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An article in the political newspaper, The Hill, has this headline: “Debate over raising debt ceiling plays with explosives, says Wall Street.”

Apparently, Wall Street is “talking” thorough surrogates. Steve Bell, with an outfit calling itself “the Bipartisan Policy Center,” is quoted in the story. Bell claims his “scholars have heard from the heads of large Wall Street financial institutions worried that the last-minute nature of the talks” on the budget deal “foreshadows” the upcoming debate over the debt ceiling. According to Mr. Bell, “They said that Congress better not think they can play the same shenanigans with the debt ceiling.”

In recent weeks, Timmy Geithner, head of Treasury, and New York Senator “Chuck-U” Schumer have also told Congress not to battle too hard over raising the debt ceiling.

Once more, we’re being warned of imminent financial doom unless Republicans shut up about enacting real spending cuts, as a condition of passing a debt ceiling increase.

Who on earth gave Wall Street veto power over fiscal policy debate in Congress? Lest we forget, many Wall Street tycoons are huge Obama and Democrat party donors. These are the same people who made billions buying and selling loans that could never be repaid; then were granted trillions of dollars to stay afloat. By taxpayers still suffering from the Wall-Street-linked economic collapse.

I smell a rat. Or more precisely, I smell a Demo-rat. And it smells foul from the head down!

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