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RUSH: Connie in Monroe, Louisiana, welcome to the EIB. Connie, great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Don’t dial anything back. I’ll help you rev it up! Shut it down! Shut the government down so that death can take a holiday. You were just saying a while ago, abortions, abortions, abortions. The Democratic Party, they want the government to continue to kill babies, and the majority are black babies. How can they say that they’re for the poor and they’re killing black babies?

RUSH: I tell you something, we have expressed shock and disappointment about this. You may have heard the previous shows we’ve looked at the abortion statistics in New York. Almost 60% of black pregnancies are aborted in New York City.

CALLER: Exactly. How can they stand there — I saw Harry Reid a while ago, how can they stand there and the lady at the airport talking about her birth control and all of this. Well, when the birth control goes awry, the doctors are going in sucking out babies? They’re killing babies.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: They’re not sucking out dogs and cats. They’re babies!

RUSH: And they’re blaming us for it!

CALLER: And it makes me sick the women that are standing up for this and they’re cheering as if, “Yeah, take those babies out! We gotta go to work and be a man.” Forget that. Motherhood, it’s gone. I don’t even know what else to say, Rush. First of all, let me give a shout-out to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, ’cause I’ve prayed to ’em to get me through, and the next thing I knew Snerdley was on the phone asking — but, anyway, let death take a holiday. When the government is shut down, they can’t be doing this and those abortion pills are stopped, so let death take a holiday.

RUSH: I hate to tell you, but death will not take a holiday if the government shuts down. That’s not gonna stop them. You think that the government shutdown is gonna keep people from having abortions? If you think that’s the case you got another think coming. Dare I, dare I, and, by the way, these numbers, 59.8% of black pregnancies are aborted in New York City. Those numbers are from the New York City health department and the Catholic church. They are not from some crank, wacko, pro-life site. The shutdown is not gonna stop the implementation of Obamacare. But dare I observe something. Who is it that’s being aborted? Liberals. Liberal offspring, liberal Democrats. Democrats and liberals are aborting themselves. And at some point, you look at reproductive rates, replacement rates and at some point down the line there aren’t gonna be enough of ’em. They’re being aborted. (interruption) What? I know. I know. That’s why we look south of the border to import the next generation, so that abortion can continue.


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