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RUSH: Nothing is new. Everything is simply a rerun. Everything is a replay. Mere moments ago, ladies and gentlemen, if your local station happens to run ABC Radio News, you just heard a story about a teacher and students who had long planned to come to Washington. They won’t be able to go to the zoo now. They won’t be able to go to the museums. They won’t be able to see the cherry blossoms. In fact, the cherry blossom parade won’t happen this weekend if there is a government shutdown. I guarantee you, reporters are hunting all over the country for people who will be inconvenienced. They probably got somebody out at Jellystone Park as we speak trying to find a sleigh ride concession or something commensurate with it given it’s springtime. They’re trying to find the appropriate pain and suffering and they’ll send somebody out to the Washington Monument and they’ll talk to somebody, “Yeah, well, we’re gonna have to shut down,” and then people who watch the event are gonna be surprised the Washington Monument is still there because it got blown up on Sunday night on that show.

Anyway, folks, great to have you back. Here it is already Wednesday on the one and only Excellence in Broadcasting Network. I’m Rush Limbaugh here to serve humanity. I do that simply by showing up. Telephone number is 800-282-2882, the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

It’s comical. I mean it’s serious, but it’s comical. The news media fanning out under orders, it’s like the budget battle of 1995, remember, if you paid attention to things back then, Republicans back then were gonna starve kids by cutting the school lunch program, and they had kids in New Orleans send letters to Newt Gingrich and other Republicans saying, “Please don’t starve us. We can’t learn when we’re hungry.” And the media is just ratcheting all this stuff up. And they’re doing it with Paul Ryan’s budget. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this little dynamo is gonna be the new head of the Democrat National Committee. She’s full-fledged, 100% partisan. She’s from down the road at Boca. Snerdley, what are you doing wearing the Malcolm X hat today? Oh, wait, okay, it’s not a Malcolm X hat. When you turn to the side it’s a Kangaroo hat. Okay, I thought it was a Malcolm X hat. That’s true that our esteemed president, Pharaoh Obama, has departed Washington today. He’s going to take part in the Reverend Sharpton’s National Action Network convention.

Now, in 2008 Obama wanted nothing to do with Sharpton or the Reverend Jackson or any of them. But now, given where things are, Obama’s gotta make amends here, gotta build bridges with people who are down for the struggle. He wants to put himself on the same side of things. So he’s gonna go up there and he’s gonna plan how they’re gonna use race in the upcoming reelection campaign. (interruption) I know. With the shutdown looming, he said he was gonna be available today to talk to anybody but he’s not. He’s gonna assign members of his regime to talk to anybody who wants to come to the White House. He’s off to New York to meet with the Reverend Sharpton on the verge of a shutdown. How many millions of dollars does Sharpton’s group still owe in taxes? Maybe that’s what Obama’s doing. I thought Obama wanted to go after rich tax cheats. (imitating Obama) “Look, you gotta pay up before I can renew my relationship with you. We could be down for the struggle together.”

Now, as of noon today, ladies and gentlemen, we’re only 60 hours away from a government shutdown. CNN is even running a countdown clock at the bottom of their screen. The media is so excited. They’re so excited. I was just watching Luke Russert on MSNBC. Folks, it’s comical, for those of us who have been there, done that, for those of us who know the media like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and I do. I know it’s frustrating, but it’s predictable and it’s comical. They are treating this as though a meteorite’s gonna hit the earth, it’s gonna be a nuclear disaster, a meltdown, it’s the worst thing, and yet they can’t wait for it to happen. And Luke Russert was saying, (paraphrasing) “Well, you know, obstacles, the shutdown, nobody knows what the Republican compromise number is.” Now, the Democrats have the White House. The Democrats have the Senate. The Democrats have not produced a budget, period. We have not seen one proposal. They have not released a list of their proposed cuts. We don’t have one thing from them on the budget, and yet the onus is on the Republicans to come up with a compromise number here. And if they don’t come up with a compromise, well, then, everybody knows the shutdown’s gonna get blamed on the Republicans.

However, I pointed out yesterday that the Washington Post seemed to be trying to warn Obama and the Democrats about the political risks of a shutdown because they had a poll that showed 37-37 blame. American people, 37% blame the Democrats; 37% blame the Republicans. Today State-Controlled Associated Press gets in on the action: “Government Shutdown Would Pose Big Risks To Both Parties — Democrats and Republicans say the last thing they want to do is to shut down the government. But with budget talks showing little signs of a breakthrough, there are growing worries that a stalemate could hurt the economy’s fragile recovery.” That is just a flat-out lie. It is a flat-out crock. That is insulting, to suggest that the private sector economic recovery could be affected by a government shutdown. The government shuts down ten times a year. There are ten federal holidays. Some of them are ten days long. What’s gonna happen here happens all the time. It just doesn’t get reported as a shutdown every time it happens.

The government goes on vacation. They take the Easter break. They have the post-Easter break. They have the spring break. They have the Martin Luther King break. They have the Presidents Day break. They got more breaks than you and I combined. And in each one of them the government is shut down, essentially. It just isn’t reported that way. But this is just too juicy. This is too big an opportunity. Blame it all on the Republicans. Go back to the same tired, worn-out tactics. You people at ABC Radio News, you know what I’m talking about. Have you heard your radio news at the top of the hour, how pathetic, a teacher and students who had long planned to go to Washington won’t be able to go to the zoo and the museums and won’t be able to pet the animals because the evil Republicans want to take Medicare away from senior citizens, have them die. Oh, yeah, that’s the latest. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this was yesterday, her reaction to Paul Ryan’s budget.

SCHULTZ: We see a clear attempt for the government to back out of its commitment to seniors. As a result, many seniors in America will be forced into poverty, and worse, some seniors will end up dying because they are forced to put off getting that pain checked out due to huge out-of-pocket costs that will skyrocket for them. This Republican path to poverty is just wrong.

RUSH: Seniors will end up dying. The streets, ladies and gentlemen, will be littered with the corpses of seasoned citizens. This is like the good old days. This is exactly what they used to say. When did I make my GOPAC speech, 1994, 1995? This is hilarious. Back in 1994 the Republicans, of course, took over the House and the budget battle of 1995 is going on, the Democrats were saying the basic same stuff, extremist, gonna kill the elderly, gonna leave ’em dead to die on the streets, and I went to speak to GOPAC, and I opened up, said, “I want to welcome all of my fellow extremists as we sit here and plot the death of American seasoned citizens. And I just want to let you people know, I am taking it seriously. I went out and I bought my mother a brand-new can opener so she’ll have no problem opening the dog food.” Pat Schroeder goes to the floor of the House and makes a big speech suggesting that this is who they are, this is the Big Kahuna, the Big Kahuna Rush Limbaugh admits that he’s gonna get his mother a can opener so she can easily eat the dog food. And then somebody said, “You know, that was a joke.” She was profoundly embarrassed. They’re just recycling it now.

Let me tell you something. Politico, are you listening? (laughing) More senior citizens will die from Obamacare than from any other government action in this country. More senior citizens will die due to health rationing of Obamacare than anything else that government does in its history, outside, of course, of the Civil War. It is Barack Obama himself conducting an ABC town hall way back, two years ago. Woman shows up and raises her hand, (paraphrasing) “Mr. Obama, I got a question.” He says, “You may ask it.” “My mother is 98 years old, needs a pacemaker. Her will to live is strong. She’s perfectly fine except for the pacemaker. Will you permit –” you know, I’m cringing at that. Here we got a citizen asking the president, “Will you permit my mother to have a pacemaker?” and you know what Obama said? “Well, I don’t think we can calculate spirit or will to live. Just give her a pill.” So the leader of the regime says, “Give a pill, let ’em die.”

There will be health rationing. Senior citizens, Paul Ryan is trying to save them. Paul Ryan is giving them an option to either stay in Medicare or join a pool in the private sector, whichever they can best afford, whatever they want to choose. It’s called freedom of choice for their health care. It does not mandate they go before Obamacare death panels. And yet here’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Republicans are gonna leave senior citizens as corpses in the streets. Some seniors will end up dying because they’re forced to put off getting that pain checked out. So seniors are gonna sit around, they’re gonna suffer pain, but they’re not gonna be able to go to the doctor to get the pain checked out, and the pain’s gonna be deadly, bam. There are corpses in the street. What’s going to happen with Obamacare, they feel the pain, they go to the doctor, the doctor consults the regime, the regime says, “How old is this woman? Well, screw it, we’re not gonna invest in making her well. She’s only got five years to live anyway, so to hell with it. Give her a pill.” That’s what Debbie Wasserman Schultz is for. Here’s a continuation of her reaction to Paul Ryan.

SCHULTZ: No longer would Medicare be a guarantee of health insurance coverage. Instead, Medicare would become little more than a discount card. This plan would literally be a death trap for some seniors.

RUSH: All right, so we’re back at it, just recycling the whole thing. Republicans and their budget: a death trap for senior citizens. A death trap. (laughing) I’m sorry. I can’t avoid laughing at this. Now, I know some of you hear this stuff and you just get livid and you get angry. I used to, too. And some days I still do. You see, I can’t imagine people believing this. I know some people are going to. But at some point this stuff’s all gonna catch up with them. You can’t keep going back to the well. If the dead are gonna be in the streets, they better show up at some point. You’re gonna say that a policy is gonna lead to senior citizen corpses in the streets, there had better be some, otherwise you have no credibility.


RUSH: You remember all the grief that Sarah Palin got talking about death panels in Obamacare. She was called a “fearmonger” and all that. Never mind that these so-called nonexistent death panels then were removed from Obamacare. Now, here comes Debbie Wasserman Schultz accusing the Republicans of killing senior citizens, and there is no outcry from anyone, anywhere, that is in any way similar to the outcry Sarah Palin got. That’s another example of the blatant double standard which exists.

Here’s the Patsy Schroeder sound bite. This is 1995 on the House floor, Pat Schroeder, Democrat congressperson from Colorado.

SCHROEDER: And they had the Big Kahuna of GOPAC come speak, none other than Rush Limbaugh himself, who stood there and said to all these people who paid all this money to keep GOPAC rich, he was hailing the GOP budget! He said, according to the paper and according to the C-SPAN tape, he thought it was wonderful because it would starve the poor and it would drive Medicare recipients, including his mother, to eat dog food, but not to worry, Mom, he says, I’m sending you a new can opener. Wow. That tells you what today’s about.

RUSH: It’s amazing how history repeats itself: 1995, 16 years ago, the Republicans had a budget, the Democrats react to it the same way. “It’s going to kill old people.” Now, there’s a part of me asking, why does history keep repeating itself? How is it, you have to ask yourself, that the Democrats continue to get away with this? They got away with it in — well, it’s arguable — they got away with it in ’95 in the PR sense. They did not get away with it in ’95 at the ballot box; Republicans won reelection in 1996. But they clearly won the PR battle. By winning the PR battle, they scared the hell out of the Republicans and made them timid, started to back off, their forcefulness declined a little bit. May not be that history repeats itself, but the hysteria surely does. It’s the same thing. You might also say, “Well, Rush, the history’s repeating itself. Back then, the Republicans were talking about the need to get the budget in balance.” Well, that is always true. That’s something that always has to be done.

You know, we had a bite earlier this week — maybe latter part of last week — talking about quick fixes. If we would’ve tried the quick fix 30 years ago, where would we be today? We wouldn’t be in the mess that we’re in today if we had stuck to what we started in 1995 when it came to balancing the budget. We wouldn’t be where we are today. The problem is that between 1995 and now, we’ve had a bunch of Democrats in Congress, and we’ve had some spendthrift Republicans as well. The bottom line is that we’re always gonna have people in Washington who are going to want to spend money because that’s the ticket. That’s the route to success. And it’s all personal, in terms of their own career and their advancement. Spending money is one of the quickest ways to ingratiate yourself with people.

And you go talk to some elderly members of Congress about this health care bill and what it’s gonna do to this country 10, 15 years down the road, and some of these members of the House and Senate who are in their seventies: “I don’t care. I’m gonna be dead.” That’s really their attitude about it. Under Reagan and Bush, the Republicans had control of the White House and both houses of Congress — how many old people died then? We can go back and count the numbers. How many old people died during the Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2 administrations? How many old people died because of the Republican budget every year? Answer: zero. And yet the same complaint, the same charge is made. And above all, most of all, you wonder about the idiots that hear it out there, average Americans who believe it, who buy into it.


RUSH: So back to your ABC News at the top of the hour, teacher and students who had long planned to come to Washington won’t be able to go to the zoo and the museums, all because of the Republicans, all because of Paul Ryan. Now, you and I hear this, we ask ourselves, “Who in the world is going to believe this?” And then we see New Yorkers totally acquiescing with the notion that you can’t buy a Happy Meal now because it’s not nutritious enough. We see New Yorkers totally acquiescing with this silly notion of trans fat in the foods. We see it. Let me tell you something. If you are a teacher and you have a class that you are planning on taking to Washington, and you might not be able to see the cherry blossom parade or you might not be able to go to the Air and Space Museum, or you might not be able to go to the latest liberal art because the government’s gonna shut down. You might not be able to go to the Washington Monument.

Let me tell you where you can go. Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. They take no government money. Go to Mount Vernon. Take your students to Mount Vernon. Look at the 16-sided barn. Take a look at George Washington’s home where genuine American history was made. There is an educational center and a movie theater there that depicts aspects of George Washington and the founding of this country that you will not find in your own classroom, Mr. or Miss Teacher. And it’s open 365 days a year. So you can’t use the excuse of a government shutdown to not go out to Mount Vernon. A trip to Mount Vernon would be far more worthwhile than the cherry blossom parade anyway. And another added bonus, you will not find one stinking reporter at Mount Vernon because it’s not gonna be shut down. So there are places to go in Washington, or the environs, if this shutdown actually happens, which I don’t think is gonna happen. Go to the Mayflower Hotel. Ask to see Eliot Spitzer’s room, Client No. 9, any number of things to do in Washington. Go see Wilbur Mills and Fanne Fox. Gary Hart(pence) and take your pick. Ask for the White House tour. Look for the study off the Oval Office. Obama’s not there. Find remnants of Lewinsky era. The White House won’t shut down. Mount Vernon, try it. Serious.


RUSH: We have another montage, this one from Rush Limbaugh: The Television Show, 1995. A number of Democrats and media people here. This is during the era of the government shutdown debate back in 1995 and the school lunch cuts. There never were any school lunch program cuts, but that didn’t matter.

BARRETT: Why do the Republicans want to take apples and milk away from six year olds?

WOOLSEY: Starving children is not the solution to balancing our budget.

GEPHARDT: The Republicans are taking food out of the mouths of millions of needy and middle class children.

STEPHANOPOULOS: It’s cruel to kids.

DURBIN: Stop declaring war on our kids.

KENNEDY: War on their children. War on their children.

SCHROEDER: I also would like to speak to a moment about the mean-spiritedness I’m hearing about on the floor today.

VOLKER: But how could they be so mean-spirited?

GEPHARDT: These cuts are mean-spirited.

SERRANO: The mean-spirited Republicans…

WELLSTONE: It is mean-spirited. It is vicious.

NADLER: These Draconian, mean-spirited and immoral cuts in funding…

SCHROEDER: We’re seeing Draconian cuts in all sorts of social service programs…

WYNN: Once again, they’re playing Robin Hood in reverse taking from the poor to give to the rich.

GUTIERREZ: We’re gonna let the kids go hungry again.

LEWIS: They’re coming for our children. They’re coming for the poor. They’re coming for the sick, the elderly and the disabled.

RUSH: And we are coming for your elderly. Your elderly will die in the streets, corpses piling up because of the Republican budget.

(playing of Obama spoof)

RUSH: The EIB Network, El Rushbo, Barack Obama singing about his own plans, not Republican plans, Obama singing about his own plans because of his own death panels. The only senior citizens dead because of government action in this country will die because of Obamacare.


RUSH: By the way, if you are going to visit Washington and Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, stop by the NRA Museum and see the national firearms museum. You can see all of Charlton Heston’s guns there. It’s not far from Mount Vernon.

Tom in Newport Myers. Nice to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: It’s North Fort Myers, Rush.

RUSH: I never heard of either one of them, so fine. That’s Florida, right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: That’s close enough.

CALLER: I told Mr. Snerdley I’m in a quandary. I’m a senior citizen.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And when I do drop dead out in front of my house, do I do it on general garbage pickup days, recyclables, or yard waste?

RUSH: You mean because of the budget cuts?

CALLER: Of course, sure.

RUSH: Well, what were your options, again? Did you mention the garbage day pickup?

CALLER: Yeah, garbage pickup —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — recyclable day, or yard waste?

RUSH: Nah, recycling is a waste of money, waste of time. Just put yourself in a trash bag.

CALLER: Okay. All right.

RUSH: Yeah, put yourself in a trash bag and put on the trash bag “Dead because of Republican budget cuts.”

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: In fact, you know what would be a great concession? Get some Hefty bags, have some printed on ’em “Dead because of Republican budget cuts.” (laughing) Don’t do this. The media will find — (interruption) I mean just for your regular garbage, not for people, just for your regular garbage. You could do “this garbage due to Obama budget,” or some such thing. Have fun with it. Anyway, yeah, I’d do the trash bag routine. You don’t want to be incinerated out there, not in a public facility.


RUSH: Now, the real scandal, the dirty little secret here about the shutdown is — in fact, somebody just sent me a picture. At the front door — and I’m sure there are many doors to the Smithsonian — a big sign: “Sorry. Because of the government shutdown we are not permitted to open today.” The real scandal about the shutdown is that nobody — oh, so that picture’s from 1995. That Smithsonian picture is 1995. I’m sure they still got the sign, though, ready to hang in the front door. The real scandal about this is that nobody’s gonna be shut down, or very few are gonna be shut down. There were — let’s see the number — 2,748,000 plus civilian federal employees in the US as of January 2009. It’s surely much higher after another year of Obama. But Reuters is reporting that should the government be shut down, 800,000 employees will be idled. Only 800,000 out of almost three million. And you know where they’ll be, at the Washington Monument or at the cherry blossom parade, or other such places easily found by the media. That will be the criteria. (laughing)

Where can the media easily find evidence of the shutdown? Where can we find children crying over not being able to get in to see the Lincoln Memorial? Where can we find angry parents who have pictures of John Boehner with horns drawn on his head provided by the media? Does anybody notice when the government shuts down for the ten federal holidays we have every year? Do they notice when they shut down for snow days? In point of fact, there were government shutdowns every year that Jimmy Carter was president. They averaged 11 days each. There were six shutdowns during President Reagan’s two terms. Did anybody notice? Media didn’t even bother to report on it. But this shutdown, this, like the one in ’95, will be because of the Republicans. And so that’s why this one will be noticed and why all of the pain and the suffering and the tears will be noted because they will say that this one is the fault of the Republicans.


RUSH: Elaine in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Hi, Elaine, great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you, Rush. I appreciate it.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m a retired teacher, and I just wanted to address what you talked about in the first hour about teachers or people planning trips to Washington, and they were disappointed because nothing’s gonna be open and all this because of the shutdown. That’s when a good teacher, you know, makes it the best lesson she’s ever had. You take the kids on a walking tour of Washington! You don’t have to go in the bookstores and the gift shops and all these places. You can stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and give the best history lesson ever. You’re looking out to the Reflecting Pool. To your left is the Vietnam Memorial. To your right is the Korean memorial. You’re looking just past the World War II memorial to the Washington Monument.

RUSH: Yeah, but all of that’s gonna be closed.

CALLER: They can’t close the streets and the sidewalks! You can walk past all these things. You don’t have to go inside to the top of the Washington Monument. Yeah, you get a great view of Washington but you can still see the outside of all these monuments.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s true.

CALLER: You can take a walking tour. You want to see the cherry blossoms? Walk to the Jefferson Memorial. It’s incredible. The walk is gorgeous and it’s beautiful. You can have your own history lesson right there without going inside any of these places.

RUSH: Well, that’s all very true. Like I said: Go to Mount Vernon.

CALLER: Right! Exactly, exactly. Go to the National Cathedral. You know, we don’t have to depend on the government to teach our kids history.

RUSH: Nope. Or go to the Arlington Cemetery. I know they’re not gonna shut that down.

CALLER: Absolutely! Absolutely! The greatest place in Washington is Arlington because you’ve got history from every aspect. You know, it just galled me to hear somebody whining about something like that in Washington when they don’t need those places to get educated.

RUSH: Well, that’s because these are political pawns. This teacher is nothing more than a political pawn. “Yeah, they can’t go on a tour of Washington. They can’t go on a parade because the Republicans shut down the government,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No, Elaine, you’re exactly right. Great call. Thanks very much. I appreciate it.


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