie, and the news media —

RUSH: Okay, so why are you saying here that I was praising Chuck-U Schumer?

CALLER: Well, you (garbled) —

RUSH: I don’t want to play golf with Chuck-U Schumer.

CALLER: — because you were sticking up for his guy but what you guys do is knock our guys down. I want to win! You take baby steps first, Rush! You know what? I’ve been listening to you, Hannity, Levin — whom I adore, too — are you listening to me?

RUSH: Of course. You told me to.

CALLER: I’m a true, die hard Republican conservative. You can’t get any more than I am. I mean, I go gambling and I fight with people if they say they’re Democrat, okay? I want you to know where I am.

RUSH: Are you sober?

CALLER: Yes, I am sober. I never had a drink in my life.

All right, we’re going to the phones.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I swear on the Holy Bible, okay?

RUSH: Just checking.

CALLER: Okay? Never drink. You could ask any one of my friends. But you guys are coming across knocking our party constantly. You’re turning Republicans against Republicans. You’re eating our own! You’ve got to stop. Anything is not perfect with what the Republicans are doing, but it’s a baby step, Rush. Don’t let us lose it. Don’t let us. Already, I mean, we’ve got a whole year to go and you’re knocking our guys. We’re never gonna win because, you know what? You’re taking the heart and soul out of people. We need to win. We need to have some faith that we could do it, and the way you do it is knock knock knock knock knock!

RUSH: Wait a second.


RUSH: Wait a second now.

CALLER: No. You’re gonna listen for once, Rush.

RUSH: I am taking the heart and soul out of no one.

CALLER: Oh, yes! You took my heart out, Rush.

RUSH: I haven’t done anything. I’m not involved in the budget debate.

CALLER: Rush, come on. I know you’re not involved really, but come on.

RUSH: I’m not. I’m not.

CALLER: When you get on that radio and you stop — start dissecting everything they do and make it sound like what our guys are doing and nothing they do is right, okay? Nothing.

RUSH: I didn’t say that!

CALLER: Oh yes you did!

RUSH: Now, wait a minute.

CALLER: You don’t have to connive!

RUSH: You’re way too generalized here. We praise… Look, this is silly my having to defend this. You’re putting forth premises that are absurd. That I never praise our guys? That I’m destroying people’s attitudes, their hope, their future, their dreams? I’m not doing anything of the sort! I am issuing a warning. I’m simply commentating on what I see. Let me ask you something here: Was it I who promised a $100 billion in budget cuts?


RUSH: Did I change my mind and promise $61 billion?

CALLER: Oh, that… Rush, look, if we have a brain, if you have a brain — people like me, which I like to think I have some sort of a brain anyway, you know what I’m saying?

RUSH: The jury’s out.

CALLER: (chuckling) No, come on, Rush. I’m not the smartest person in the world but I —

RUSH: (laughing) Well, you’ve been insulting mine.

CALLER: I’m not insulting you, Rush! I love you, Rush!

RUSH: You are accusing me of heinous things.

CALLER: Like, I mean, you are the Second Coming to me and I’m very hurt that you are not sticking up for our side.

RUSH: You are accusing me of heinous things here that I am not doing.

CALLER: Rush, take constructive criticism, please. That’s the way I mean it.

RUSH: (laughing) Take constructive criticism.

CALLER: It’s just constructive criticism.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I’m not knocking you. I love you like you’re the Second Coming.

RUSH: Right. (laughing) Uh-huh.

CALLER: No, seriously.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I’m right down not far from you. You want to meet me for lunch someday?

RUSH: And I could ask anybody in Deerfield Beach.


RUSH: I could ask anybody in Deerfield Beach, and they’ll back you up.

CALLER: They’ll know me, yeah. Oh, you bet. You bet. Anybody. I swear on the Holy Bible. I wouldn’t lie to you, okay?

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: But you’ve got to stop knocking; Levin’s gotta stop knocking. You know what, we’re not perfect but we’re trying. Like I said: Baby steps. I want to win, Rush, I don’t want a socialist country. I was born a little after the Depression, okay? I made it the hard way. I had to go out and get a mortgage; I had to prove I could pay for it, okay? And look what Barney Frank and what the other idiot did.

RUSH: Rosemary, where do you draw the line?

CALLER: What do you mean, where do I draw the line?

RUSH: Okay, $100 billion has become $352 million.

CALLER: You’re not wrong, Rush.

RUSH: Now they’re punting the debt ceiling down the road.

CALLER: You’re not wrong, dear.

RUSH: Where is your line of demarcation?

CALLER: Look, Rush, I’m not even gonna get into that because I’ve got more reading to do on that. I’m not gonna lie about it.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But I don’t want anybody getting anything for nothing. I grew up in a generation —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Wait, Rush. Rush, don’t laugh. Now you’re making fun of me.

RUSH: I’m not making fun of you! (laughing) You can’t possibly listen to me. You are rejecting everything I’ve said to you here. “I can’t possibly talk about that. I haven’t done my reading on it.” You listen to me. You don’t need to do any reading. Anyway, I wish, Rosemary, you could see my e-mail. In my email, I’m being accused of carrying their water. In my e-mail, I’m being accused of being too soft. You know, if you want to celebrate, go ahead! There’s nothing we can do to stop it. I mean, if you think $352 million is worth celebrating, go out there and rent some hall in Deerfield Beach and let’s throw a party. It’s a first step party! That’s what we’ll call it. The First Step Party. Thanks Rosemary. I appreciate the call. I really do. I appreciate it. I’m gonna send somebody down to Deerfield Beach and mention her name and see what happens, and we’ll report back.

Rosemary, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. I’m gonna send somebody down to Deerfield Beach and mention her name and see what happens, and we’ll report back.


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