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RUSH: Alan Simpson Babe was on a roll last night. He was on Hardball with Chris Matthews. You know, he was one of the co-chairs of Obama’s deficit commission out there, along with Irksome Bowles. The first bite here he’s on with Client No. 9 over on CNN, Eliot Spitzer. Client No. 9 said, “Let’s talk politics for a second. The Republicans gotta have a presidential nominee next year and, you know, look, you’ve been doing everything that’s right and good for the public without being partisan, Senator Simpson. (laughing) And that’s what the public applauds.” Yeah, everybody’s applauding Alan Simpson. (laughing) CNN wonders why nobody’s watching. Everybody’s applauding Alan Simpson, and Eliot Spitzer knows it. “But to be partisan for a moment, Senator Simpson, is there a Republican out there who’s talking common sense on the deficit right now?”

SIMPSON: I can only tell you if they stay away from the social issues, if somebody is saying return to the base or if somebody is telling you they’re gonna do this or that, or abortion is a hideous thing — who the hell’s for abortion? I don’t see anybody with a sign. But for God’s sake, it’s a deeply intimate and personal decision. And I don’t think men legislators should even talk about it or even vote on it. And then you got homophobes in our party. Good God, we’re all God’s children, we’re all human beings. If they’re gonna play that ancient ritual we ain’t got a prayer, doesn’t matter who they put up.

RUSH: All right, so the Republican Party is full of homophobes, and men should have nothing to say about abortion, even though in many cases in abortion they are the known father, in some cases it’s not known, but they shouldn’t have any role whatsoever. It’s a hideous thing and he doesn’t know anybody who’s for it. You ever heard of Planned Parenthood, Senator? You ever heard of Margaret Sanger? I mean, Senator, let me tell you something. If you see Planned Parenthood or other leftist organizations advertising, promoting women’s health services, you know what that stands for, Senator? You know what women’s health services means in the current debate? What were they talking about during this most recent budget battle when they talked about women’s health services? It was abortion.

But the question was, “Are there any Republican nominees out there talking common sense on the deficit?” (imitating Simpson) “Hell, I don’t know. Bunch of homophobes, good God, we’re all God’s children, where’s the bar?” Then on Hardballed with Chris Matthews, Matthews said, “What do you think of the Republican field?” How about that. Two networks, same question. “What do you think about the Republican field because you were a pro-choice Republican of some belief and fiscal responsibility. You proved it on the commission. Is there anybody running for president right now that you think has got the right stuff and earns the Alan Simpson rough-hewn endorsement?”

SIMPSON: We won a governorship there in New Jersey, one in Virginia by not talking about social issues. Then you’ve got homosexuality, you’ve got “don’t ask, don’t tell.” We have homophobes in our party. That’s disgusting to me. We’re all human beings, we’re all God’s children. Now, if they’re gonna get off on that stuff, Santorum has said some cruel things, cruel, cruel things about — about homosexuals and I’m not sticking with people who are homophobic, anti-women, you know, moral values while you’re diddling your secretary, while you’re giving a speech on moral values? Come on, get off of it.

RUSH: (laughing) He did say it. He did say it. He said it on Hardballed of all places. (laughing) Good old Alan Simpson Babe. Senator Simpson, the whole Democrat Party is for abortion. They get a cut of every abortion at Planned Parenthood, in contributions. Planned Parenthood’s a money laundering operation for the Democrat Party. Abortion is the sacrament of the religion of liberalism. Now, by the way, since I think 2001, I think he still is, Simpson has been the honorary chairman of the Republican Unity Coalition, the RUC, R-U-C, which is a gay-straight alliance within the Republican Party.


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