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RUSH: I do not waste my time getting offended, and I do notgive people power to make me offended or to offend me. I don’t know. I’m weird. I live in Literalville. It is what it is, and no matter how mad I get, it isn’t gonna change, so I’m not gonna waste my energy getting mad about it. And I’m not gonna come here and act like I’m mad about it, start huffing and puffing. It is what it is. And, you know, when you live in Literalville, life is a lot simpler. It appears to be complex to people that don’t live in Literalville. But I live in Literalville, it’s very simple. You have to be able to accept things.

Now, for example, when you start reading critical, caustic e-mails, that’s the kind you get ’cause people want to hear theirs read on the radio. This is from Annette. Oh, funny, yesterday I read an e-mail from a guy and I did not mention his last name. Apparently some time ago there was a woman whose e-mail I read and I did mention her last name. And she got ticked off and apparently she’s still ticked off. I musta gotten ten e-mails from her yesterday reminding me how I did mention her name and it caused her undue grief. I don’t remember what it was about. I don’t even remember her name, but at any rate, this woman’s name is Annette, and the subject line is: “You still don’t get it.”

“I’ve listened for two days. The mistake Newt Gingrich made was arrogance. No one likes arrogance.” I happen to agree with her. Arrogant condescension are the two human characteristics that rub me wrong the greatest. I have huge tolerance problems with arrogant condescension. I understand what Annette here is saying. She said, “No one likes arrogance. Part of the reason people get elected is popularity. People still like Obama. I don’t. But that’s because I don’t like his policies, and I’m not fooled. If Boehner is not careful he will appear arrogant and lose his support. We got bigger fish to fry. The next budget, the debt ceiling, they’re just not trying to overreach. You could never get elected. You’re a favorite with us. But you’re a lightning rod. John Boehner doesn’t have your luxury of saying and doing anything he wants. I want to cut trillions. This is just the beginning. Drop it. You’re becoming a bore.” (laughing) Drop it! Hey, I’m the first to tell you that the fools in media who think they can get elected are… well, it’s a long list of people.

I said it yesterday. I don’t know where this woman was. I don’t know where you were, but you can’t get elected being hated. You can thrive as a media figure being hated as long as you keep giving the haters a reason to hate you every day. But a politician can’t get elected being hated. I know this.


RUSH: I told you moments ago that there was a woman whose e-mail I read last year, and I mentioned her last name, and she flipped a lid. I just mentioned it moments ago. So she has written, and the lid is still flipped. “My name is Kay…” I’m not gonna mention your last name this time, Kay. That’s what got me in trouble last name. “My name is Kay and you mentioned my name in the final hour (the last few minutes, actually) of last year’s Cure-A-Thon. Also why did you say I told you it caused me all kinds of grief? I never said that.” Well, you acted like it!

“And I didn’t send you ten e-mails.” Okay, seven. Who’s counting after the first two? “You’re still a jerk even if you might be the best and smartest political analyst around, and that’s why I pay every month to listen. Signed, Kay.” (laughing) You think it’s all universal love and adoration out there, folks. But it’s not.


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