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RUSH: Now, for those of you who think that I am the object of universal love and adoration, you haven’t the slightest clue. Here, even from a subscriber at Rush 24/7. “Mr. Limbaugh, I have been listening to you on and off for the last 20-plus years. Normally you are a strong positive voice. I remember in the days of Clinton, you used to say that the way to win is one step at a time. Where’s that advice today? I think you are way off track. In my opinion, you’ve wasted two shows whining about the budget deal. Keep it up, keep kicking the Republicans around so that they really start to feel sorry for themselves, so much so that they’ll forget to focus on making the benefits of Ryan’s budget and reining in the debt ceiling their top priorities. I’m not sure what the objective is here. As long as you and the other pundits keep harping on what failures they are, they’ll keep defending the past when they should be laying the groundwork and foundation for the future. You should think about it. If the Republicans would shut the government down, the shutdown debate would carry forward and drown out and deflect any discussion away from the debt ceiling and Ryan’s budget. The 2010, 2011 budget failure occurred because the Democrats didn’t pass a budget, not because the Republicans weren’t able to make enough cuts in spending.” I know. I said that week.

“You should be leading the charge, firing people up to attack the debt ceiling and support Ryan’s budget with vigor.” Thought I had. “The Republicans showed that they could and would compromise. One of our opponents’ favorite arguments has now been removed.” Uhhhh. Well, this is from Thomas. I’m not going to mention his last name because he did not say read this on the air. Thomas, I can tell that you’re irritated and agitated and angry with me, and threatening to tell me to cancel your subscription. It doesn’t say that here but I can tell he’s on the verge, to which I would respond as Mr. Buckley always did, “Cancel it yourself.” (laughing) No. This was my fundamental, primary point yesterday. If the number one lesson that we learn from this is compromise, we’re finished. Compromise is not what is at stake here. Compromise is not what’s called for.

Folks, we have never, ever had this bold a line of demarcation. We have genuine stated enemies of this country as founded attempting to transform it. You don’t compromise with that. You defeat it. And of course I say this within the realm of the political arena. You defeat this. Don’t compromise with Obama. They win when we compromise. Anyway, as you can see, my friends, I’m the target of much vitriol out there from people in this audience. And I just wanted to read this to you ’cause, you know, oftentimes we’re accused of never putting calls up from people who disagree. We put ’em up when we get ’em. (interruption) Snerdley wants to know what I think the overall feeling is among you in the audience of whether or not we got rolled on the budget deal or not. No way of knowing.

My instinct is to say that there’s more unhappiness than happiness with it. I don’t take enough phone calls here to have a scientific examination of that. That’s all anecdotal. So I’d have to say that the things I’ve read, the Tea Party is not happy with it. And as the details come out about it it’s not engendering, “Oh, yeah, we got that? Oh, cool, I didn’t know that.” No, it’s — (interruption) hm-hm. Yeah, in a sense, Mr. Thomas here, he says, “We need some positive energy. I’d like to think you can help supply it. Please move on. We got a country to take back. We need positive energy.” So I guess he wants me to defend and carry the water for the Republicans.

Here’s Jan in Martinez, California. Hi. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, it’s always great to talk to you, and maybe I can help with some of that positive stuff, but it’s kinda hard out there right now. It seems like every day you wake up and there’s something new the liberals are trying to come after you for, and they’re coming after us where we live now, Rush. I just want the freedom to be left alone, and it’s not happening and I think we need to be ever vigilant and fighting for our rights. And I listen to you on KSFO out here in San Francisco and probably my only two conservative friends are Officer Vic and Brian Sussman who are on that show, and last year I called about a question you posed from Larry Arnn and a blogger about if there was any hope left for our country or if we needed to give up, and I think a year later, we’re still here. And I loved your monologue at the beginning of this hour, and I felt terribly guilty this whole year because I didn’t give credit to the man that inspired me for that call. His name is Michael Farris, and he’s arguably one of the best constitutional lawyers in the country, and this ties into what you mentioned here about the Chicago school. It’s Chicago Little Village Academy public school that now has tough love during their lunch period because they know better than parents —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — about what their kids are going to eat in school, and they banned homemade lunches.

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: And I want to cite this case and another one where we’re seeing the erosion of parental rights in this country, and you know me, I’ve called before, I’m a homeschooling mom of four girls. My parental rights have now been — they’re not fundamental rights in the Constitution, Rush. And I don’t know if people realize that. For the better part of the last century, the Supreme Court held that they were. But they’re not listed in the Bill of Rights, and there was a case in 2000, Troxel vs. Granville where those rights were eroded and now we’re seeing case after case where courts are ruling in favor of the state —

RUSH: Right. The left populates the judiciary. You go talk to fathers about the way the feminist movement portrayed them, what they did to their relationships with their daughters. Yep, state knows better in every circumstance.


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